Monday, February 27, 2012

My Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan Experience

 I grew up watching Eat Bulaga since my family had always been a fan of the said noontime show.  I remember I even auditioned for their Little Miss Philippines (a nationwide talent search for little girls back in the ‘80s).  It was just too bad that I didn’t made the cut, probably because I was too shy back then to show what talents I’ve got. But I had no regrets; I enjoyed the said audition just the same.
The Eat Bulaga staff arranges the props for the live broadcast.
 So when the news had spread out among our neighbors that the staff of Eat Bulaga will be visiting our barangay for their Juan for All, All for Juan segment of the show and my family and relatives learned about it, they were elated.
Our street looked as if it was Fiesta (very festive indeed!)

My official entry to the contest...
 On the day before the said visit, my Mom said she couldn’t sleep and an Aunt said she felt sad not being available on the day itself as her boss had asked her to report for office even if it’s on a Saturday.  Prior to the actual day of visit, we were interviewed and asked by the Eat Bulaga staff certain details about ourselves, like what do we do for a living, what are we going to do with the prize money if ever we were chosen among the entries…Then, a series of phone calls soon followed for validation of our entries…
People from all over flocked on our street to grasp a view.
A Suzuki motorcycle given to Elvie.
  The day finally came and I could sense right away the adrenalin rush that fills the air on our street, with all the people across the street and all the other spectators. The winner turned out to be just a few houses away—a housemaid named Elvie, whose two children had to be confined at the Center for Mental Health while the youngest child had to be left back home in her hometown Iloilo. 

Moi at the front line waving under the heat.
I felt she deserved the cash prize more than I do considering all the difficulties she had to face as she tries to support her kids. I am truly happy for her…Then came the segment in which a person had to step on a certain number carrying whatever it is that the Eat Bulaga hosts will be flashing on screen together with 10 empty plastic bottles. At first, I did not want to join because I’m not really up for it. But of course my relatives coaxed me into joining, so I had no other choice---I did join for the fun of it.

Glued as I had been to the television set, the minute host Joey de Leon said they needed women with 10 empty plastic bottles and a candle, I raced outside with my heart pumping and obviously panting…trying to catch my breath as I stood on violet colored number 121.  And there I stood along with other women under the scorching heat of the sun at noontime. In the end, a neighbor won P10, 000 in cash. Hmm, I did not win…although I got a consolation prize of P500. What is P500? It may sound like a change for many, but the thrill and the joy of joining was truly priceless. And in knowing that for every empty plastic bottle you donate as a barangay, more school chairs will be given to deserving schools as beneficiary.  It’s like a win and win situation: participant gets P500 + you’re able to help donate chairs to kids in need. 

More people in line waiting under the heat.

Me with the Eat Bulaga flag...Happy despite the sun's heat.

After the Eat Bulaga staff and crew had left, I no longer wonder why the noontime show is the longest-running noontime show in the whole world…They treat everyone as family and most people grew up with them (like me) that they’ve become an institution in the television industry. 


  1. great experience, indeed. Jared + I are such fans of the show, too ^_^

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog mommy vix & leaving a comment too. Regards to baby Jared. Missyah, sis!

  3. Amazing. My last memorable experience with Eat Bulaga was for a field trip in Elementary. :)

  4. can't imagine the heat of the sun :) Looks like you've enjoyed so much. Treat! treat! :)

  5. WOw! I have never witnessed something like that before. I wonder if I'll know if they went here too.

  6. how to join juan for all all for one?


    Arlene Castro

  8. Hi, I am Arlene Castro I would like to join Juan for All All for Juan, I am very much interested to join for my daughter's future.
    Thank you and more power to your show.


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