Thursday, May 19, 2022

Why a collagen supplement is worth a spot in your skincare routine


One of the building blocks of healthy skin – not to mention hair and nails – is collagen. There are around 28 types of human collagen, but the most common are Types I, II, III, and IV. The most abundant of these is Type I which is found in skin, bone, ligaments, and organs. That’s why, familiar to many of us who are into skincare, collagen plays a vital part in creating and maintaining plump, supple skin.

But as with all good things, age does put a damper when it comes to our body’s collagen production, and in turn triggers the loss of elasticity, radiance, and firmness. Sad, we know, but though we can’t prevent the loss of collagen, we can still find ways to slow it down. Some studies have provided good points that taking a collagen supplement could help too.

It isn’t surprising that a collagen supplement has taken a spot in our skincare routine, which is constantly evolving. Before, the usual regimen involved only the basics such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Then we discovered essences, serums, and face masks. These days, we’ve looked more into tackling concerns from the inside out, with ingestible beauty supplements that instantly perk up dull skin.

LifeFood Collagen Jelly comes in a convenient,fun format for quick snacking -- just like your usual 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022



Ginny Guanco with two of her 25 paintings of her “Festival” art exhibit.

I wish I had been blessed with painting skills just like some of my relatives. It's actually one of my many frustrations. Art runs in our blood, but probably not on mine. So each time I'd encounter an artist and see his or her masterpieces, I am in such awe. This is also why I am happy to have met Ms. Ginny Guanco (a graduate of Fine Arts) some years back. At the time, she must have parked her paintbrushes and pencils then because she was focused on her job as part of an advertising agency. I was then a newbie blogger and perhaps it was meant for me to meet her, I accidentally "invited" myself to one of her events. It's really a long story how far we've come to know each other. But even if she has gone back to her first love (which is painting and drawing), we have remained in friends even through Facebook. So I am truly happy for Ms. Ginny on her second art exhibit. 

Ladies festooned with flowers. Faces painted in vibrant hues and psychedelic patterns. Women crowned with fantastic headdresses. Whether the patterns follow a tribal design, or inspired by an imaginative free-flowing scheme, Ginny Guanco’s latest series of paintings depict a conspicuous and unabashed display of energy, brio, and an unmistakable joie de vivre.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Emirates launches full Premium Economy Experience


Emirates Premium Economy will be deployed on high-traffic A380 routes to London
Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Sydney, and Christchurch

Flyers can look forward to another distinctive Emirates travel experience as the airline unveils its full Premium Economy offering onboard and on ground, and announces it will open this highly sought-after cabin for sale from June 1, 2022.
The new cabin class, which offers luxurious seats, more legroom, and a service to rival many airlines’ business offering, will be available to Emirates customers travelling on popular A380 routes to London, Paris, Sydney from August 1, and Christchurch from December.
Emirates is the only airline in the region to offer a Premium Economy cabin. As with everything we do, Emirates Premium Economy will be exceptional in its class, with minute attention given to every aspect of the customer experience. Customers trading up from Economy will be getting excellent value,” said Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline.

Announces at Arabian Travel Market that this new cabin class will be open for sale on June 1, for flights from August

Since we first introduced our Premium Economy seats in January 2021, the positive response and demand has been tremendous. We currently have six A380s equipped with this cabin  class, which limits our initial deployment, but our intention is to offer this experience to many more markets across our network. This November, we will begin our retrofit program to install Premium Economy on 67 A380s and 53 Boeing 777s. At the end of the program, Emirates will  have 126 aircraft fitted out with Premium Economy cabins, as well as our latest interiors across other cabins. It is a major investment to ensure our customers continue to have the best experience in the sky.
Emirates Premium Economy is in a class of its own, offering a signature experience unmatched in the industry.  Dedicated airport experience: Customers can look forward to a dedicated check-in area for Premium Economy at Dubai International airport, or utilize one of the many convenient self-service check in kiosks in the hall to avoid queues.
Luxurious seats: Once onboard, customers will immediately notice the quiet luxury in Emirates’ Premium Economy cabin. A wood panel finishing similar to Business Class sets the cabin’s mood, and each seat is designed to provide optimal comfort and support with 6-way adjustable headrests. 

The cream-colored leather seats have a generous pitch of up to 40 inches, is 19.5 inches wide, and reclines 8 inches into a comfortable cradle position with ample room to stretch out. It also offers calf rests and footrests for additional comfort, in addition to many other thoughtful touches such as easily accessible in-seat charging points and a side cocktail table.
Comfort: Customers can get comfortable under soft, sustainable blankets made from recycled plastic bottles, and snuggle into the generously sized pillow, both designed uniquely for Premium Economy. They can also refresh themselves with the complimentary amenity kits which come in reusable, sustainable bags, and contain items which are all made with some element of recycled or sustainable materials.


vivo Y01: The Perfect Budget Smartphone for the Old and Young Alike

Who doesn’t want to remain connected these days? With access to
most things and even people still limited despite relaxed protocols, staying connected has
become even more important.

This is particularly true for the older and younger members of the family who also need to have access to loved ones, to information and even to tools that can help them in their daily needs.

Complicated innovations, however, sometimes keep them from enjoying new technologies and the advantages and sense of connectedness such modern contraptions bring.
vivo transforms the technology experience of old and young users with a smartphone that is rich in features and addresses their needs but is easy to use and even easier on the pocket, the vivo Y01.

Ready on the go: Compact and easy to use

The vivo Y01 delivers smartphone technology that is more accessible to the old and young alike.
Its easy-to-navigate menu and simplified interface and home screen make it easier for the less
tech-savvy lolos, lolas and young users to explore the internet, connect with their friends through video chats, send and read messages, or call someone in case of an emergency.
The vivo Y01 boasts an ergonomic yet state-of-the-art design that ensures a comfortable grip and ease of control. The thin and lightweight 3D build weighs only 178g, making it very portable to carry anywhere.

On top of these, the vivo Y01 features facial recognition. Besides the added security, this means the user need not have to worry about forgetting passwords to access phone data, perfect for those having trouble remembering things.

Longer battery life for more fun times

Old or young, no one wants a device that needs to be plugged in every few hours, cutting short
family virtual chats or mobile games with friends. The vivo Y01 comes with a massive 5,000mAh battery that provides long-lasting life for more hours of bonding time – virtually or otherwise -- with loved ones and friends. The phone delivers up to 18 hours of constant use for uninterrupted chitchat or movie streaming. The vivo Y01 is also equipped with a MediaTek Helio P35 processor and Multi-Turbo 3.0, ensuring no lags during calls or when running phone apps, including games.

 Wider, clearer viewing experience

The vivo Y01 delivers an immersive, vivid and clear viewing experience without causing eye strain, ideal for the elderly experiencing vision challenges and young users who need extra protection for their young eyes.

The smartphone’s 6.51-inch LCD FullView™ screen with 1600x720-pixel resolution displays photos and videos with rich details. Users can also read and send texts with the larger screen with more ease.

For added protection for the eyes, the phone display’s brightness auto-adjusts to ambient conditions while the Eye Protection Mode filters out harmful blue light.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sun Life Launches Talk Show for Overseas Pinoys

In a bid to help Overseas Filipinos (OFs) working abroad come home for good, Sun Life Philippines (Sun Life) recently launched “Shine On, Overseas Pinoy!”, a talk show focused on helping OFs and their families achieve a financially secured future through financial education.

Hosted by Sun Life brand ambassador Charo Santos-Concio, the show is set to debut on May 14, 2022 on ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel (TFC). Each episode will have Charo engaging a featured OF along with a financial expert, with the discussion revolving around the OF’s financial concerns and possible solutions. The show aims to enable OFs and their families to make informed choices, equipped with the wisdom from other OFs’ experiences and expert financial advice.

"Overseas Filipinos are one of the most important sectors in our nation. There are 10.2 million of them located across the globe and they contribute up to 10% of the country’s GDP through their hard work," says Alex Narciso, President of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. "They have made so many sacrifices to provide for their families. It is only fitting that for all they do, we also help them achieve a brighter tomorrow when they return home for good."

“Shine On, Overseas Pinoy!” will broadcast a new episode every Saturday and Sunday until June 25, 2022. The talk show is one of the many ways that Sun Life is helping OFs achieve their financial goals and look forward to a comfortable retirement. Shine Pinoy Overseas, the company’s banner program for OFs, continuously mounts activities and launches offerings to help them plot a path towards their homecoming, as well as enjoying a financially secure future. They can avail of any of Sun Life’s insurance and investment products before leaving the country to work abroad, while they are in the Philippines for a vacation, or upon their homecoming.

Those who wish to know more about Sun Life’s Shine Pinoy Overseas program are encouraged to visit or by connecting with a Sun Life advisor through



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