Friday, November 27, 2020

Royale's Immuno Boost helps boost your immune system against COVID-19 Virus


Eating nutritious food helps prevent sickness

It had been said time and again in the vernacular, "Bawal magkasakit." It is especially true in this day and age because we are in the middle of a pandemic--the spread of Covid-19 virus is something that we should all avoid at all costs. Thus, it is important that we eat healthy and nutritious foods. 

There's an old adage that says, "An apple a day keeps a doctor away." It may have a grain of truth behind it after all. Eating nutritious foods rich in certain vitamins help us to strengthen our immune system to fight off illnesses. 

Eat foods rich in Vitamin C—Known as the biggest immune system boosters of all-time, Vitamin C deficiency can actually make you more prone to sickness. The good news is we can get vitamin C by loading up our body with oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, calamansi (Philippine lemon), strawberries, bell peppers, spinach, kale and broccoli—all of which are rich in Vitamin C. Regular intake of vitamin C is essential for one’s health because our body doesn’t produce or store vitamin C. 

Oranges are naturally rich in Vitamin C that prevents illness

Vitamin B6 is also equally important as it supports biochemical reactions to our immune system. Vitamin B6-rich foods include chicken (that’s why we are often served with chicken soup when we get sick) and cold-water fish like salmon and tuna. It can also be found in green vegetables and in chickpeas—the main ingredient in making hummus.

Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant to fight off infections. Consume nuts, seeds and spinach—they are also helpful because such foods are rich in vitamin E. 

While vitamins and supplements can help fill in the gaps in your diet, the best way to load up on essential nutrients is to get them straight from food. I once read that we had to create a wide variety of foods in our plate. It should be a must to make every color of the rainbow to be well-represented on our plate. Not only will our food look enticing enough to eat, but we will also be receiving the necessary nutrients with the health-boosting vitamins possible. 

Taking regular food supplements or vitamins may also help boost our immune system. One great example would be Royale's Immuno Boost. Immuno Boost contains the necessary Beta Glucan (β-Glucan) which has been tested and proven to protect against various infection, bacteria, viruses and harmful pathogenic microorganisms. It also contains cancer prevention and progression because of its synergestic anti-tumor effects with monoclonal antibodies and cancer chemotherapeutics.

Royale's Immuno Boost helps boost immune system

Japanese Animation Classics to be showcased in the 14th International Silent Film Festival Manila


Calling all film and animation enthusiasts: Japan's film line up includes the oldest Japanese short film from the archive of the National Film Archivers of Japan (NFAJ) collection. Thankfully we don't need to go to the land of the rising sun to be able to watch it. The Japan Foundation Manila pays tribute to the foundations of Japanese animation by featuring its classic animated works in time for the upcoming 14th International Silent Film Festival Manila. Get ready to watch at the comforts of your own home as the International Silent Film Festival Manila is slated to run from December 4 to 6, 2020 and will be available online through

For this year, there will be six (6) unique animated short silent films to be featured and at the same time taken from the Japanese Animation Classics Collection--all digitalized and subtitled in English for your convenience by the NFAJ. Featured this year's silent film festival would be including the four-minute animation classic film entitled "The Dull Sword" by Junichi Kouchi and produced in 1917--the birthyear of domestic animation in Japan. 

Larvicidal Efficacy of Natular DT against Aedes aegypti


 Dengue is the fastest spreading vector-borne disease creating a million infections annually extending over more than a hundred different countries around the globe. Dengue still has no treatment as of this writing but the disease can be early managed if diagnosed at an early stage. Dengue virus is known to be transmitted by day-biting of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes.  It can be asymptomatic but usually, the most common symptoms include high-grade fever, joint pain, and pink/red rashes. It is most common in tropical countries like the Philippines where dengue is considered an endemic across all its regions. While most patient cases recover without any serious complications, others may lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever which can lead to death. 

I was once a dengue patient a few years back and I remember I was even in denial about acquiring it. I used to lather my skin with insect repellent products and would wear long pants to prevent mosquito bites. My mom would also regularly clean our surroundings to make sure no mosquito larvae would be able to live near our household to keep us safe from dengue hemorrhagic fever. I never thought I'd be having dengue, but I did and it's not easy to have it. So as parents, we'd like to make sure that no one in the family would have to experience the same thing that we had gone through right? 

So what is the best and most effective way to prevent dengue and kill mosquito larvae? Larvicides are used and highly recommended by experts because they help destroy bacteria that destroy larvae and genetic modification of mosquitoes to reduce their fertility. 

Luckily, UPL Philippines Inc. recently introduces Natular DT Larvicide. What's so nice about it is that it is environment-friendly. It is an easy-to-use, bi-layer tablet that prevents mosquito larvae from biting adults. Natular DT is made specifically to address the common breeding sites around residential properties that serve as breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Natural DT is a patented tablet from UPL Philippines Inc. 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Doc Paolo Bellosillo epitomizes the Filipino Resilience


Doc Paolo Bellosillo

Most people say it is during the most trying times in someone's life that true character is revealed. It is during these times when we are being tested to our limits and what we make of ourselves are the ones that unleash our true selves. Doc Paolo Bellosillo has been helping people because it is part of what he had embraced early in life. In fact, he learned and studied naturopathy with the same vision. So it is but natural for him to lend a hand especially during these crucial times of pandemic. He has proven to be a model citizen with his charitable acts of service. 

An international specialist of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital, Doc Pao was proclaimed Most Outstanding Private Citizen by the Philippine National Police. Bellisillo clearly epitomizes the true Filipino resiliency. He did not allow the pandemic to prohibit him from touching people's lives and making a difference by helping his fellowmen. 

Indefatigable Doc Bellosillo tried to aid those who are in dire need and showed his utmost support towards the frontliners. He chose to stay out in the field so that the others can stay home safely. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Salmon HQ's Sushi Bake for Christmas? Why Not!

Christmas is upon us. While we may be having a different kind of celebration this year than the past years, food will always be a part of every gathering--regardless if it's online/virtual or offline. Of course, there will always be stapled Filipino comfort foods like Pancit, Caldereta, Adobo, Igado, Embutido etc., that will be served during Noche Buena. But it's also nice to welcome other comforting dishes that most of us had discovered during the community quarantine. Sushi bake is one of the latest gastronomic trends that has spread like wildfire online amongst gourmet and foodie aficionados. 

For those who aren't familiar with it, Sushi Bake is a deconstructed version of the original Japanese rolled Sushi. The good thing about it is that it is good for serving. Thus it's a great idea to bring it to intimate family gatherings this holiday season. 
At Salmon HQ, they've got several flavors to choose from Uni and Scallop Sushi Bake, Aburi Scallop, Ebi Sushi Bake, and Crunchy California Sushi Bake. If you'd prefer something healthier, worry not, they've got you covered! Salmon HQ also offers Salmon Poke, Tuna Poke, Aburi Salmon Poke, and Aburi Tuna Poke. They've got them all served healthy and light. 

You've also got to try their Salmon Cake with Ikura and Scallops, Premium Salmon Ikura Cake, Akami Tuna Cake, and the Naked Salmon Cake. They're made from the freshest ingredients and they're guaranteed to make you order back again for some more. 

So for a change, welcome Salmon HQ into your holiday menu, your tummies will be happy and they're guaranteed to make you feel full while keeping your family healthy and safe.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

What Expert Doctors really say about Steam Inhalation as Health Remedy


"To steam or not to steam? That is the question."

While most Filipino doctors may agree that suob or steam inhalation has its benefits as it may provide temporary relief from the usual symptoms of colds and other upper respiratory infections, it won't actually make your infection go away any faster. Suob or steam inhalation will never be a cure. Why is that so? "Steam inhalation doesn't actually kill the virus responsible for the infection," explained Dr. Earl Louis Sempio, an expert pulmonologist and biochemist who was the main speaker at the recent Zoom lecture on Steam Inhalation conducted by Unilab, the country's leading pharmaceutical company through its AlagangUnilab campaign. 

Unilab Inc. (Unilab), through its “Alagang Unilab: HealthierPH Series,” launched a virtual symposium that talked about the pros and cons of steam inhalation. "At best, steam inhalation might make you feel a little better as your body fights your cold. But it will never cure the infection," added Dr. Sempio. 

Dr. Earl Louis A. Sempio

The main benefit of breathing in moist warm steam may help ease the feelings of irritation and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages. It might also help thin the mucus in our sinuses which allows them to empty more quickly. By doing this, it can allow your breathing to return to normal, but only for a short period of time. So basically, the effects of steam inhalation are only temporary relief. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Travel Asia Mini-Series Book by Paula Cabildo Book Review


Paula Cabildo's first published book Travel Asia Mini-Series

Reading about a certain place gives context to the place you are visiting and helps make everything have logical sense. Reading about one particular country's rich historical culture and background somehow gives framework and structure and it makes perfect sense which also gives one a bird's eye view on what you can expect when you actually come for a visit in that country. If there was one piece of advice I have for the young ones today, then I'd have to say that they must experience the joy in life when they get to see and expore the world and be able to travel more. When one sets an adventure, it is a journey to a place you've never gone before and with an open mind, it will let life show you what opportunities have long been waiting for you that you couldn't have even imagined before. It's always best to travel while you're young, fearless and had all the zest in life. That's why, when I came across Paula Cabildo's first ever published book entitled Travel Asia Mini Series, published by Ukiyoto Publishing and can also be available online thru, I knew I was in for a personal & guided tour by Paula Cabildo herself across the four countries she visited in Asia. 

Travel Asia Mini-Series by blogger Paula Cabildo

As we all miss to go out and travel these days, I think the safest thing to do if you’ve been missing to travel is to read travel books such as this one from one of my favorite bloggers, @paulapinkikay. Also known by her real name as Paula Cabildo, she recently published a compilation of her many travels in Asia where she has shared her wonderful experiences as well as personal reflections and thoughts, thereby baring her soul on her very first book. Reading her book, Travel Asia Mini Series, Cabildo brought me to places I never knew I’d be interested to visit someday soon (when all the borders have opened and it’ll be safe to fly again). It felt like having a personal tourist guide or accompanied by a friend on your tour in four different Asian countries. Cabildo will make you feel as if you were there with her in person upon reading her book. So be prepared to imagine and unleash the wanderlust in you!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Taiwan Excellence: Showcasing Taiwan’s best products and manufacturing practices to the world


A highly developed country, Taiwan is known for its clever technology which is why it comes as no surprise if the country is also recognized for its manufacturing and exporting products. The kind of technology they offer are things that help improve the lives of people and their community.  Taiwan Excellence began in 1993, with its mission to introduce what Taiwan can offer to global innovation and eventually made the country one of the most progressive countries around the world. 

Taiwan Excellence's goal is all about strengthening the pneuma of innovation and unleashing creativity in most industries which includes machinery, building materials, infrastructure, medical and health care, Information and Communications Technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, smart technologies, and others.

According to Leonor Lin, President, and CEO of Taiwan External Trade and Development Council, Taiwan Excellence is dedicated to look for outstanding products based on its research, development, design, quality, marketability and strong spirit of innovation. 

Awarding products with the Taiwan Excellence Award seal is synonymous with displaying superior world-class quality and high-end technology that can help attract the attention of a global audience and market. 

Taiwan Excellence jumps on the aggressive campaign to showcase Taiwan's industries. While we are still in a pandemic, where face-to-face is not yet allowed, Taiwan Excellence continued its campaign by means of giving a series of webinars where industries and enterprises presented their products to potential clients as well as international media for them to see first-hand what these products had to offer. 

Taiwan continues to be the benchmark in terms of managing the pandemic. With Taiwan's expertise and experiences, Taiwan Excellence has collaborated with local artists like Filipino rapper, Gloc-9 and Indie singer/performer Keiko Necessario in creating a music video which shows Taiwan as a good role model on innovation and how they are coping with the crippling pandemic global crisis as well as their vision for further progress. 

The Taiwan government also improved its trade promotion policies where it closely monitored changes and market tendencies. They also helped other industries that were highly affected and lend a hand to restore their business activities to reopen. Surviving this pandemic may not be easy, but multiple approaches based on new business strategies and connecting them to other business partners around the globe made it possible. Taiwan Excellence provided trade support by means of insurance, a professional marketing approach to reduce costs, diversify export reach, using digital transformation, and other breakthrough concepts that may help them in international marketing.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Live-Action Mazinger Z-inspired movie kicks off the Japanese Film Festival 2020 Digital Edition


Japanese Film fanatics would surely be delighted to know that despite the pandemic that we are currently experiencing, The Japan Foundation Manila is still pushing through with its annual Japan Film Festival to give in to the clamor of its loyal fans. 

This year would surely have changes of course due to the need for social distancing as well as health & safety protocols. Thus, the people behind the Japanese Film Festival thought of having its very first digital edition of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) by coming up with a drive-in cinema experience at the parking lot of the SM Mall of Asia. Their banner movie this year would be giving an ode to a manga and anime classic, the live-action Mazinger-Z inspired movie. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

AVON Philippines' Fundraising Activities for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is known worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Annually, Avon Philippines is doing its part to help increase awareness of breast cancer. The goal is to show every woman that her life is equally important and to ensure that every woman has an access to education, screening, treatment, moral support, and hope. Avon had always been an advocate of breast cancer

BOOBWatch shirt

Avon Philippines recently concluded its 2020 campaign against breast cancer dubbed as BOOBwatch. The said campaign was all about educating women on the importance of early detection. Avon has initiated three major fundraising events which were all mounted online. In order to be able to reach out to more people, Avon has made a line-up of activities all meant to generate more people and create awareness on a grander scale. The fundraising events were for the benefit of the Philippine Cancer Society. 

Dr. Rachel Rosario of the Philippine Cancer Society

Former fashion editor Myrza Sison was the event's host

New Mom and TV host Dianne Medina

Avon Brand Ambassador Daniel Matsunaga

Singer Morisette Amon

BOOB talk was a breast care lecture with social media influencer and mental health advocate Dr. Gia Sison, Avon Ambassador Daniel Matsunaga, Philippine Cancer Society's Dr. Rachel Rosario, and TV host Dianne Media with fashion icon and former fashion magazine editor, Myrza Sison who hosted the said event. Held last October 10, the online information chat had a fruitful conversation about breast cancer viewed by more than 6,200 netizens.

Social Media Influencer & Mental Advocate  Dr. Gia Sison

Breast cancer survivor Franz Tolentino

Franz Tolentino, an Avon representative and herself a breast cancer survivor also shared her personal experiences in her battles with the Big C. She was an inspiration for most cancer patients who can relate well to her stories. "Pwede kayong sumali sa mga breast cancer support groups katulad ng Avon-PGH Breast Cancer Group. Malaking tulong ang magkaroon ng mga kaibigan na alam ang pinagdaraanan mo. Mayroon kang makakausap na nararanasan o pinagdadaanan din ang mga pinagdaraanan mo."

In the US alone, there are more than 270,000 new cases of breast cancer and nearly 42,000 breast cancer deaths annually. Breast cancer remains to be the most common cancer and the second most fatal in women. 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Introducing: An Easy to Bring and Travel-Sized Novuhair


Leisure travels are now allowed but I doubt if travelers and wanderlusts would be brave enough to fly out and explore during this time. It's still considered pandemic after all as the effects of the COVID-19 virus are still in our midst. And with no proven effective vaccines yet available, it is not yet known if it is indeed safe to go out and travel at this time. Plus, with all the pandemic-related health protocols--we'll be taking things slow before people will eventually want to go out again. Things may have relaxed a bit now, but that doesn't mean we would forget that we're still in community quarantine. There have been a lot of social restrictions just to adjust and boot up the economy. But so far, the changes have been implemented. And I'd have to say I haven't fully accepted the term, "new normal" myself. 

Despite such, ADP Pharma Corporation introduces the new NOVUHAIR ® Petite--it's a more convenient way to carry and stash your favorite hair loss prevention in your bag when you travel. It's a necessity and a clear cut-choice to meet the ever-changing needs. 

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