Friday, December 27, 2013

My Disney On Ice Treasure Trove Adventure at Smart Araneta Center

I grew up looking forward to Christmas because I knew that aside from opening my toy presents, my family and I would be watching Disney On Ice where I'd get to see my favorite Disney characters live! That's why I got so excited when I was given the chance to see Feld Entertainment's Disney On Ice Treasure Trove now that I am an adult on a special show (one day before their first show) for charity with Araneta Center's beneficiaries/organizations such as the J. Amado Araneta Foundation and Hero Foundation. For me, it's like Santa must've heard my secret wish, for it was truly a great Christmas present for me, my mom and my son, Kyle. 

True enough, Disney On Ice Treasure Trove is such a spectacular show with amazing ice skating from the world's best skaters. And just as I remembered in my childhood, from that old formula that everything Disney had always been known for--Disney On Ice Treasure Trove is just as awesome, jaw-dropping and dazzling as I had always remembered it to be. Seeing the show brought back that sense of magic in me + a whole lot of childhood memories. It's great to see my favorite Disney princesses come to life such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel of The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Cinderella, Alice (Alice in Wonderland), and Princess Jasmine (Aladdin). They were joined by new ones like Meridia, Tiana (Frog Princess), Mulan, Rapunzel (Tangled) and side kicks like Sebastian (The Little Mermaid), Pumba, Rafiki, Timon (from The Lion King).

See how Disney characters headed by the famous Mickey Mouse charm the audiences with his antics and how values are translated into their live performance. The production features well-loved and familiar Disney classic songs that everyone can easily relate to, with empowering lyrics, energetic choreography, fantastic sets and costumes and stories that appeals to all ages, thereby making Disney On Ice Treasure Trove a must-see show. Personally speaking, I truly marvel at Disney On Ice Treasure Trove. 

I know not much of figure skating, but I do know that the skaters were really good because they were able to do more complex figure skating techniques similar to ballet's arabesque. They freely but gracefully spin despite being in sometimes difficult costume. But nevertheless, world-class. Hence, viewers will be getting more than what they've paid for. My Mom, who's already 56, still had her "Oohs and Aaahs" moments throughout the show. No doubt about it, she had totally enjoyed Disney On Ice Treasure Trove at her age. Clearly, only Disney On Ice can do such a thing. 

Kids and those kids-at-heart will surely enjoy seeing Princess Jasmine and Aladdin ride the Magic Carpet, Genie coming out of the magical lamp, Tangled's Rapunzel light up the paper lanterns, and Captain Hook's Crocodile chase scene. They will also be delighted to see the huge elephant during Aladdin's number, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell as they fly up in the air as well as Tinkerbell's pixie dusts and the colorful world Under the Sea during Sebastian's number. Whew! There's actually a lot more to share. One thing I can guarantee you is that there will be no dull moment during the show. It would really be best for you to see them yourself because there's nothing like seeing Disney On Ice Treasure Trove--a live celebration of Disney's Animated gems. After all, nothing beats a first hand experience, right? I only have good words for the Disney On Ice Treasure Trove cast and crew. Kudos to everyone for such a great show! I highly recommend the show to everyone, I'm giving it two thumbs up! 

I later saw all the kids as we made our way out by the gates of the Smart Araneta Coliseum, and I knew they were all very happy after seeing Disney On Ice. It may not be much to help these kids from the charities supported by Araneta Center, but based on the kids' wide smiles, laughter and stories they had about the show--Disney On Ice Treasure Trove and Araneta Center truly made them happy that day--the kind of happiness that they will always cherish and becomes a part of their childhood memories just as it did in mine. 

The best part of seeing Disney On Ice Treasure Trove is that part of its proceeds will go to Sagip Kapamilya, an ABS-CBN Foundation. So it's like hitting two birds with one stone: seeing the show will definitely entertain you + you'll also be helping others as well. 

Disney On Ice Treasure Trove will be shown starting December 25 until January 5, 2014 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are available at all Ticketnet outlets and Araneta Coliseum Ticket booths. You may also buy your tickets online via

Catch Disney On IceTreasure Trove while you can, I assure you, it'll be worth it because you and the kids will surely love it! 

Ticket prices are as follows:

Patron VIP Php1,920
Patron Php 1,730
Upper Box A Premium Php1,385
Upper Box A Regular Php950
Upper Box B Premium Php600
Upper Box B Regular Php450
General Admission Php150

Purple Plum Fairy wishes to thank Araneta Center for the tickets, special thanks to Tin Romero and Jen Maslang. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Treston International College: World Class Culinary School in Bonifacio Global City

Treston International College recently held a Christmas Bazaar where a treasure trove of holiday treats delighted both the young and old alike. There have been food stalls, awesome finds, gift items, apparel, accessories, a free photo booth, culinary demonstration and auction and holiday decor. It was my first time to be at Treston International College and I had to admit I was amazed at what I've seen. Aside from their facilities conducive to learning, I also had a chance to meet some of Treston International College's distinguished academic heads and personnel.  I no longer wonder what makes them one of the most sought after culinary school in Metro Manila. The location of Treston International College in Bonifacio Global City is very ideal as it offers students a safe, secure, clean and uncongested enviroment.

I have been to a couple of other culinary schools and I'd have to say that facility wise, Treston International College is probably on my top list. This particular culinary school in Bonifacio Global City provides culinary students both practical hands-on training and classroom lectures thereby molding them into proficient cooks/professional chefs. Culinary majors learn the survival techniques needed in the kitchen warfare just as it is in the 'real world' (to get an idea on how chefs face pressure in the kitchen, do watch an episode of the Iron Chef) under the tutelage of their mentor Treston International College resident Executive Chef Gerhard Bauer. From hurling knives, sauteing onions, thawing frozen meat, proper and safe food handling to food styling and creative presentation, students will come out of this culinary school well-trained and prepared. 

Treston International College combines several methods of teaching including hands-on, classroom sessions, educational exposures, career development seminars and chef mentoring among others. Understanding the needs and current worldwide high demand for skilled workers in hospitality and culinary industries, Treston International College's mission is to provide the international community with globally competent and ethical professionals.

The hospitality and culinary industries are tagged as the world's biggest industries. It offers various exciting and rewarding career opportunities locally and abroad, hence, drawing a multitude of would-be restaurateurs, chefs, hospitality entrepreneurs, and managers to enroll in hotel and restaurant management and related courses. One of the many reasons why students take a course in culinary art stems from their desire to share their passion for cooking and whipping up dishes. It is a lucrative career path. However, culinary industry is very demanding both physically and mentally, but it also gives back a lot. When one makes people happy with good food, the best part is that you get instant gratification. I mean not all jobs or careers can give you that right away. 

To make hospitality education relevant, schools must be receptive to what the industry requires providing a comprehensive blend of practical, theoretical, and managerial training aligned with the global industry trends and prospects. Treston International College is up to meet the challenge. 

In fact, Treston International College is only one of a few schools in the country that actively partners with leading innovative and competitive industry players enabling career preparations and growth of the students. Treston International College strongly considers investing on state-of-the-future facilities and equipment and learning technologies to make sure that its graduate meet the demands of the world's hospitality industry today and in the future. 

For more information, visit Treston International College, University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

You may also visit their website at

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions and impressions expressed are my own.

Anino ng Kahapon (Shadows of the Past): 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave Category Entry Movie Review

When I got an invite for the screening of Anino ng Kahapon--a film under the New Wave Category of the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival, I had to admit I was a bit hesitant to go. I thought the film was in a horror genre because the title seemed like it was. Little did I know, I'd be in such a big surprise by simply watching Anino ng Kahapon. True enough, by the end credits I was grateful I gave in to my own Mother's constant "pangungulit" as she kept pestering me for the two of us to go and see the film on one of its preview held at the Glorietta Cinema.

Anino ng Kahapon was all worth it--our efforts in leaving early to avoid traffic, the long queue at the MRT South Bound lane---I didn't really think I'd be able to appreciate the said film. I've misjudged it early on with pre-conceived notions what it was all about, It turned out to be a damn great film about schizophrenia. Yes, it is a suspense-drama about Irene who's suffering from a life-long mental condition that affects her whole family. 

I may not have finished my first college course (AB Psychology) because I had shifted to Mass Communication by my sophomore year, but I had always been interested in the way people think and how our mental ability works. This desire had actually stemmed from a high school friend, *Lianne, whose Mother and Aunt were both diagnosed with that dreaded mental condition--both are schizophrenics. She was the eldest child in a brood of 4 and her Dad worked as an OFW abroad. As her close friend, I've seen how she has suffered herself from shame, pressure and how the society threw stones at her. There was even a point where her boyfriend back then didn't had enough balls to fight for her with his own family. Lianne were called names, ridiculed and was labeled as "anak ng baliw" all throughout her high school life. All of these had affected her grades, love life, and most importantly, her self-esteem went so low to the point that she didn't want to continue studying anymore. 

I could vividly recall how Lianne would be calling my huge Nokia 100 (yes, the kind of mobile phone that looked like an ice crusher) even in the middle of the night just so she would have someone who can listen to her as she pour out her sentiments. I would always answer, ready to lend an ear no matter how sleepy I'd be. My own relatives actually didn't liked seeing me with Lianne too, thinking I might catch schizophrenia just like airborne virus do. I fought for our friendship, it was the least I could do. I know it would be more painful for Lianne to lose me--doing so would feel like rubbing salt or squeezing lemons into her open wounds. We kept in touch with each other until college. Sometimes, Lianne would still call me out of the blue--and I'd still welcome her with the same warm reassuring voice that everything will be fine--she'd just have to leave it all to God. 

While watching Anino ng Kahapon, I began to understand the complexities of such mental condition. The movie was an eye-opener for me. Perhaps, it was serendipitous that I was dragged by my Mom to see this film. I couldn't help but remember how my dear high school buddy Lianne managed to live with schizophrenia in her family all through these years. At a young age, it was such a feat to be able to live with schizophrenia because everything seemed too difficult. Lianne had finally finished college (11 years after I had my college degree in 2002) in 2013 under an academic scholarship from De La Salle College of St. Benilde. She's also working in a prestigious BPO office in Eastwood. She's got a brighter life ahead of her. 

Lianne still stays and takes care of her mother (who from time to time would be having her mind lapses.) but Lianne's able to manage her well. Two of her siblings are now happily married. 

Anino ng Kahapon is a poignant story of Irene (played by Agot Isidro in the movie) and her family as they helped her deal with her schizophrenia--where imagination and reality are difficult to define. Ed (Irene's husband, portrayed by TJ Trinidad, was such a loving husband. If it would've been someone else, he could have given up on their marriage as Irene seemed no longer mentally fit to be his wife. But Ed manifested forbearance--he's not the type who easily give up. Together, Ed and Irene discovered the true meaning of love by trying to beat the odds that goes with schizophrenia. They are a perfect example of what a family should be--being there for each other no matter what, they made each other realize their importance in each other's lives and hand-in-hand, they fought all the obstacles and dilemmas that come their way. 

The film was graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. To me, it's no longer surprising that they did. I highly recommend this to everyone--even the single ones who may not yet have experienced the true essence of love. Watching Anino ng Kahapon will make you cry, touch your hearts and move you to tears. 

* names have been changed to protect my friend's privacy.

Krem-Top Coffee Creamer launches Change for the Better Pilipinas campaign

Krem-Top’s annual “Change for the Better” campaign has been all about making small changes to make a big impact. This year, those small changes are about to get bigger as they rally the entire country to make a change through the “Change for the Better Pilipinas” campaign which was launched last December 5, 2013 with Krem-top’s brand ambassadors Papa Jack and Richard Yap. Simulan na ang pagbabago, starting with your choice of coffee creamer! Change for the Better Pilipinas! For more information, log on to our facebook page: or follow us on twitter: @kremtopPH

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Julia Barretto for Palmolive Naturals Beautifully Long Hair Shampoo

She first caught the public's attention as that angelic pretty face at 10 years old in the Palmolive Naturals Fashion Girl shampoo commercial for tweens she made some years ago. Now, at 16, there's definitely no stopping Julia Barretto to shine and have her much-deserved share of the spotlight as Palmolive Naturals once again launches her as the brand ambassador of Palmolive's latest shampoo Palmolive Naturals Beautifully Long Shampoo and Conditioner for beautifully long hair. 

The baby is now a lady. No longer the teeny-bopper she once was, still sweet at 16, Julia Barretto still possess such long, smooth, tangle-free beautiful hair which first endeared her to the public. Calling herself a Palmolive baby, the all grown-up Julia is so thrilled to endorse Palmolive's latest product.  "This is the shampoo that I've trusted for years and I've grown up with. Now that I've come of age, with a new outlook, a new style perspective, and with longer, more beautiful hair, I'm really pleased that Palmolive Naturals sees me fit to be the new endorser of their Beautifully Long Shampoo and Conditioner," enthuses Julia.

Palmolive Naturals Beautifully Long is infused with Pro Vitamin B5 and 100% Ceramides extracts. Its formula helps protect long hair from damage from roots to tips. 

Palmolive Naturals helps address the common hair problem by launching Beautifully Long variant, which specifically targeted at women who love their hair long and want to keep it beautiful and nourished from within. 

With regular use, Palmolive Naturals Beautifully Long Shampoo and Conditioner, can help you to achieve a hair that's not just long, but beautifully long. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Fil-Am Rex Navarrete, the 2011 Aliw Awardee for Comedy is back in Manila for a special one night only show!

Rex Navarette started doing comedy at the age of 19. His portrayals, which ranged from his ESL teacher Mrs. Scott to his Uncle Boy and to Maritess the domestic worker gave him the voice to air his thoughts on issues and speak about things that otherwise wouldn’t be mentioned.
Navarrete gathers all of his material from what he calls “real Rex moments,” reality and shared life experiences. “I think everything has humor; you will always find humor. I don’t always make stuff up. Even though most of my material is geared for a Filipino audience, if you’re smart enough you’ll understand the universality of it”, he explains.
He travels all over North America, touring cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Hawaii doing his one-man show. He has brought his act to the peoples of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His next plan of attack is to perform in the United Kingdom, where fans eagerly await his arrival. Navarrete has performed alongside notable headliners such as George Lopez, DL Hughley, Paul Mooney, among others.
He has released several comedy CDs and produced, directed and released live standup DVD concerts. Navarrete’s fourth live comedy album, “Live at Cobb’s” is available on iTunes worldwide, as well as the reissue of his original three CDs in digital download format.
Catch Rex Navarrete live at the Grand Ballroom of the Solaire Resort & Casino on Saturday, December 21.  Opening the show will be Mike Unson.
Tickets start at P750 and are only available at Ticketworld outlets and
A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda.
The event is co-presented by Solaire Resort & Casino and Fox International Channel. Sponsors include GRNMNGO, Bono Artisanal Gelato, Neutral Grounds, Don Papa Rum, Radio High 105.9 and 99.5 Play FM.

Purple Plum Fairy and Friends bring smiles to kids of Gawad Kalinga Quezon City

One Sunday morning, yours truly, some volunteer blogger friends and Gawad Kalinga volunteers skipped our usual Sunday gimmick to spread the holiday cheer and give underprivileged children of the Gawad Kalinga QC their own kind of fun way to celebrate Christmas via Carenival Party. 

Held at the roofdeck of the Manny V. Pangilinan Hall at the Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan, Quezon City. Purple Plum Fairy together with When in Manila served as media partners during the said activity in cooperation with Expressions, Water for Less and KNeutral. Nanay's Lunches with Love also served as part of the said activity as she volunteered to be the kids' storyteller where the kids listened to the story of siblings Tiktaktok at Pikpakbum. Enjoying Wonderful World also made sure to drop by at the Carenival to check out the kids. 

"I feel privileged to do my part in Gawad Kalinga's Carenival activity for kids. Somehow, through this small effort, I was able to spread the holiday cheer to these less fortunate brothers and sisters."

The party started with fun games where kids won awesome prizes by simply achieving corresponding number of points. The Purple Plum Fairy and her blogger friends nurture the spirit of volunteerism, go beyond their daily work duties and 'give and sharing back' all the blessings to the less fortunate brothers and sisters. Adonis the Magician also made the kids beamed with smiles as he showed them amazing magic tricks at the party. 

At the end of the event, the children performed a special dance numbers to thank everyone for sharing their time and effort in sharing the spirit of the season with them. 

Purple Plum Fairy sincerely extends her gratefulness to Lourdes Vindollo-Labii and family of, Ms. Joy Calipes-Felizardo of for the Water for Less sponsorship, Ms. Kia del Rosario of KNeutral Collection and Pub-burrito and all the bloggers who helped us spread the word and made this activity possible. 

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