Thursday, July 27, 2017

BlueWater Day Spa offers new Manual Lymphatic Drainage [MLD] Massage and Indian Neck and Shoulder Massage

We have often been in search for the kind of massage that will perfectly suit our needs based on our lifestyle. As a content writer and blogger, I am often sitting on my chair as I type my thoughts on my laptop, hence, I am prone to lower backache for lack of support, neck pains and leg cramps. Sometimes I’d also have edema on my feet and some tingling sensations on my wrist and hands especially when I don’t get to move as much. So when I heard about BlueWater Day Spa’s latest massage called Manual Lymphatic Drainage [MLD] massage, I wasn’t just curious, I’m really interested!

I recently went to a blogger event where BlueWater Day Spa introduced two new therapeutic massages that targets different benefits. Let’s first talk about the MLD. They say MLD is both detoxifying and slimming as it helps flushes out toxins from the body and in the process recharges the immune system while it also works to reduce water retention from the body and promotes blood circulation.  MLD won’t take much of your time as each session only lasts for an hour.

As the name implies, MLD opens up the major superficial and deep lymph nodes. MLD stimulates the lymph nodes to flow toward the nodes, it acts like vacuum and sucks up the excess fluids. With the trained therapist, the stretch receptors on your skin are activated to increase flow to the lymph nodes. The excess fluid then goes out of the body via urine. 

 The MLD massage was proven beneficial for preventive maintenance because it helps re-circulate body fluids as well as stimulates functioning and balancing of the immune system. This type of massage is ideal and highly recommended to people who suffer from edema, vertigo, insomnia, those who are pregnant and will soon undergo surgery, as well as those with acne, eczema and allergies.

MLD massage is used by doctors, surgeons, osteopathic physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physical therapists, dentists and massage therapists. For P650 per session, it is ideally done once a week for prevention against illness and diseases. MLD massage is even lighter when it comes to finger pressure, even lighter than Swedish massage because it only concentrates on lymph nodes such as auxiliary and inguinal regions. The MLD massage is very gentle and relaxing.

Relax those tired bodies away with BlueWater Day Spa's therapist's gentle hands.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Learning Authentic French and Mediterranean Cooking for the Filipino Kitchen with Chef Xavier Btesh

Chef Xavier Btesh

Filipinos are more adventurous now more than ever when it comes to food. We all have our favourite international cuisine. As for me, I am partial to French cuisine. I would often imagine myself dining in one of those fancy coffee shops in Paris. Unfortunately, travelling to the City of Lights seems to be a far-fetched dream for someone like me. Hence, the next best thing would either be to dine in hard-to-pronounce French fine dining restaurants or buy a cookbook by Chef Xavier Btesh called “French Kusina: French and Mediterranean Cooking Made Easy for the Filipino Kitchen. If you ask me, I’d certainly go for the latter because it’s the more practical choice.

My mother recently attended the Maya Kitchen Culinary Elite Series on m behalf with none other than Chef Xavier Btesh. Born and raised in Paris, chef Xavier had his career training under the tutelage of renowned chefs before he was able to establish himself as consultant chef  and be able to come up with his own cookbook called Les Petits Diners de Xavier which sold more than 40,000 copies across Europe.

French Kusina by Chef Xavier Btesh

Monday, July 24, 2017

ManilaMed launches new State-of-the-Art Cancer Care Unit

ManilaMed lives up to their tagline: One care makes the difference!

When one member of the family has acquired the Big C, everyone in the family is affected. The mere mention of the word Cancer is enough to scare people. With the crucial times we now have where cancer cells become active more than ever, it’s even scarier to think how much we need to allot as saved money for our hospital confinement if we do not have health insurance. The good news is hope is still within reach. ManilaMed, one of the country’s leading hospitals, recently opened a newly constructed Cancer Care Center. They offer holistic cancer facility with state-of-the-art equipment as well as fresh approach in treating cancer patients. 

Purple Plum Fairy was invited during the press briefing at ManilaMed last month where the expert doctors discussed the future of cancer in the country. They also gave us a glimpse of the procedures for newly diagnosed admitted patients, the benefits of multi-disciplinary team approach for each cancer patient, the advancement and innovative technology for radiotherapy, the side-effects and complications that may arise using their Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Treatment. 

Cancer Care Unit at the ManilaMed
The beds at the Cancer Care Unit

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Crave Healthy Snack: The First Fortified Snack for Pregnant Women

Unilab, the leading manufacturer of prescription and consumer health products in the Philippines, is now addressing nutrition deficit in pregnant mothers while at the same time meeting their craving needs with the new Crave Healthy.
Crave Healthy is a corn chip. The company claims it is the ‘first snack product in the Philippines that’s specially developed by doctors and nutritionists for pregnant women.’ It contains iron, calcium and folic acid and is low in sodium.
Crave Healthy are yummy corn chips enriched with essential nutrients like Folic Acid, Calcium, and Iron to support your daily needs, good for both mommy and baby.

First snack product in the Philippines that’s specially developed by doctors and nutritionists for pregnant women.
  •      Reduced sodium
  •     No trans fat
  •    Has just the right amount of calories to give you the extra energy that a pregnant woman  needs daily.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Athena Milk for Women's Optimum Health

Athena is a milk specifically formulated with women in mind. Athena will help you  to meet your special nutritional needs. Women, especially moms are always on the go, tries to juggle between work and personal time to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. That is why you need to stay fit and active, even as we age. And because we’re women we have unique needs that only women can truly understand.
High Calcium essential for optimum bone health. It is also a source of Vitamins D and K, Magnesium and Phosphorus – nutrients to help maintain strong bones.

Low in Fat so you can enjoy this beverage without the risk of high caloric intake.
Source of Anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A & E and Zinc to help maintain healthy skin and promote optimum immune function.

Athena, a delicious beverage made just for you. Drink Athena today!

Athena comes in two flavors – Milk (180 grams – Php 130.00; 400 grams – Php 273.00) and Choco (180 grams – Php 130.00).

 It’s available online at and in-store at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, and Southstar.

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