Monday, February 13, 2012

Mumwrites' Nice to know you on Wednesday on a Weekend Blog Meme

How’s 2012 been treating me so far? 2012 had been somewhat fair to me. For starters, it had given me blessings I never even knew I’d have, like an online job I now have. It may be just a part-time, but I’m okay with it because I can be both online all the time (do Facebook + blog) while doing my job at the same time.
2. What’s the latest thing you got in the mail? I did not get anything from the mail, but I had managed to send something in the mail. I got my Mom a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day.
3. Mums like us can be very busy + would almost always have a hard time finding time for ourselves, so what have you done for your “me-time” lately? My “me” time would have to be the time I spent alone praying in the prayer room, thanking God for all the blessings I have been receiving despite of all my sins. If I feel stressed, I would also go to a spa for a facial and massage once in a while to put all my worries away.
4. What is the last thing you bought for yourself just because? I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Y this year. It isn’t much really, but it is a gadget that will help me with my job as I need to be online almost all the time. I love that it has Android, so I can download books by Nicholas Sparks and my fave games like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds (I’ve ordinary + Seasons +RIO) and Bubble Wrap.
5. Received any good news lately? It’s great to hear from an old friend of mine way from grade school. I love the fact that he still remembers the friendship we’ve had even if it had been almost two decades since we last saw each other.


  1. I have friends that are having difficulty on being a mom while working. For me, your hardwork will be worth it because you are working for your child's future. There are lots of good happenings and things will come to you:))

  2. Thanks for dropping by my site. Nowadays, Moms like us need to multi-task 24/7. But each time our kid smiles and gives us butterfly kisses or hug us, all our stress will surely melt away.


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