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How I Got Better Sleep with Mr. Big Ergonomically Comfort Pillow

Having the correct pillow gives one a comfortable and quality sleep

Mr. Big. Who is Mr. Big? That was my first reaction when I first heard about it. The only Mr. Big I am familiar with was the singer who sang “To Be With You” back in the early 90’s. But we aren’t talking about a person here, we are talking about an ergonomically designed pillow called Mr. Big made and designed by a physical therapist. It was created and designed by licensed health care professional who can help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. 

Mr. Big ergonomic pillow was made to support ergonomically zoned areas such as head, neck, shoulders, spine and thighs—parts of the body that we should all care for. Sleeping in correct posture and while properly supported by pillows helps prevent pain and discomfort.

I stumbled upon Mr. Big Ergonomic Pillow recently when I attended the recently concluded SM Home Fair at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. Mr. Big is a popular brand in Thailand and it’s been brought to the Philippine shore only last year, in 2018. It’s known to have given satisfied customers quality sleep because of its uniquely designed pillows such as Jay, 7 and 9 pillows.

Charmaine Geronimo, Physical Therapist 
Curious about Mr. Big’s pillow? They have different kinds of pillows for every individual needs. It actually depends on your body weight, height and your own sleeping position. Ms. Charmaine Geronimo, a licensed physical therapist and sports therapist gave a small lecture on the Sleeping Posture and Biomechanics. According to her, when a patient complains of neck pain during clinic hours, sometimes the physical therapist does not properly address the main culprit which is either the pillow or the sleeping mattresses that they’re using. “It is equally important that we maintain our posture not just in our daily activities but also during our sleep,” said Geronimo during her lecture.

“Sometimes snoring can also be corrected and addressed if you sleep on the proper pillow,” she added.

Faulty sleeping position causes sleep deprivation, muscle spasm or back pain, difficulty breathing, stiff neck, tension headache, tingling sensation of the arms and snoring. Proper height of pillow can help address all these issues. The pillow has to give our body full support that it needs. 

Mr. Chawakit Kaoien at the Mr. Big Launch in SM Makati / IMAGE Mr. Big
Mr. Big was conceptualized when Mr. Chawakit Kaoien, a licensed physical therapist worked to improve respiratory systems of patients who were in critical conditions, thus he would arrange their sleeping positions to help reduce pressure, soreness, pain and promote good blood circulation.

But while he began discovering the help of a good sleeping position in the hospital, the creation of Mr. Big actually started at his home. He then recalled that his wife would always complain with neck and back pain every morning. As a physical therapist, he did what he’s been doing for his patients — he adjusted her sleeping position with the help of various pillows.

What is your sleeping position? 

Back sleepers—If you sleep on your back, you may prefer pillow with a thick, low pillow. A cervical pillow
Stomach sleepers—Due to risk of neck strain, sleeping on your stomach should be avoided if possible.
Side sleepers—A thicker pillow can adequately support your head and neck when sleeping on your side. 

Even local actress Bianca King approves Mr. Big Pillow

What makes Mr. Big pillow different from the other pillow brands?

A child comfortably lays on a Nine pillow

Nine Pillow—Nine is the first pillow that was designed by Mr. Big’s creator. It’s also the one that got people talking. To be perfectly honest, the first time I laid my eyes on it, it also got me thinking, “What is that weird looking pillow? Do they actually sleep on that?” According to Mr. Big’s creator, he designed Nine Pillow as a positioning pillow that helps position the sleep in good alignment just as a physical therapist would do for you. Side sleepers find Nine pillow particularly comfortable (80% of most people prefer side sleeping). It is full of supporting parts for head, back, hip, legs that wrap around you, giving full-body support all night. Nine pillow supports neck, back and leg simultaneously, keeping spine in natural alignment.

When lean backward, Nine will help release pressure on shoulder joints. It benefits those with shoulder pain. For pregnancy, Nine assist mothers in prolong side sleeping position which is the most comfortable position for pregnant women.

An inverted Jay Pillow

Jay Pillow—Jay is a supporting pillow for those who want extra cushion around leg area. Having leg support will help straighten your spine and relax lower back while you lay on your back. When you lay on your side, Jay has a bolster and leg support to help align your body in a comfortable position. 

Seven Pillow—Side sleeping has never been this good and comfortable! Seven is a combination of a head pillow and same old bolster we all loved.  This is a pillow that supports your head and the length of your leg whenever you turn on your side. Seamless support and smoothness is the key benefit you will have with Seven. 

Mr. Big Body Pillow

Body Pillow—When you find yourself a good match pillow, chances are, your sleep quality will become better. Elasta fiber eliminates the bounciness of the pillow so it sticks with you the entire night. It’s also wide enough for our arms and legs to fully rest on it. Regular body pillow fits for person under 165cm tall. Full-length body pillow fits for person over 165cm tall. 

Mr. Big's 7 zone comforter

7-Zone Comforter—Designed to support all sleeping posture by adjusting the firmness of each zone to conform with curves and arches of the body. You’d be surprised how adding a topper on your mattress can add more comfort to the curve of your body. The 7-zone has density to lumbar zone to support the usually-under supported curve of your lower back. Lumbar zone keeps your back muscles in good alignment and allow them to fully relax. 

Cloud Topper—Mattress with soften surface but firm core is ideal for sleeping. It relieves pressure around the bone-prominent areas such as shoulders, hips, ankles and coccyx. 

Mr. Big Pillows uses Elasta fiber

Personally, I like the support of Mr. Big’s pillow. It fits well to the shape of my head and neck and firm enough for my head’s weight and shoulder’s width. It comes in 5 different sizes. It’s made from Elasta fiber that are said to be less in weight yet more in comfort than the usual hollogel. Elasta fibers have small cluster and low fill-up rate, contours to body. Hypoallergenic. Very soft and slow recovery, can be firm without hardness and automatically contour to shapes of neck and head. It imitates the feeling of duck/goose down fill pillows. Its thermal performance is as good as a natural down. 

Elasta Fiber is flexible and easy to contour to head, neck curves and arches because fiber is less likely to bunch-up in large cluster, each smaller cluster of fiber is able to support and provide focused support to pressure points. I also love that it’s hypoallergenic. The good thing about being synthetic fiber is that it is less prone to being infected by living organism. Elasta fiber pillows are odorless, 100% water-washable so it’s easy to clean.

Mr. Big’s pillows are made from Elasta fiber. It does have the firmness of pillows yet will not become too hard to sleep on even if more fiber is put in. It has softness and supportive mass. It is remarkably uniform, predictable, durable and resilient stuffing material, for a precisely tuned support.

Blogger Claire Pajarillo tries on the Mr. Big Nine Pillow

Oh, and I am happy to share that ever since I started using Mr. Big pillow, I wasn’t surprised anymore when I got better and quality sleep.  Mr. Big pillow isn’t cheap to begin with. But what’s 6 thousand one hundred pesos (the price of Nine pillow) if it will give you the most comfortable sleep in your life? If you’ll ask me, it’s a pretty good investment. If you’re the type who works hard for the family, you deserve to get a good night sleep and a pillow like Mr. Big will certainly give you such so you will sleep happily each night and fully-rested.

I will never look at any pillow ordinarily from now on since I discovered Mr. Big. As for me, there’s no turning back. I’ve finally found the restful sleep I’ve been longing for since I’ve used Mr. Big. You too can experience the comfort Mr. Big pillows can give. Mr. Big Ergonomic Pillows are available at selected SM Home outlets: Megamall and Makati.

Mr. Big gives everybody in the world a chance to  sleep better, happier and more ergonomically comfortable, Mr. Big is a perfect sleep essential and you may find it exclusively in all SM Home stores. 

For more information on Mr. Big, visit:, or check their Facebook page at @mrbigpillowphilippines, or at @mrbigpillow on Instagram.   

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