Wednesday, March 6, 2013


You can defy early signs of aging with this box of AVON Anti-wrinkle serum.

Guess what I got from the mail yesterday? I’ve just found out that I am one of the lucky ones who got a free ANEW CLINICAL PRO LINE CORRECTOR from AVON! For those not yet familiar with this product, AVON’s ANEW CLINICAL PRO LINE CORRECTOR is the latest and said to be the most advance and fastest wrinkle fighter ever! They are claiming that it is the first skincare with patented A-F 33 or amino-fill 33 that is exclusively to AVON brand. What’s more, it’s inspired by Nobel Prize winning research.
So the very minute I received it from the mail, I immediately opened its blue box and checked it out. Hmm, it looks promising enough. The box says that since the year 1992, Avon has pioneered anti-aging skin care first in the market when they launched AHA, being the first to introduce dermatological –inspired products in 2003 and the first to introduce injectable grade ingredients in 2009. And now, in 2013, they are introducing another innovation in beauty products that claims to defy aging and wrinkles through ANEW CLINICAL A-F- 33. In just seven days, deep wrinkles are said to start fading and with continued use, it clearly defies aging. It even claims 100 percent of women in the clinical study showed improvement in their wrinkle lines. And they were able to achieve all of these in just two weeks time. Pretty amazing huh! I am becoming excited to use the product…
With regards to the information indicated on the box, deep wrinkles begin to fade in just 7 days, and in 14 days it shows improvement on fine wrinkles, by the third week, it reduces wrinkles in three dimensions: depth, length and number. On their clinical study, six out of ten women considered cosmetic procedure who tried this product said that it improved their skin so much so that they decided to postpone it.
I’ll let you guys know if it will work its wonders on me and my fine lines (I am no longer in my youth remember? I am in my early 30’s and it’s never too late to start an anti-aging skin regimen), laugh lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. But for now, allow me to open a sachet and see if it truly is the product we’ve all been waiting for. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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