Sunday, March 31, 2019

Philippine Heart Association launches PusongPinay microsite for Filpino Women

If you are a woman—or care for one—read up! Heart disease may often be thought of as a problem for men, but heart disease is the most common cause of death for both women and men worldwide. One challenge is that some heart disease symptoms in women may be different from those in men. Fortunately, women can take steps to understand their unique symptoms of heart disease and to begin to reduce their risk of heart disease.

Dr. Nanette Rey, PHA President

We've come a long way since the days when a woman's worry over heart disease centered exclusively on its threat to the men in her life. We now know it's not just a man's problem, even women are also affected. 

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA) understands this scenario and in its effort creates the PusongPinay microsite, not just for public awareness in its advocacy but had also recently developed information dissemination on the unique needs and features of the Filipino woman. 

A group of heart doctors collectively known as the Philippine Heart Association Council on Women’s Cardiovascular Health (PHA CWCH) developed PusongPinay. It is a microsite made accessible for women geared towards the many concerns that women have about their heart health condition. Filipino women had to realize that heart disease is still preventable.

“Cardio vascular disease maybe both hereditary and lifestyle induced. But women have to know their non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors in order to prevent such. We hope that through this microsite which will be incorporated in the PHA website, will be able to help propagate the PHA Continuing Medical Education and Lay Advocacy towards cardiovascular care and training in the country as well as in the Asia Pacific,” said Dr. Nanette Rey, PHA president.

Dr. Aileen Cynthia De Lara, PHA President Dr. Nanette 

TV and movie personalities Heart Evangelista and Amy Perez, two influential people from the entertainment industry had shown their support in this advocacy. Both ambassadors had shared their personal experiences on how they take good care of their hearts and how they encourage other women to
empower themselves to do the same thing.

Ms. Amy Perez with her family's cardiologist, Dr. Adelaida Iboleon-Dy
Ms. Amy Perez says she's lucky with her genes. Her grandmom is still healthy at 97 years old.

Best Tricks and Guide to Clean Carpets At Home

Best tricks and guide to clean carpets at home

If we ask anyone that ‘what is that one commodity in your household that contains most dirt and mud?' the only answer that will come up will be the carpets for sure. The reason behind this is that carpets are one of the most common things on which we walk most of the time. Also, it has such a structure that traps most of the dirt and mud in its fibers and stops the remnants from scattering. This is why; cleaning carpets is one of the most troublesome things that any house cleaner has to face. But, not anymore, today we will talk about some tricks which will help you to maintain a much clean carpet in your household. So, without further ado let's get started.

Ultimate method to keep your carpets clean for a longer period
Stains of coffee or mustard are something that is very common on a carpet. Apart from these edible stains, there are other stains such as shoe stain that is far harder to get rid of. But, the essence lies in the fact that how you deal with the stains. So, the following is the ultimate method that will help you to get rid of the hardest stains of mud, gravy, wine, and pet messes:

Step 1:- Dishwashing Liquid phase: In this phase, all you need are two spray bottle and some dishwashing liquid which is commonly found in most of the households. So, in this method first, you have to fill one of the two spray bottles with cold water. Now, once you fill up the first spray bottle, move on to the second spray bottle and fill it up with a mixture of warm water with some dishwashing liquid, the ratio of this mixture will be a ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing solution and 1 cup of warm water.

Step 2:- Hit the Stain: Now, as you have both the solutions ready, start to spray the solution with the detergent solution on another cloth. This cloth should be placed right above the stain as you should not make the carpet too wet. Also, do not start to rub too hard as it will promote more wear and tear. After some time, the stain will eventually start to fade and this is the time when you should clean the stain with another clean and dry cloth.

Step 3:- Cold water therapy: Now as the stain is gone, this is the time to rinse off the detergent solution of the carpet. For this, you will need the other spray bottle that contains cold water. So, start with spraying the cold water over the stain and detergent area and bolt it with a dry and clean cloth. Repeat this process until the stain completely fades away.
Step 4:- Dry the Carpet overnight: Once you clean most of the stain from the carpet, it is time to let the carpet dry off for a night. To make sure that your carpet gets dry completely, stack up a pile of paper towels on the stain and place any heavy article over the paper towel. Leave this on for a whole night and you will get rid of all the stain marks.

Some easy habits that will keep your carpet clean
·         Clean the most-accommodated regions regularly: It goes without saying that there is some area in every household where we accommodate ourselves the most and these are the regions where regular cleaning is a must. So, from now onwards if you see a grey-colored trail near your carpet, get your normal vacuum cleaner and start to clean the area instantly. You should definitely try these top vacuums. Also, this regular exercise does not mean that you are free from the monthly heavy vacuuming session.

·         No shoes in the House rule: You might be familiar with the no shoes in the house rule as many people follow it these days. It is simply a habit that you should indulge into if you have not done it yet. This rule simply says that no matter what the scenario is, no one should wear outdoor shoes into the household. This rule not only helps to keep your household clean from any outside mud or dirt but also this habit is treated as one of the best house manners and etiquettes. Also, if you are not a fan of walking barefoot in your household then you can purchase simple flip-flops as per your satisfaction.

·         Clean doormats thoroughly: Doormats work as the first line of defense for your carpets and to ensure that they work in their best condition, you have to make sure that they are clean. So, everyday just takes 5-minutes off of other tasks and vacuum of the doormat. The best way is to flip over the mat and vacuum it first and then vacuum it from the top. Also, whenever you shop for doormats try to get one that comes with the tag saying that they are washable in washing machines.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Q.C. Dining Destination 13 UBAY Celebrates Filipino Creativity with Painting Exhibit

Showcasing Filipino culture: 13 Ubay holds its month-long Embracing Food & Art Exhibit that features the works of renowned artist Fernando Cena (2nd from right) together with seven other local artists. With him at the opening are Bayen Tinga, President of Philippine Art Awards, 13Ubay’s Zaza Sarmiento, Josie Manuel, Edna Sarmiento, and Engineer Edwin Soliman.

Press Release:

Eight talented local artists led by renowned painter Fernando Sena came together to celebrate creativity and the indomitable Filipino spirit in an exhibit hosted by 13 UBAY in Quezon City. Sena, who is best known for his still life renderings of the ubiquitous pan de sal, is joined by Bernardo Maac, Mario Villanueva, Angelito Lepalma, Agnes Batallones, Jojo Garcia, Dennis Tresvalles, and Joval Kisinamal in a special, month-long art exhibit at the restaurant titled Embracing Filipino Food and Art

Graphic Designer and Visual Artist Agnes Batallones is one of the local artists highlighted in the Embracing Food and Art Exhibit at 13 Ubay Filipino Casual Dining in Quezon City.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Avon Philippines introduces fundraising products for its advocacy against gender-based violence

Avon PH ambassadors Ruffa Gutierrez and daughters Lorin and Venice Gutierrez
Asia Pacific is the most disaster prone region in the world and faces a growing number of conflicts and protracted emergencies, which disproportionately affect women and girls. Luckily, there are a number of NGOs as well as private companies like Avon Philippines scaling up to give responses to gender-based violence in emergencies, integrating sexual and reproductive health serviced and strengthening the humanitarian-development-peace-nexus. 

Sadly, violence continues to affect millions of women around the world—in fact, some of us may have experienced or witnessed them. Every woman has a story of abuse, harassment, or rape, or fear of not being believed or belittled. It has spawned the #MeToo movement in the first place to take action, and it’s long past time for them to come to an end. The number speaks loud and clear: 1 out of 4 married Filipinas have experienced abuse from their partners; 3 in 5 Filipinas have been sexually harassed in their lifetime; while online harassment has victimized mostly women aged 15 to 35. 

In celebration of the Women’s Month, Avon Philippines, one of the companies that has long supported women’s causes renews its promise to help alleviate violence against women and girls as part of its recently launched global advocacy called Stand4Her. It aims to improve the lives of 100 million women by advancing their earning potential, freedom of expression, empowering them and making sure that they live a safe and healthy life.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Loving What You Do: The Lifestyle Business Show is Now on GMA News TV

Budding entrepreneurs had something to be happy about as Loving What You Do (LWYD), the latest lifestyle business program soon to hit your television sets on GMA News TV channel starts airing this March 24, 2019, Sunday at 9:30AM. It’s a weekly magazine show hosted by TV host/actress Dianne Medina.

Loving What You Do airs their Season 3 this coming Sunday, March 24, 2019 on GMA News TV

LWYD main host Dianne Medina

LWYD main host Dianne Medina interviews one of GMA 7's hottest sensation Kyline Alcantara

There’s an adage that says, “If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.” This is what the lifestyle business show LWYD is all about. They will feature inspiring stories of rags to riches, how to turn your passion into a profitable business as well as health and wellness segments. LWYD promotes to earn at your own pace and time while doing something that you actually love. 

Health segment host Chiara Ongkiko, Main Host Dianne Medina and TV producer/director Zyrus Ramos

LWYD Health segment host Chiara Ongkiko, Main Host Dianne Medina and TV producer/director Zyrus Ramos

Loving What You Do (LWYD) aims to inspire, empower and teach Filipino business enthusiasts to continue aspiring in achieving their goals in life. “Through our program, Loving What You Do, we aim to encourage Filipinos to live and work their dreams, to redefine their perspective on business and lifestyle and start living a better life,” said Mr. Zyrus Ramos, the show’s Executive Producer.

The people behind LWYD show on GMA News TV

So what makes Loving What You Do different from other business related TV shows? It doesn’t just tell you to earn and make a profit. It helps you to discover what your passion is, and what you can do about it. It is a show on its own because its advocacy isn’t all about earning and making money. It is about YOU: how to empower you as a person, and ultimately, how to become a better YOU.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Shangri-La Plaza showcases women’s vision in photography From the Lens of Eve runs from March 14-31

Ms. Lala Fojas, Shangri-La Plaza's General Manager with the women photographers who's having an exhibit at the posh mall.

In celebration of Women’s Month, Shangri-La Plaza showcases the power of women’s vision in photography through the exhibition From the Lens of Eve, which runs from March 14-19 at the East Atrium, and continues from March 20-31 at the Level 1, Main Wing.

Five women photographers are featured in the show – Annabelle Chavez, Lauren Malcampo, Maryanne Mendoza, Mrae Orden and Jen Perez – with the spectrum of their works drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, and the varying style of each photographer as wide-ranging as the locations of the photographs. 

From the Lens of Annabelle Chavez

The exhibition explores the nexus between photographer and photograph – the uniqueness of the narratives and emotion behind each frame. “Women bring a different perspective to photography. Women see and feel differently, and the images they create altogether enrich the entire field,” Mrae Orden explains. 

From the lens of Jen Perez

On the significance of having an all women landscape photography exhibition, the featured photographers describe the realities of the genre. Lauren Malcampo points out, “In photography, women have always been a minority.” Jen Perez agrees, “While women have slowly made remarkable inroads in photography, it is still a male-dominated industry, particularly in the genre of landscape photography. Not because few are good, but because women are less visible.”

From Maryanne Mendoza

From Mrae Orden

Shangri-La Plaza hopes to change that by providing a platform to highlight the talent of women photographers and help cultivate a wider appreciation of their work. “We want to laud Shangri-La Plaza for being a platform in bringing together female talent in photography,” says Maryanne Mendoza. Annabelle Chavez adds, “I hope that other women artists who will see our exhibit get encouraged in pursuing their own passions.”

A must-see for mall guests, From the Lens of Eve photography exhibition is at the East Atrium from March 14-19, and at the Level 1, Main Wing from March 20-31. #FeelTheShangVibe at #FromTheLensOfEve exhibit this Women’s Month at Shangri-La Plaza. 

For inquiries, call 370-2597/98 or visit Follow the Shang on Instagram:@shangrilaplazaofficial.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Unleash Your Creativity at The 9th Studios Creative Hub in Makati

The 9th Studios Creative Hub welcomes you with a smile

Have you ever been to a place where you can actually harness and develop your potentials and discover talents you never even knew you had? It's the kind of special place where you know great things would actually start from small beginnings. I personally believe that one of the biggest hurdles an artist usually encounters is finding a space to work their magic in. I recently stumbled upon The 9th Studios Creative Hub along Arnaiz Avenue in Makati City. The 9th Studios Creative Hub is a multidisciplinary studio that operates at the intersection of art, designs and the environment. Its mission is to create a space in which to exchange, develop and execute ideas that inspire people to re-imagine the world and our place within it.

The spacious dance rehearsal studio

The 9th Studios Creative Hub's Multipurpose Hall

 The 9th Studios Creative Hub was designed and built as a vehicle to support all the major art forms as well as other activities. The said studio is suited to the needs of each creative community. The Creative Hub is composed of two rooms, a dance studio and a multi-purpose hall which are both located on the 9th floor. 
 They pride themselves in their ability to offer professional creative facilities at highly affordable prices. Both rooms are ideal spaces for artistic expression as well as corporate activities like seminars, lectures and meetings to suit all price points and creative mediums.  Their goal is to develop a creative community by offering affordable spaces with the long-term stability that is so often lacking for artists in the metro. 

Some of the happy bunch who came in to the Studio Hub

I learned that the 9th Studios Creative Hub opened its doors to the public last January 2019. But this early, I am no longer surprised why it is fast becoming a favorite place for various activities from fitness to dance, to art events as well as theater rehearsals. 

Two months after their opening, the Creative Hub has been actively promoting its regular Fitness activities for both beginners and fitness aficionados. The sessions include Dance Fitness, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop and Yoga classes. 

Shangri-La Plaza’s Red Carpet Cinema Redefines the Movie Theater Experience

The newly renovated Red Carpet Cinema of Shangri-La Mall

We’ve just checked out the newly renovated high tech cinema at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s Red Carpet Cinema. And I was instantly impressed about all the changes I’ve seen at its Premiere Theater. We were recently treated to see Marvel Studios ’first female-led superhero film, the highly anticipated Captain Marvel. It was a great way to celebrate the International Women’s Month, highlighting “girlpower” at its finest.

Captain Marvel Red Carpet Ticket to the Premier Theater

The best part about watching movies is that they transport you to another world, or another dimension.  Shang-La Plaza Mall’s Red Carpet Cinema lets you experience the film firsthand. Red Carpet Cinema boasts of powerful speakers throughout the cinema, digital projection equipment and stadium type seating.  Best of all, the cinema houses about 70 comfortable leather recliners that come in Lazy Boy style chairs with a convenient place for your drink. The Red Carpet Cinema also has more comfortable leg room. The Red Carpet Cinema also features an adjoining bar and lounge facility, making it a perfect venue for exclusive parties, events, and other VIP affairs.

The spacious lounge of the VIP Red Carpet Premiere Theater

More comfy chairs while waiting for the movie

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Elite Skin Perfection Opens at The Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Hey there, you must have worked like a dog all week. You need some R & R and it’s no secret that a soothing facial will do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. So go on, live a little and indulge in a day of personal pampering. You deserve it! Visit the newly opened branch of Elite Skin Perfection at the 3rd level of the East Wing of the posh Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City. 

Elite Skin Perfection was created years ago to serve people around the world with a vision to provide luxurious environment for your skin and your soul. Specializing in the beauty industry for the past 19 years, their mission is to satisfy clients. They cater to all skin types, both male and female, regardless of age who are willing to experience the advancement in skincare. With both patent technology and award winning brands under their roof, Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea and Botanifique, they are ready to pamper your skin and let you experience a relaxing facial you’ve never had before. 

Elite Skin Perfection executives with President of Cosmetigroup International Corp, Atty. Joyce Dapat in maroon, with Mr. Idan Segev, General Manager

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Center for Possibilities Love Inclusively Beneficiary Concert

Love Inclusively Beneficiary Concert for Special Children

I have always been an advocate of children with special needs. So each time I get an invitation to attend an event that had something to do with them or to somehow help them, I don't even have to think twice, I readily say yes. I recently attended a concert for children with special needs entitled Love Inclusively by The Center For Possibilities Inc. held at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Building in Makati City. The said concert had no less than the Manila Symphony Orchestra lead by Maestro Jeffrey Solares who performed alongside the talented children with special needs. It also had a special participation of one of the country's top songwriters and performers, Mr. Ogie Alcasid. It was the kind of concert that expresses love to some of the most vulnerable in society.
Ms. Dolores Cheng, Founder of The Center for Possibilities Inc.

We all recognize that it can be very difficult for families with children to find opportunities for them to perform. The Center for Possibilities, composed of dedicated group of professionals and teachers from Reach International School, inspired and let by its founder Ms. Dolores Cheng, organized this beneficiary concert and art exhibit to provide their beneficiaries with regular opportunities and early interventions. Ms. Cheng herself had a son who had been diagnosed with global developmental delay at age 3. She had been told by North American experts back then that her son didn't have an IQ. But today, her son Andreas, who's now 25, is the epitome of Endless Possibilities. He is the living proof that the foundation works so hard to promote: the living reality of transforming one from disabled to enabled. 
Vico Cham and Samantha Kaspar, two of the featured talented individuals with special needs

My aunt Cecilia Sanoy, Purple Plum Fairy, Ms. Dolores Cheng, Founder of The Center for Possibilities , ROAR executives Jennifer Rockwell and Max Arroyo
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