Monday, February 20, 2012

The Face Behind ZEN Institute Medical Spa

The lady behind Zen Institute, Dr. MJ Torres
Dermatological clinics, anti-aging centers, and a whole lot of skin care products that also caters to defy aging are sprouting like mushrooms these days. They all claim one thing: their ability to deliver beautiful and younger-looking skin. Aesthetic solutions come in the form of products and service. But consumers often prefer to have the combination of both choices. 
Celebrity endorsers are often used to make brands and skin clinics to click, but basically consumers nowadays have become shrewd through all these years, they are no longer gullible and are easy to deceive. That’s why it is important to have a face behind a name that is proponent herself, who puts her name on the line, subjects her face to public judgment, as she braves to be flaunted behind what she offers. Meet Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres, the founder and the face behind Zen Institute. She knows certainly what she’s talking about. Simply by looking at her, she looks very young than her actual age, with a face naturally nurtured, skin looking so radiant and she’s able to maintain such youthful glow. 

Zen Institute’s five years experience as a medical spa with cutting-edge offerings and breakthroughs in skin care has made it a standout among other skin clinics. Clients and customers need not worry as expert hands—either the hands of Dr. MJ Torres herself, do their services and offerings or the hands that she had trained, only administer offerings.  They offer state-of-the-art technologies on non-surgical, non-invasive, painless procedures for beauty and youthfulness.

Singer/theater actor Franco Laurel

Celebrities like Cory Quirino, Heart Evangelista, Eula Valdez, Ciara Sotto, Ayen Muji-Laurel and husband Franco Laurel may have been associated to Zen, but it had always been Dr. MJ Torres as the ultimate definition of the face behind Zen. If there’s one person who perfectly models Zen’s Institute, it had to be Dr. MJ. And whatever we see on her are au natural, meaning she had never been under the knife, and the lady aesthetic doctor has no plans of ever going for surgical procedures, whether for herself or for her patients. 
Zen’s signature treatment alone, the Resonax, has been doing her wonders, she has tried it herself so she decided to share it with others along with other tried-and-tested beauty and anti-aging solutions for both men and women. These solutions are also complemented by the ultimate solution to hair loss since the hair is still the crowning glory of every man and woman.

Resonax, reportedly “Europe's most advanced non-surgical technology for face contouring and body sculpting (a state-of-the-art no-downtime, non-invasive body sculpting procedure that can be done in just a few minutes) is Dr. MJ’s signature treatment” that has been proving effective whether done singly or with the PRP Treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma. The latter is a procedure wherein a few drops of blood from the patient will be processed for a harvest of platelets to be reintroduced into the patient’s system to repair damaged cells and to make cells regenerate in certain parts of the face affected by aging. 

 Dr. MJ explains, “The non-surgical PRP procedure stimulates injured cells to heal and regenerate themselves,”  adding, “The PRP treatment stimulates the growth of cells, effectively smoothening out lines and folds, and diminishing, if not, erasing in time signs of aging.”

 Dr. MJ’s latest treatment peruses the brand Dermaheal. It is fast gaining a good reputation as a brand carrying manifold products all proven effective at doing wonders in the aesthetic and anti-aging arenas. She reveals: “Dermaheal is a high quality brand of cosmeceutical anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, anti-hair loss and anti-inflammation solutions that treat other skin troubles as well.” 

 The Zen Institute seems to have the solution for every conceivable skin and body issue, administered in the serene, simple but lovely interiors of the Zen Institute where patients are attended to in attaining their beauty and youthfulness objectives inside-out literally through medical-technological solutions coupled with appropriate and doable lifestyle coaching. And the lady never tires learning and getting yearly updates in Europe, America and Asia. This doctor, who has trained on various aesthetic medical practices and technologies and the application and the testing of cosmeceutical breakthroughs in many parts of the world, makes her annual trips abroad to make sure she always has her hands on what’s best. She has gone a long way from the time she completed her dermatological medicine degree from the University of Sto. Tomas, passed the board and took further studies on Preceptorial Dermatology Training at Clinica Manila and then Liposurgery Training at the Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation Inc. She then took further studies abroad on Mesotherapy and Lipotherapy Training and also on Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Training and so forth, under the tutelage of the world’s best practitioners who have advance knowhow in the medical fields of aesthetics and/or gerontology.
The Zen Institute's guiding philosophy is elegant in it's simplicity: true beauty rises from inner well being. Thus, at the Zen Institute, medical science, creativity, taste and aesthetic sense combine in pursuit of perfect health that begets perfect.

 The Zen Institute's guiding philosophy is elegant in it's simplicity: true beauty rises from inner well being. Thus, at the Zen Institute, medical science, creativity, taste and aesthetic sense combine in pursuit of perfect health that begets perfect.

For inquiries and consultations, visit The Zen Institute (A Medical Spa) at Scout Rallos branch, Quezon City (441-1712 or 412-2528), Bonifacio Global City branch, (856-2027 to 28) and Hotel Sofitel (Philippine Plaza branch), 832-6957. Visit its website at

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