Monday, November 28, 2022

3 Business Ideas for Beauty and Fashion Lovers

If you’re a big fan of beauty and fashion in general, know that there are tons of great business options that you could try. This sector is enormous too, and one that you can enter with a much smaller investment than many people think. You could decide to sell products, offer services, or provide information if you wish. The most important step is identifying a profitable niche that you’re comfortable with and getting to work. Let’s take a look at a few business ideas for beauty and fashion lovers.

Open a Lash Clinic

One of the things you could do is open your very own lash clinic. This is a booming niche at the moment, and you can open a clinic on a modest budget, but you’ll first need certification to operate and insurance for treatments.

Know, however, that lash extension training is very easy, and you can find online lash training that will allow you to get your formation from the comfort of your home. If you choose the right lash extension course, you will get all you need to perform procedures safely and efficiently. Clinics like

Lash and Brow Studio have a great lash training course that you can complete in as little as four hours. Once you’re done and you have completed your case studies, you’ll have everything you need to start a lash business in the UK lawfully.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Amway Philippines introduces Artistry Skin Nutrition Line for Healthy-Looking Skin


At any age, having healthy skin is the key to having attractive skin. Your skin needs sufficient nutrition just like any other organ. The Artistry Skin Nutrition skincare, which is a remarkable advancement that produces results without endangering your health or the environment, is being introduced by Amway Philippines. These skincare products were developed by combining cutting-edge skin research with the power of plants. Together, they provide total nutriment, repair, and skin that looks healthy.

You're just right in time! It's never too early or late to have skin that looks healthy. Amway Philippines' Renewing Solution Artistry Skin Nutrition, helps to deeply feed the skin while repairing early and moderate indications of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Moira dela Torre stars in Home Credit’s The Great 0% Interest Festival campaign video


Buy-dol Philippines from Home Credit Philippines

Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, recently unveiled a new campaign video for the company's The Great 0% Interest Festival, which features Moira dela Torre, the brand's ambassador. This comes after the launch of the biggest and grandest 0% interest sale in the country.

The new commercial video, which was introduced on Home Credit's Facebook and YouTube accounts, was inspired by a well-known Philippine reality TV singing competition in which Moira served as a judge. Moira appears as one of the panelists on Home Credit's "Buy-dol Philippines" in the recently released ad film.

Home Credit brand ambassador Moira dela Torre with Buy-dol hopefuls

A few Buy-dol hopefuls perform songs about the goods that customers can purchase through Home Credit at 0% interest this Christmas season in the ad video, which aims to promote and raise awareness about The Great 0% Interest Festival.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

5 Ways a Psychic Can Help You Through the Holidays


The holiday season is a time of celebrations and gatherings, but this time of year also poses
emotional challenges. Consulting with a psychic can be especially helpful during the holidays. Get tips for finding a psychic near me or connecting with the best reader for any query at this time of year.

Figuring Out How And Where To Spend Your Time

Many people feel pulled in different directions during the holidays. Between events, family, friends, and work, these months can be hectic. A psychic can help you assess your priorities and direct time and energy toward the most meaningful aspects of your life. 

The holiday season falls at the end of the year. This is a time for reflection during which many
people make resolutions for the new year. A life path psychic can help you assess your personal development, while the best love psychic can direct your energy toward strengthening connections during the holiday season and in the new year.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Calling on ‘eco conscious’ consumers: Take sustainable living to the next level through Home Credit


You have three choices to get somewhere when traveling around the metro: you can drive there and pay costly gas prices, book a ride-sharing app that is also a bit pricey, or try your luck with public transport and be hassled.


Lines waiting for buses, jeeps, or trains that seem to not end — you might have been at the crossroads and convinced yourself to stay home instead. That has been the situation for many, more so after the reopening of lives after the long lockdowns.


However, more recently, many Filipinos have turned to bike commuting. It has become a normal sight to see people riding their bicycles around major cities. Despite the country’s unpredictable weather, more and more can be seen pedaling by themselves or even cycling in groups. They ride their bikes both for recreational and essential purposes like staying physically active, running errands, and heading to work.


Furthermore, bicycles are now turning into more ideal modes of transportation as they can easily squeeze their way into the frantic metro traffic and even squeeze through alleys and shortcuts that would otherwise not be accessible by cars.


But more than these reasons, many have turned to biking not only to stay away from the hassle of road transport but to lessen their carbon footprint. The conversations on how global warming is severely affecting the environment worldwide, primarily due to the excessive consumption of fossil fuels for transportation, have pushed more environmentally conscious people to look for sustainable alternatives to replace fossil fuels.


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