Monday, June 30, 2014

Mommy Mundo Invites Expectant Moms to Belly Blessed 2014!

Are you an expectant Mom? If your answer is YES, Mommy Mundo, the country's online Mom community invites expectant Mommies to its Belly Blessed Fest 2014 which will be held on July 11 at the Podium Mall Atrium from 10am to 10pm. This is a FREE EVENT, all you need to do is to pre-register. First time Moms will be given information, workshop and various tips on proper breastfeeding, lactation and other useful tips by respected resource speakers. Don't miss tis chance to learn everything and anything you need to know about pregnancy and breastfeeding. Attendees will also have the chance to win freebies and other perks just by coming to the event. Please pre-register to be able to avail the Belly Blessed Giveaway. 

If interested, please see the poster above or log on to for more information. 

Disclaimer: I am not compesated for this post. Opinions are my own. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

What Do You Miss Most About Your Childhood?

What happy memories do you have of being a young child that make you think either "those were good times" or "that was good parenting"?

The younger you were at the time, the better. I can not remember too much from my young childhood, besides the warm feeling from sitting in a basket of laundry just come from the dryer, the days my mom would pick me up from grade school and we would eat and talk about anything under the sun. All of these memories leave me with happy, warm feelings about my childhood. I also remember playing with my cousins and reading in my room alot and other minor incidents, but these more mundane memories don't really carry the same emotional weight.

I would like to know if other people have more happy memories from their childhoods and, if so, what are they like? If your parents created loving memories for you, what sorts of things were you doing together? I guess I'm partly trying to understand why some things stick in our minds, to become happy memories, and others don't. As well as how to help create positive memories for a child. (Obviously, "be a good parent/aunt/sitter/friend" is the default answer, but beyond that, what makes the memory?)

What does a person do when she finds that sliver of a moment when she can say she is without a doubt or pretension--truly happy? Does she attempt to freeze time and capture the moment for all eternity? Or does she simply savor the present and hope that cherished memories of the past will be enough to last her when the moment passes. 

Most people love to perpetuate every wonderful moment in life. They say that it is during childhood that one finds true happiness, a time when life was sweet and simple. We asked a random of people on what they miss the most about their childhood. You might be able to relate to them too like I did. I asked a few people on what do they miss most about their childhood and here are their answers: 

"My childhood is the best part of my life because it was perfect. What I miss most about it are not feeling any pressure, stress and emotional pain," --Rose Concepcion-Jimenez, mother of two kids

"I miss playing street games like hide and seek with my playmates. I wish I could still play those games at my age now, but it would be such a shame to do so. Nowadays, kids no longer go out of the house, they content themselves playing with a game console or ipad. Thus, they lack interaction with peers and physical activities."--Lea Jane Jonson

"How I wish I could still bathe in the rain. There's nothing like seeing the rain cascading down our body."--Bernadette De Leon

"As a kid, I used to eat sweet cotton candies, pink popcorns and hotdog waffles that smelling their scent wafting in the air reminds me of my childhood. I wish I'd still get the same excitement and the thrill over eating them and riding in roller coasters at amusement park."--Vangie

"I' m a child of the 80's. I wish I could return to those times when life was so simple and a dollar only equals to Php25.00. That's why I keep my Care Bear stuffed toy with me to remind me of the good times."--Ala Paredes

"The parent imposed rule: Afternoon Siesta or Power Nap"--Geraldine 

"Awaiting the clock to struck at 12 midnight during Christmas eve meant it's time to unwrap our presents under the Christmas tree."--Evangeline Anchores

"Being at peace with the rest of the world. Childhood meant not knowing the cruelty that lies ahead."--Jeanibelle Cuartero

"Knowing fully how to forgive and ultimately to forget. When you're a kid, you don't know how to hold grudges against other people."--Christina Agustin

"Sleeping between Mom and Dad."--Diane Ortega

Personally speaking, I miss being a kid--and by that I mean recognize no immediate responsibilities, and still be undecided about the future. So how different does the world look to you now without the rose-tinted glasses of our childhood? 

Getting old doesn't have to mean letting go of all the dreams of childhood. It is possible to be both carefree and responsible adult in equal doses. Life is wonderful and liberating as a child, but you can still try to do this now, only if you choose to do so. 

There's this quiet moment in your life when you know your life as you know it has indeed changed. Everything just feels different. Not really bad, just different. After all, the familiar can be as insidious as the unknown. So when you feel your world, your colors and your words are a bit more purple, you know you're about to turn a curve. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Film Review: Miracle on Cell No. 7 (Korean Film)

I'm a self-confessed film buff although lately I no longer had the time to actually sit down, relax and enjoy a good film. So I had to resort to the next best thing--which is to watch via youtube videos. I recently watched Miracle on Cell No.7, Korean film released in 2013 which has earned a lot of positive feedbacks from Netizens on most Social Media platforms. In fact, I came across Miracle on Cell No. 7 only after two of my friends had posted on their wall that they are watching the said film. And because it was highly recommended by my friends, I got curious with it and decided to see the film myself. 

Miracle on Cell No. 7 is a wonderfully comical yet a touching story between a mentally ill father and her smart and lovingly adorable daughter. The father was accused of murder and rape but he's really innocent. This film reminds me a bit of the Hollywood movie entitled "I Am Sam" which starred Sean Penn and former child star Dakota Fanning. Both films had the same theme--the strong bond between the father and his daughter, they also had the same "mentally ill" Dad as the lead character who is incapable of being a Dad/fit as a father.  Although in "I Am Sam", Sean Penn's character is more mentally retardate. Here, in Miracle on Cell No. 7, the lead character is actually a doting father to her daughter. 

At the onset of the film, it has clearly established the love between the father and daughter. They were seen singing Sailor Moon's jingle (a popular Japanese cartoon in the 90's) together, they even had funny antics each time they bid each other farewell. For someone who never had the chance to experience such wonderful experience to bond with her Dad, watching the film's "happy moments" will surely be enough to tug your heart. 

There were a lot of funny moments in this film especially when the father met his fellow inmates in the prison--on cell number 7. Throughout the film, the father has proven how good his heart was. He had saved his fellow prisoner from another prisoner's hands and even the chief prison guard from an outrage which resulted to fire. You'll feel empathy when you see him yearn for his only daughter. I'd like to commend the actor who played Dad and the child who played his daughter because they were both very good. They had played true to their characters well. Watching them together during their movie highlights or special moments together will definitely touch your hearts. 

I had really been affected by the love between the father and daughter in the film. I don't know if it had something to do with what me and my beloved Mom had recently been through. I almost lost my Mom in an accident we've had last summer and having experienced that somehow had given me a more clear perception that life is really precious. We should say "I love you" more often and show how much our loved ones meant for us. We never know, one minute you could be with them and in a nanosecond, they or you could be gone. I've learned to value time, to spend as much time with your loved ones as you possibly can. Life is merely just that--enjoy it while you can. Savor and relish the moments you create for all of these will simply be part of our memories one day. 

And just like my friends, I definitely give Miracle on Cell No. 7 two-thumbs up! I would recommend this film to every family. Make sure your kids will be able to see this film so that they would understand how blessed they are to have parents like you. The film's ending may not be a happy one as I expected it to be--but at least, the daughter and her father's former inmates and friends had something to be happy about. 

I no longer wonder why the film Miracle on Cell No. 7 created waves and positive reviews throughout the Internet. It tackles on family relationship between a parent and a child--it is something that anyone can easily relate to. Quoting my former College Speech professor, Ms. Zenaida Rocamora, "Any significant human experience is worth sharing." To me, Miracle on Cell No. 7 is all that and more, thus I am sharing them to you now on my blog in the hope that you can find time to watch the said film on youtube or in videos and let the film touch your hearts the same way it did mine. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


The Philippines' premier world-class resort, Solaire Resort and Casino recently partnered with another well-known and trusted company, Air Asia. Set to launch is a breakthrough project in the country where Solaire collaborates with Air Asia via its popular Airbus A320, which is scheduled to embark on its first ever flight this month of July. This is a momentous event as Solaire is the first-ever consumer brand to fully wrap and brand a commercial airline, with an underlying thrust of further promoting the Philippine tourism and in the whole of Asia. 

Solaire and Air Asia's collaboration is indeed a huge step towards providing modern travel and leisure experiences for its customers, with a fresh approach towards their target market. The said partnership will surely facilitate more passenger and cargo traffic in both regional and domestic flights, at the same time will foster stronger trade, cultural and tourism ties within greater parts of Asia.  

 “This milestone is a key undertaking between two passionate brands with entrepreneurial and dynamic mindsets. This unprecedented branding project in the Philippines may be taken as a "leadership statement," which attests to Solaire's strong growth momentum in the industry. Yes we are again raising the bar; this time we're taking it to the skies.” says Donato Almeda, Board Director of Solaire Resort and Casino.

Photo Caption: Solaire Owner Mr. Enrique Razon Jr. and Air Asia Global CEO Mr. Tony Fernandes

Currently, Solaire’s brand colors are donned by just one airplane, but nothing is stopping them from further rolling out this innovative wrap on additional aircrafts in the future with broader partnership arrangements.  The campaign will continue until 2016 and it is envisioned that this high-impact ad in the sky will generate more hype and publicity as the partnership progresses.
Jasper Evangelista, Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Solaire Resort and Casino said, “This aircraft-branding campaign is a strategic branding initiative which would allow us to literally take our brand to greater heights. We have created amazing moments for our customers since Solaire launched last year, and now we’re aiming to further connect with our local & foreign guests and travellers by reinforcing our brand presence in the country’s airports. Sky Solaire will enable us to get immediate traction on this effort and even take it to a level all its own.”

Solaire has launched their “Create Your Moments" campaign, which highlights Solaire as the perfect place to create unforgettable memories, this fitting partnership with AirAsia, one of Asia’s leading and multi-awarded airlines in their category, harmoniously evokes the key thrusts of customer service, hospitality, and excitement for both their industries.  This marketing initiative is also primed to open up new revenue streams for both the integrated resort and the airline carrier.
AirAsia Philippines Chairman Maan Hontiveros said, “AirAsia Philippines is a sociable and innovative brand. We also take pride on our collaborative nature. This new livery demonstrates our creative approach to partnerships and marketing opportunities especially with companies that support our vision to grow tourism. We are thrilled to carry Solaire’s brand in the sky and on the grounds at the airports here and abroad extending to as far as our destinations in Malaysia, China and Korea.”

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lagundex Product Review: Natural and Effective Way to Treat Cough

I've always been very meticulous when it comes to taking care of my family. I guess most moms are like me especially when they are dealing with their kids' own health. With my Kyle, I don't usually just give him what I consider as "self-medicated medicines" or any "over-the-counter" available medicine there is. Instead, I'd rather have him checked by his pediatrician and if there's some products I'd like to try, I'd ask his physician if it's ok. If he gives it a thumbs-up, that's the only time I'd go for it. Recently, Kyle came home from school somewhat sniffing with a cough. Well, I don't know if it was just a simple case of coincidence, I've just picked up a few items for a product review of Lagundex. So I immediately called on Kyle's pediatrician and he said I could make Kyle take Lagundex syrup to treat his cough.

For those who aren't familiar with it yet, Lagundex is a brand of Lagundi leaf (Vitex negundo L.), based natural medicine/herbal product extensively studied and trusted by the Department of Health. It is also guaranteed safe as it strictly complies with the manufacturing standards of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with certified facilities to ensure its quality and efficacy. Lagundex was developed by a group of Filipino scientists, it gives an assurance that it only uses indigenous lagundi (Vitex negundo L.) plants, making it truly and proudly Filipino-made product. 

Going back to Kyle's cough, he's usually the type who couldn't sleep well each time he has a cough. But upon taking Lagundex syrup, I was surprised he was able to have a good night sleep sans any cough interrupting him. What I also love about Kyle taking natural and herbal based medicine like Lagundex is the fact that it is non-drowsy. Other chemical based medicines we've previously tried would make him a sleepy head at school. But certainly, that's not the case with Lagundex because it's all-natural. Plus, Kyle loved its taste as well, its got none of those bitter medicines that even has an after-taste. You know as a mom, those little details sometimes make things a bit difficult for us--like if our kids had to take on medicines that do not taste good enough for them to swallow. With Lagundex, you can be assured that it has a kid-friendly taste so taking medicines will no longer be a problem for you. 
Lagundex 300 mg/5 mL syrup comes in sweet orange and peppermint flavors suited for kids, while the Lagundex Forte 600 mg/5 mL syrup in soothing mint flavor and Lagundex 600 mg tablet are ideal for adults. All these are available in leading drugstores nationwide.

I'm happy that in just a few days of taking Lagundex, Kyle's cough was able to clear up. We have personally proven that Lagundex as a safe and effective natural remedy for cough (in both kids and adult). Nothing really beats mother nature's gift of herbal medicines. We're blessed that in this day and age, we no longer had to resort to the old ways of harvesting lagundi leaves, boiling them before we can drink them. Now, you can just go to any drugstore and ask for Lagundex syrup or tablet--truly, very convenient indeed! 

Lagundex is distributed by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC). For more information, ask your doctor about Lagundex or call NMPC hotlines at (02) 836-5838 to 47.

Disclaimer: Please note that what I have shared should not take place of an actual visit to your physician. It's always best to consult and see your doctor. I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Storytelling for Kids with Arts and Crafts at Ayala Museum

Storytelling Sessions with Arts & Crafts 
July 5, 12 and 19, 2014
9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.

For ages 3 to 10 years old

Treat your kids to Saturdays of joy and laughter at the Ayala Museum this July. Stories will come alive through the weekly storytelling sessions and the hands-on arts and crafts activities that your kids will surely enjoy. 

The workshop fee is only P650 per day and 1,570 for three saturdays, inclusive of an art kit and one day access to the museum. Pre-registration is required. The deadline for reservations is on June 28, 2014. 

Payments can be made in cash, check, or through credit card.
*Discounts do not apply to credit card transactions. 

For inquiries, please call Marj Villaflores at 757-7117 loc. 25 or email or visit

Tune Hotel Opens its Aseana City Branch

Tune Aseana Staff Photo Caption: Ms. Angeli Umali, Hotel Manager together with her Guest Services staff

The Philippines' largest internationally owned and operated hotel brand – Tune Hotels – has continued its impressive expansion in the country with the opening of the 200-room Tune Hotel Aseana City.
Located in the heart of the Aseana City in Paranaque, the property is the ninth Tune Hotels to open in the Philippines in the last two years after Angeles City, Ermita, Makati, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Quezon City and Ortigas.
Tune Hotel Aseana City is owned and operated by Red Planet Hotels and they have a long-term lease agreement for the site with D.M Wenceslao & Associates, Inc. The company’s Chairman, Delfin J. Wenceslao, Jr. was present with Red Planet Hotels Founder and Senior Vice President for Acquisitions, Ken Kerr, to officially open the hotel.

Tune Aseana Photo Caption:  (L-R) Mr. Benjamin Martinez, Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. June Mare Ligan, Angeli Umali, Hotel Manager – Tune Hotel Aseana City, Ms. Sahlee Zaldivia, Country Head, and Ms. Rocemar Ballada, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

Mr. Wenceslao said the Tune Hotel Aseana City was a welcome addition to the expanding precinct of Manila that will contribute to fulfilling Aseana City’s “work-life balance” mantra.
The hotel is perfectly located for both business travellers and leisure travellers to the area and Sahlee Zaldivia, who is the Country Head for the hotel’s owner – Red Planet Hotels, said this Tune Hotel ( in a newly-developed precinct of Manila, will further strengthen the company’s confidence and commitment to the country’s tourism industry.
“The Aseana City precinct continues to grow and is fast becoming one of the country’s newest and most impressive lifestyle and travel destinations, the perfect location for the Philippines’ latest Tune Hotel and our ninth overall in the country,” Ms. Zaldivia said.
“By the end of 2014, we will have a total of 1,720 rooms with ten hotels in the Philippines, cementing our position as the largest internationally owned and operated hotel brand in the country.”

Tune Aseana Photo Caption:  Mr. June Mare Ligan is welcomed by Ms. Sahlee Zaldivia, Country Head of Red Planet Hotels Philippines

 “Not only are we growing in numbers, but we have received a great deal of acceptance among the travelling public for the value for money that we provide.”
The next Tune Hotel to open will be the 189-room Tune Hotel Ayala Avenue in November 2014.The expansion will allow the company to take advantage of the 24% growth in tourist arrivals projected by the Department of Tourism for 2014. “We are fully committed to helping expand, and grow with, the international and domestic travel industries in the Philippines,” Ms Zaldivia said.
Red Planet Hotels Chief Executive Officer, Tim Hansing said even more sites are being sought to build new hotels in the Philippines. “We see the Philippines as the perfect platform to drive the South-East Asian expansion of Tune Hotels because of the country’s acceptance and embracing of new and inspiring brands that enable travel to the wider population,” Mr Hansing said.
“Our performance since opening our first hotel in Cebu and Angeles City in February 2012 has given us a great deal of confidence to expand further and we have already identified more new sites for hotels to that end.”

Since its establishment in Malaysia in 2007, Tune Hotels has 42 operating hotels worldwide in the Philippines (9), Malaysia (12), Indonesia (9), Thailand (4), England (4), India (1), Japan (1), Scotland (1) and Australia (1).
Tune Hotels feature space-efficient, streamlined rooms focusing on high-quality basics: five-star beds, powerful hot showers and high-speed wifi. All hotels also provide housekeeping services, electronic keycard access into rooms, extensive CCTV systems, and no access into the main lobby without a keycard past midnight.
Tune Hotels is a sister company of Air Asia Airlines.
For more information, please contact:
Benjamin Martinez
Director of Sales & Marketing
Mobile: 0917-8134853
About Red Planet Hotels Limited
Red Planet Hotels Limited was formed in 2010 and is a privately owned regional hotel investment company focused on Asian markets by developing a portfolio of hotels in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand.

Red Planet Hotels Limited owns the hotels it operates and they are all managed under a franchise agreement with Tune Hotels. Red Planet Hotels Limited was formed with a vision to capture the growth in the worldwide value hotel market, supported by the growth in budget airlines and the robust economies of the ASEAN region, Japan and South Korea.

Red Planet Hotels Limited now has an ownership interest in 36 Tune Hotels either in operation or under development.

 About Tune Hotels
Tune Hotels is part of the lifestyle business conglomerate Tune Group that was founded by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun.
Since launch, Tune Hotels has welcomed more than seven million guests in its properties throughout Asia, Australia, India and the United Kingdom.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Press Release: The season is quickly changing from sunny to rainy, and part of the fun of switching seasons is the chance to update our wardrobe. Not only do we need to bring our jackets and raincoats out, but we also have to fill our shoe closets with reliable footwear that will not fail us during this season.


Crocs, the world’s favorite comfort shoe brand, is the perfect pair in any weather. Find one that suits you  and enjoy up to 90% off at the much awaited sale event of the season, the Crocs Epic Sale. Back due to popular demand, the biggest sale  ever is set to delight Crocs fans with  amazing discounts on a wide selection of designs.

The Crocs Epic Sale will be at the Ground Floor of Bldg A., Frontera Verde, Tiendesitas from July4 to 6, 2014. A special preview sale for Citibank cardholders will be held exclusively on July 03, 2014.  


For more information, simply like Crocs Philippines on Facebook and follow @crocsph onInstagram and Twitter.


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Win Residence Inn Weekend Getaway and Vaniderm Beauty Loot from Green Apple Dental Clinic

Get the chance to win awesome prizes simply by liking Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic on Facebook. Up for grabs are a weekend getaway for two at the Residence Inn in Tagaytay with two free rides for four and two entrance tickets to enjoy the zoo as well as its other amenities. Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic will also be giving away a beauty loot which includes a glutathione soap with Vitamin C and a hair grower shampoo as consolation prize. 

How to join: 

Simply post a photo of yourself capturing your best smile. Post it on your own Facebook wall, don't forget to tag @Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic on Facebook and LIKE their page as well. And get your hopes high so that you can be a winner! Hurry! Contest ends on June 30, 2014! 

No need for number of likes here. They only want you to like their page and see your best smile. So get yourself photographed and who knows you could win these awesome items! Good luck! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet Diego PLDT Home DSL Latest Star

Young charmer Diego Ledesma captures hearts as he answers questions online.

There have been a lot of Internet celebrities and online personalities that have made their presence felt not just on the Net but on social media as well. They've become so popular that they had thousands of followers and created great impact on their audiences too. One personality who sort of catapulted into the limelight was Derek Lorenzo--a young teenager who made waves via the famous 'Anna Banana' PLDT DSL series of commercial some years back. Remember those catchy tune of his own video he uploaded for Anna? That was so cute, right? PLDT Home DSL had always been trusted by the public thereby making its creative team to invest time, energy, research and effort for their messages to come across clearly to the public. Thus, they're always able to create commercials which focuses on family-oriented theme, something that every Filipino household can totally relate to. Now, there's a new kid on the block slowly but surely making history on Facebook which goes by the name Diego Ledesma--the newest PLDT Home DSL star sensation. 

The Ledesma Family 

Meet Seven-year-old Diego who has endeared himself to the public when he started out with an advice column on Facebook. Now, he has over 235,000 fans online, and thousands more adoring him on TV and in person, thanks much to the PLDT Home DSL commercial. People loved the idea of a cute boy's say on different matters (yes, even love) as he tries to answer their questions with his charm and wit. His family were very supportive too--parents Paolo and Lara and Ate Trisha--would sometimes help Diego on how to answer the tough questions. I think it's the sweetest and most adorable thing to do, help out people in his own little way by dishing out his two cents worth. And despite his very young age, people practically ask him lots of questions. 

Ryzza mae Dizon and PLDT Home DSL's newest sensation Diego Ledesma

I haven't personally seen Diego Ledesma myself, but based on television appearances and print ads, he's a really good looking boy. Diego and his family has made TV guestings recently via GMA 7' s top-rating shows like The Ryzza Mae Show where he bonded well with the Ryzza while doing selfies, and he also appeared in Eat Bulaga! where he met and charmed popular actor/TV host Vic Sotto. Diego also appeared on TV5's taping of Confessions of a Torpe featuring Ogie Alcasid who's son Nate is said to be smitten by Diego's charm as well. Diego has also appeared on leading newspapers, the most recently was the article written on The Philippine Star. Truly, Diego's popularity has come across all borders of communication and is such a perfect ambassador for a brand of communication such as PLDT Home DSL.

Diego Ledesma is supported by his entire family in his mission to help others.

With his dashing looks, it's no longer surprising that Diego's started to get 'mobbed' by adoring fans--kids, moms, young and old alike. He really had the spotlight especially when he attended events such as Frozen Skating Party, the PBA Finals and the movie premiere of X Men: Days of Future Past sponsored by PLDT Home DSL, of course. He's happy with all the attention he's getting from people as he had a lot of fun posing for photos with guests. If you'd like to catch up and see Diego in person, PLDT Home DSL is happy to announce that Diego also makes surprise appearances in PLDT Home DSL's mall events and barangay tours like the Great Payday Sale which happens every month. 

If you're curious about Diego and his lovable family, or you want to ask a question to him, go and like his page on Facebook via or log on to

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Taste of the Philippines in a Day: Unilever Food Solutions launches Food Trends that helps promote Philippine Dining Landscape

A trusted brand in every Filipino kitchen, Unilever Food Solutions recently launched its series of online videos called "Food Trends" set to heighten food innovation. These bite-sized but informative videos feature six Southeast Asian food trends--namely: Food Tourism, Serving Portions, Dish Innovation, Creating Memorable Experiences, Smarter Kitchens and Rise of the Chef--these are worth watching for especially for Filipino chefs and restaurateurs. The said videos are free and downloadable at Unilever Food Solutions' official website

In 2013, the food service industry had seen the emergence of new restaurants and concepts together with the evolution of the Filipino palate seeking for more adventurous and sophisticated food. Philippine tourism also contributed to this growth as there were about 4.7 million tourist arrivals in the country. Local Filipino cuisine is now taking the spotlight this 2014 as more people both local and international tourists plan their destination and itineraries around food. Tourists are looking forward towards trying a wider variety of cuisines and sample the most daring dish innovations they can find. 

Selected members of the media and bloggers were lucky to have been invited by Unilever Food Solutions to the Food Trends launch where we were able to sample an array of Filipino Kapampangan foods from traditional ones to exotic. It's a way to promote original Kapampangan dishes. The said event was held at Abe's Farm in Pampanga.  Food tourism in Pampanga had also been consistent as it is said to be the culinary capital of the country--home of the best chefs in town! We were able to sample cultured frogs cooked Deep Fried Stuffed Betute. It was my first time to eat something as exotic and I realized it tasted just like chicken--only with a twist! The frog was stuffed with ground pork and frog meat with loads of garlic and pepper that it actually tasted like longganisa. The deep fried frog was served alongside crispy chicharon bulaklak and fiddlehead fern salad. Both complement the frog's taste. 
Binukadkad na Plapla with Burong Hipon

Rice Cooked in bamboo

Grilled Pork Liempo with Atchara

We were also served Bulanglang Bangus Belly Sinigang in Guava. It was truly a comfort food as upon sipping the hot soup, you'll know it wasn't done using any short-cuts! It was honest-to-goodness soup that tasted the richness of guava. Of course, not to be missed was the Binukadkad na Plapla (served looking like a butterfly)with fermented shrimp (burong hipon). The fermented shrimp did not smell good but it goes perfectly well with the fried fish. No wonder this dish is a favorite among Abe's restaurant goers.
Crispy Pata
Kare-kare made of veggies, peanut sauce and Ox tail
Vegetable version of Bicol Express

There's an all-vegetable Bicol Express in a creamy white coconut based sauce, another Bicolano favorite Laing, sinfully Crispy Pata and to die-for Kare-kare in sumptuous peanut sauce! The brown rice cooked in bamboo is also worth mentioning. It's a viand on itself, reminds one of chow fan or yang chow rice. As if that wasn't enough, Sikreto ni Maria perfectly ends our hearty meal. Composed of homemade macapuno ice cream with sticky suman with ripe mango slices and panocha syrup (muscovado syrup)--it's the best way to cap off our meal.

Bulanglang Bangus Belly in Sinigang sa Bayabas

Sikreto ni Maria Dessert

"As the food service arm of Unilever, we at Unilever Food Solutions believe in its mission to keep chefs and restaurant operators equipped with the knowledge and skills to run their food business successfully," shared Seanta Reyes, UFS Philippine Marketing Manager. "The Food Trends videos at are made so that our partners, business owners and operators would keep abreast the latest food innovations, to be in sync with their clients' needs--that's hat Food Trends aims to provide." 

"Nowadays, traveling isn't simply just about seeing new sights but it is also about trying authentic local eats," says UFS Philippines Sous Chef Pippo Aluning on Food Tourism. With the demand and competition on the rise, operating a successful commercial kitchen isn't an easy task. But with food trends online videos, Unilever Food Solutions provide the much-needed resources to keep up with the quickly evolving industry. For more information and to watch Food Trends online series, log on to 

Bela Padilla celebrates birthday with two things closest to her heart

Up-and-coming actress, Bela Padilla shared that she doesn’t usually celebrate her birthday but thought it would be a great way to bring people together for a cause. Making clear her affinity for animals, Bela chose to spend her birthday with the shelter dogs and animals at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Quezon City, where she took part in a feeding activity together with her loyal “Belaver” fans.

“We picked PAWS as a venue for my birthday because I am strongly against animal cruelty. Being a pet owner myself, I have this deep compassion for animals,” Bela said. She wants to spread awareness about the plight of homeless and abused animals, and thought that bringing people to PAWS is her own little way of helping out.
Bela’s birthday celebration was spent with two of the things closest to her heart: animals and Japanese food as Tempura Japanese Grill happily sponsored the young star’s birthday treat.

“I’m surprised and so happy when I found out that Tempura sponsored the catering because I love eating there. I’m always at the Trinoma branch because it’s near our place and I just can’t get enough of Uncle Sam’s maki,” Bela shared. She expressed enthusiasm and excitement when asked if she sees herself representing and advocating for animal rights in the future. “I would be honored if PAWS would pick me to do a campaign because I really want to share my compassion for animals,” she said. As for Tempura, Bela said that she wouldn’t think twice because Japanese cuisine is her favorite. “I would love to. A lifetime supply of Tempura is like, the best thing I could have in my life,” she quipped.
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