Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PowerClean Chemicals by Oxychem Product Review: Effectively cleans and affordable high quality cleaning product


Cleaning dirt from clothes can be difficult for working mothers

Whether you go with old-school bleach or earth-conscious bi-carb soda, finding a surface cleaner as well as trusted household cleaning materials  that actually produce satisfying results can really be difficult. Fact is, sorting through shelves bulging with big claims and cool packaging of cleaning products in the market today, it’s revealed that price is rarely an indicator of its performance.

Coming home and seeing all these kitchen mess seems like hell right?
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen (I think we all do) but sometimes cleaning up can feel like a chore. We also don’t have a dishwasher, since I am forever washing dishes. There are a lot of companies that use strong chemicals and detergents in their products that isn’t great for the environment—or your skin. I recently stumbled upon PowerClean Chemicals by Oxychem.

Collectors Hive: A site exclusively for all collectors and enthusiasts

I have a confession to make: Only a few people who are really close to me knows that I am a certified toy collector. Consequently, over the years, I have amassed toys: from my McDonald’s Happy Meal items, stuffed toys, rugged dolls, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, to cute little trinkets among other things. These toys help me alleviate my loneliness on being alone. One of my biggest worries, however, is that if I should expire soon and my loved ones discover my toy collection after my demise, they will surely be shocked. 

I recently learned about Collectors Hive, an online portal made exclusively for collectors by collectors themselves. It’s made to address the needs of hard core collectors. Collectors Hive provides a venue for active collectors to keep valuable memories and in the process create a wholesome atmosphere for fellow collectors. Regardless of what you collect, whether it's a stamp collection, postcards, Gundam toys, die-casts, Coke items, Barbie dolls, Santa Claus items etc.--there'll surely be something interesting that you'll definitely find at Collectors Hive. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Repertory Philippines stages a Victorian sex comedy The Vibrator Play starting March 24

Catch Repertory Philippines, more popularly known as REP, anticipated staging of In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play on March 24 to April 23 at the Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1 Makati City.

The provocative and brilliant comedy about the vibrator, written by multi-awarded playwright Sarah Ruhl, gets you laughing and leaves you moved with genuine emotion, too. At the time when electricity was just discovered, the newly invented electronic vibrator was used to induce orgasms – then called “paroxysms” – to relieve men and women of their so-called hysterical tendencies.

REP’s The Vibrator Play stars Joshua Spafford, the acclaimed actor who on the theater company’s 50th anniversary has #ComeHometoREP. He plays Dr. Givings who specializes in gynecological and hysterical disorders, and treats his patients in his ‘operating theater,’ in other words his home clinic which is right next to their living room.

Giannina Ocampo plays opposite Joshua as Catherine Givings, the good doctor’s unhappy wife who has been neglected for so long, especially in their marital bed. She listens curiously to the sounds and cries coming from the patients with absolutely no idea of what goes on in the next room. When Dr. Givings refuses to administer the treatment on her, Catherine takes matters into her own hands. 

Caisa Borromeo as Sabrina Dauldry and Giannina Ocampo as Catherine Givings

Thursday, March 9, 2017


How does going out on a virtual date with celebrity heartthrob Piolo Pascual over coffee and stand a chance to win free trip to Dubai sounds like? With Sun Life Financial’s latest promo dubbed “Coffee with Piolo,” Facebook users can go on a virtual coffee date with brand ambassador Piolo Pascual, and even win a trip to Dubai while at it.

Interested? Here's the mechanics of the contest: To join, users simply log on to Facebook, visit Sun Life’s Facebook page (SunLifePH), and click on the “Coffee with Piolo” app. After entering the required details, the user should click “Submit” to generate a personalized “Coffee with Piolo” video. 

“Each ‘Coffee with Piolo’ video bears a message specifically tailored to the user’s financial needs. We’re very excited about this because it allows us to communicate with our clients in a digital manner, without losing the personal touch that is part of the Sun Life brand of service,” said Sun life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa.

After generating the video, the user may share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to qualify for the raffle, where 20 Sun Life Prosperity Cards worth Php 5,000 each and a trip for two to Dubai are up for grabs.

“This is just one example of how Sun Life always strives to be creative in the way it communicates the importance of having money for every stage of their life to ensure financial security. We hope that this will inspire more Filipinos assess their financial goals,” Lopa said. “At the same time, we wish to remind them that this is a journey they need not pursue alone. Sun Life is here to guide them every step of the way.”  

So Piolo fanatics, what are you waiting for? Hurry and join this once in a lifetime promo from Sun Life. 

For more info, visit www.sunlife.com.ph

Shakey's Launches New Scallop Primo Pizza

 We all love to eat. But if you're a practicing Catholic, it's a must to observe fasting this Lenten season. And if you're a pizza lover like me, Shakey's had good news for you. Shakey's introduces an all new pizza flavor featuring scallops which had never been featured before in any Philippine pizza. Yup, grab this chance to discover the mouth-watering flavor of Shakey's Scallop Primo! For a limited time only, the Shakey's Scallop Primo will be available fro March 1 to May 31, 2017! So you've got the entire summer to enjoy them while they last!

Ghena Austero, Shakey's Marketing Manager unveils Shakey's Scallops Primo Pizza

Shakey's Scallop Primo pizza is an exciting combination of fresh scallops and tasty kani sticks. It captures the summer combination of succulent scallops and thinly shredded crab sticks, aged cheddar cheese, fresh herbs of basil and parsley and a dash of chili flakes for some added kick!

The newest part of the menu:  Shakey's Scallop Primo Pizza
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