Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hello guys! I do hope you’re all doing fine. Before anything else, allow me to thank you for continuously supporting my humble blog. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading my blog (if there are really such people who had been reading my blog entries for the past years), to all my friends who were forced to subscribe on my blog’s feeds (your friendship means a lot to me, thank you for not unsubscribing!) and to my Twitter followers and Facebook fan page likers (My apologies, I seldom post an update or Tweet anything of importance aside from where I am).  I’ll try to maximize my social media use next time though. J
I have long wanted to have a giveaway but I’ve always been busy with work (FYI: the most (writing it is!) so it’s very close to my heart!) and other errands that I needed to do.  Hence, it is only now that I’m able to come up with another giveaway. Up for grabs will be any of the following: A luxurious pampering treatment at Royal Oasis Spa, beauty products from Diana Stalder, Achiote Mexican Restaurant gift certificate, Let’s Face it gift certificate, Bioessence gift certificates, Bench gift certificate, FILA gift certificate, National Bookstore gift certificate, Genuine Thermos Brand Mugs, and a whole lot more!

I have here some gift certificates as well as other beauty products as giveaways. Here’s what you can do to score any of these loots: (You have to do all of these to make your entry count!)

1. Be a follower of my blogs: Purple Plum Fairy, Security Blanket, Soulful Travels, as well as that of my Mom’s—you can find her blog on http://www.rics-outoftheblue.blogspot.com (Important, you’ve got to follow her blog too).

2. Follow me on Twitter @purpleplumfairy and LIKE my page on Facebook.

3. *This is very important: LIKE & SHARE (pls make it visible to the public) this link on your Facebook account: http://www.purpleplumfairy.blogspot.com/2013/02/my-sons-little-happiness-with-maxs.html

4. Make a comment on the same link, with your name, location, GFC name (Google Follow Connect), Facebook Link (where you shared and liked the said blog link) and email address.

5. For additional raffle entries, please Tweet about this giveaway: LIKE & Share on Facebook for a chance to win prizes! http://www.purpleplumfairy.blogspot.com/2013/02/my-sons-little-happiness-with-maxs.html
 and tag @purpleplumfairy #PPFgiveaway

6. You may use other emails or Facebook accounts if you like provided that they are real and activeaccounts. No dummy accounts please!

7. We will ask someone to pick lucky winners from our Twitter followers, Facebook Fan Page Likers, and Commentors from a fish bowl. All winners will be notified via emails. Please expect emails within first or second week of April 2013.

8. Failure to do any of the above requirements will be subjected to disqualification. *Failure to reply/acknowledge the notification email sent to the winners within 48 hours upon receipt of notice—prizes will be forfeited.

* This giveaway is only for Philippine residents.

*This Like & Share giveaway is good until March 15, 2013 only.


  1. Hi Purple Plum Fairy. I read your mechanics. Yung first one, medyo hindi clear sakin :( What are your other blogs? Can you also put a link there?

    1. Be a follower of my blogs: Purple Plum Fairy, Security Blanket, Soulful Travels, as well as that of my Mom’s—you can find her blog on http://www.rics-outoftheblue.blogspot.com (Important, you’ve got to follow her blog too).

    Ayan po. Can you also put the links for Security Blanket and Soulful Travels? Also, GFC Follow po ba or Networked Blogs?

  2. Name: Rochelle Caparas
    Location: Makati City
    GFC name: Rochelle
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/simplypochi/posts/468906089843770
    Email address: pochi.queen@gmail.com


  3. Hi, Rochelle! Thank you for pointing that out. I had just linked my other blogs (pls check it out po). Thank you. Sorry for my being senile these days. And thanks for joining.

  4. name camille quiambao
    location quezon city
    GFC name notyourordinaryteacher
    Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/vintagekawaii.onlineshop/posts/437544052988544
    email address quiamoi_tres@yahoo.com


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