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Emerson’s RIDGID Professional Tools Donates Wet/Dry Vacuum with Integrated Detachable Blower to Two Flood-Prone Schools in Bulacan

Emerson's RIDGID Brand had a cleanup as part of CSR in Marilao and Calumpit Bulacan

We’ve all been there —covering our ears as the weird, often loud, intense sound of a powerful cleaning machine makes its way around the house, office or school. If you’re picturing a vacuum cleaner in mind, then you’re picturing it right! As cumbersome as the sound of a vacuum cleaner is, it’s a household necessity that keeps our carpets clean and fresh. It also helps in keeping the surroundings spic and span, not to mention, it is a big help also for flood-prone areas. Now, who doesn’t want a top notch vacuum like RIDGID’S?

RIDGID is well-known brand leader in Wet/Dry vacuum as well as other man-powered innovative tools. RIDGID’s commitment stems from its unwavering superior performance in technology and quality. That’s why it’s no surprise that RIDGID is the go-to choice for any clean-up activity.

RIDGID'S powerful vacuums

In its efforts to help save the environment and also as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR], RIDGID has donated one of their top-of-the-line vacuums to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources [DENR] during last year when the pristine island of Boracay went under rehabilitation. RIDGID’s powerful tools were huge part of Boracay’s cleanup.

And very recently, two flooded-prone public schools in Marilao and Calumpit, Bulacan were given RIDGID vacuums to help them during times of these natural calamities. RIDGID donated 60L Wet/Dry vacuum with detachable blowers to each schools namely Assemblywoman Felicia G. Bernardino Memorial Trade School in Lias, Marilao, Bulacan and San Miguel Maysulao in Calumpit Bulacan.
“This initiative came about through what happened before in the US, during typhoon Katrina where they ran out of vacuums. So we came up with CSR events related to that,” relates Ms. Maria Ivy Santos, Marketing Supervisor, RIDGID Professional Tools during an interview we had with her.

RIDGID brand's Maria Ivy Santos, Marketing Supervisor

She also said that they selected the two schools in Bulacan because they’re usually the catch-basin of Metro Manila and other nearby areas during the rainy season. “My colleague, Julius coordinated with someone from DepEd in Bulacan for us to identify which among the Bulacan schools that needed our help the most. It’s our first time to do this and we’re very happy to help these schools,” said Santos.

FG Bernardino Memorial Trade School

 Facility and maintenance personnel have many tasks to complete each time there’s a flood [or in the case of San Miguel Maysulao, regardless if it’s high-tide or low-tide], and it really gets challenging for everyone when nature doesn’t cooperate. School officials like Dr. Rosauro A. Villanueva, Principal for F. Bernardino Memorial Trade School said they needed all the help to make sure that as much as possible, the flooding won’t get in the way of the students’ education.

“We are really grateful to RIDGID who tapped its connections to provide assistance to our school by donating RIDGID’S Wet/Dry vacuum. Community involvement is very important to us. And it made us happy to be the recipient of this powerful professional vacuum which we could use as aid in our cleaning efforts specifically during floods,” said Villanueva.

Dr. Rosauro A. Villanueva, Principal of F. Bernardino Memorial Trade School in Lias, Marilao, Bulacan

F. Bernadino Memorial Trade School has sustained damage and required extensive cleaning after each storm that visits the country. Villanueva assured everyone that RIDGID’S donated equipment will be put to good use.

RIDGID conducted a small lecture for the faculty and students

Here is a glimpse of the actual product demonstrations made during the said event/activity:

During the Emerson RIDGID Vacuum CSR program held at the above mentioned school, RIDGID showed a mini presentation as well as demonstration on how effective and powerful RIDGID vacuums are. They also held some games for the students and gave away special prizes to lucky winners. Nobody came home empty-handed as RIDGID gave away raincoats to all student attendees.

Students of FG Bernardino Memorial Trade School were all smiling after receiving free raincoats from RIDGID

Santos, RIDGID’S Marketing Officer says that RIDGID 60L Wet/Dry Vacuum model is appropriate for many settings and that selecting this model for the company’s donation was the right choice. “The RIDGID 60L Wet/Dry Vac with integrated Detachable Blower model is a good choice for many workers and cleaning situations,” she says.  “This unit has a high-performance motor system, a powerful detachable blower that automatically adjusts to different surface heights and is easy to transport.”

Faculty members and RIDGID officers

Santos notes that the donation is part of RIDGID’S continuing commitment to help appropriate groups, agencies and suppliers. “RIDGID is pleased to have been able to give assistance to those in a great need.”

RIDGID has a full-range of powerful tools for industrial and commercial use. But they can also be used at home. For the rainy season, it’s very timely to use RIDGID professional vacuums so that it will be more convenient for most people to clean their surroundings to prevent dengue outbreak.

RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacuums are designed and engineered for best-in-class power, performance and durability. It is backed by the best warranty in the industry. There are actually three words that best describe RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacuums—powerful, durable and professional.

RIDGID vacuums are built to last for such a long time and it also comes with a high standard—as all RIDGID comes with a full lifetime warranty against defect in workmanship and material. If you’ll ask my opinion, I think it’s a pretty good investment for local government units [LGUs] especially in parts of the cities where it is most often flooded during the rainy season. Sure, it doesn’t come cheap, but it is reasonable enough because it’s made to last long and it does a lot of things to keep your area from getting flooded which could give you more headaches.

RIDGID also boasts of pipe tuning tools like wrenches, threading machines to join tiles, to more innovative technology like battery operated tools without the use of cables or wires to software tools [they also develop apps and systems] as well as cameras. One of their latest products is their top-of-the-line underground technology tools. 

When ‘underground technology’ is mentioned, these are in reference to the tools being used to locate, to inspect, to see what’s inside the pipe underground. “The underground tools that we have were the ones we had previously used for the rehabilitation of Boracay island held last year which was part of our company’s CSR. Our drain cleaners are actually a big help to prevent further flood-prone areas,” added Santos.

Each year, RIDGID Professional tools intend to do CSR to help those in need as part of their charitable objectives.

The students and faculty members of the FG Bernardino Memorial trade School with the RIDGID Vacuum they had received.

I am greatly impressed by RIDGID’S commitment to helping other communities. I fervently hope the LGUs would be able to do something to invest in powerful tools such as these in order to do more cleanups and prevent floods.

RIDGID powerful professional tools are currently available at Ace Hardware, Wilcon Depot, and online shopping stores like Lazada.

For more information, visit RIDGID's Facebook page.

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