Friday, March 1, 2013


Celebrity stylist and blogger Jenni Epperson at SM Marikina.

 Renowned blogger, celebrity stylist and fashion columnist Jenni Epperson recently gave a free seminar cum public talk on food, blogging and photography tips in celebration of the Food + Wine Pairing held at the atrium of SM Marikina. Ms. Epperson, in her usual bubbly self, shared how she started to be noticed in the industry as well as her humble beginnings. “I had actually started blogging online through my Multiply account and then moved on in having my own domain name,” says Epperson.  According to her, she would just post her day-to-day thoughts as well as fashionable advices on her blog and pretty soon she gets feedback from readers across the globe. “I didn’t really know I’d have more and more people who’d compliment me with what I write about,” Epperson adds.

Jenni Epperson talks about food and fashion
 Since her better half is into photography, Jenni Epperson says it’s but natural for her to delve into it as well. “My husband Tom Epperson is the professional one, although I get a lot of tips from him and his work for Instagram and pictures I’ve taken for my blog.” During the said event, Ms. Epperson shared a few tips on how to properly get the right angle for food photography. She also cited some cases as to how bloggers could get sponsors from well-known brands. “You just have to be true to yourself. My readers would sometimes say how “real” I could be because I kind of say whatever it is that I want to say. But then, I had to be honest—I just couldn’t support brands or endorse those that I do not believe in.”

Jenni wows the crowd with her wit.

 Indeed, it was a day of fun filled with some Q & A coming from the audience where Ms. Epperson gamely answered with her wit and chic attitude. The said event was made possible through SM Marikina.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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