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The spacious yet fun Brainfit studio.

As parents, we all want the best for our children. We would like our kids to be able to reach their full potentials so as much as we can, we try to let them explore and hone their talents and interest in different activities such as ballet, arts and crafts, sports and even culinary. As if those aren’t enough, some even enroll their kids in loads of after-school activities. However, what most parents don’t seem to realize are the stress all these stuff are giving our kids. Not everyone can handle multi-tasking, or the capability of doing different things at the same time. It can really be stressful, especially for someone at his or her tender age. 

Ms. Marilyn Teo explains the benefits of BrainFitness.
 Good thing, there’s still hope for our kids. We just need to find out where we could help them the most—what are their strengths and weaknesses, and that’s where BrainFit Studio can support them.
Brain Fitness is about having high-level metal processes to become more apparent from more efficient and strong connections in the brain. It involves activities that strengthen existing while at the same time building new brain connections as well. 
My Kyle does an exercise on a trampoline.

Kendrick Stock gets a high five from the instructor.

 A brain’s fitness level influences the 5 pillars of cognitive development namely: attention, visual, auditory, sensory-motor and social-emotional. These brain pillars play a great impact on how we are able to acquire new knowledge, retain information, apply learning and perform towards excellence.

Kids does a yoga-like position for an active brain function.

 We were able to learn about how BrainFit Studio can help our children when they invited selected bloggers to attend their mini bloggers’ conference in line with their upcoming 1st Philippine Brain-based Conference dubbed as: Brain Fitness: The Key to Success in Learning Among Children to be held this March 25, 2013, at the Centro Escolar University Auditorium in Mendiola, Manila (near Malacanan Palace) from 1:00PM-5PM.  ATTENDANCE IS FREE, but pre-registration is a MUST! BrainFit Studio is inviting all educators, students, and parents to attend the said conference. It had no less than renowned speech pathologist and author of books, Martha S. Burns, Ph.D, who’s flying over from the US just to share her expertise on language development and auditory processing disorders. She is a lecturer on neuroscience applications to education. Dr. Burns is also an Associate Professor at Northwestern University and a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. For 35 years, she served on the medical staff of Evanston-Northwestern Hospital. Her area of specialization is language and brain development.

It all seem like a really good stretch but the kids are having fun.

A balance of the brain and balance of the body.

 BrainFit’s programmes are backed by scientific data that demonstrate their efficacy. They are suitable for children and teens ages 4 years old to 18 years old. Don’t worry though, as each child’s programs are personalized to suit each child’s needs and unique abilities. This ensures the brain to become engaged at optimal intensity. Backed by neuro-scientific principles, BrainFit are confident to deliver effective and enduring results.

Some more exercise for the brain.

 What I am amazed about Brain Fit Studio is the CognitiveMap, which is an objective assessment of one’s child’s brain. It is an evaluation tool that determines which of your child’s 5 brain pillars need enhancement. It also acts as a “before snapshot” for pre- and post-program comparison.  BrainFit conducts another assessment at the end of the programme and it allows them to see and determine the progress in your child’s Brain Fitness levels.

Strong brain fitness builds mental foundations needed for life-long learning success and for achieving excellent academic grades. With fit brains, children will find it easier and more enjoyable to learn new things be it a subject in school, languages to learn, or any new skill for that matter. Such sense of achievement is tantamount to higher self-esteem and confidence equals a happier child.
More than 80% of parents report improvements in their children within ten weeks. Many children not only perform better in school but also demonstrate higher self-esteem and greater interest in learning.  According to Dr. Steven Miller, Research Neuropsychologist, CA, USA, “Brainfit Studio is at the forefront of applying neuro-scientific principles in boosting Brain Fitness. Their programmes are implemented according to the best practices for maximum efficacy and impact.” 

Still curious about how our kids can benefit through BrainFit? I personally encourage all parents as well as teachers to come and attend the 1st BrainFit Conference on March 25 (Monday) at the CEU Auditorium, Mendiola, Manila from 1PM-5PM. Admission is Free! Pre-register online via:

For inquiries on BrainFit programmes and its benefit as well as FREE Trial, please call 725-8500/ 0917-5991992.  BrainFit Studio is located at the 3/F (above BPI) 224, Ortigas Avenue, Metrosquare Building, Greenhills, San Juan

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