Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soyami Soya Chips: The Healthier & Delicious Way to Snack

Soyami Soya Chips are available in three exciting flavors--Original, Pizza & my favorite White Cheddar.

Let's face it: We all love to eat, especially in between meal times. But judging by the number of adults and children who become morbidly obese (ehem...I am guilty, okay...), this is truly alarming. We must act now with courage to choose healthier foods unless we'd like to see ourselves suffering later with a dreaded disease like heart problems, cancers and diabetes. Being young doesn't exempt the youngsters with these life-long illnesses. The bad part is, they seem to abuse their bodies in all the wrong sense, thinking that because they are young, they can do anything. Sadly, nobody is exempted, being young doesn't make one immune to the risks of having an unfit and dangerous lifestyle. 

Eating healthier alternatives and choosing the right food is a must for everyone. They say that we are what we eat. It may seem difficult at first, but it is just a matter of making a big decision. Instead of drinking sodas and softdrinks, have a freshly squeeze fruit juice, in lieu of an ice cream, enjoy a cup of fat-free yogurt, have vegetable salad to keep you full and ditch eating junk foods, eat Soyami Soya Chips or styx instead.
Soyami Soya Stix are best paired with pasta. Available in two flavors: Cheese & Chili.
Soyami Soya Chips is a great snack that is perfectly light. It is low in fat, sodium and calories. Plus it is made from real soya. It had no MSG, zero transfat and non-GMO. Not to mention, it comes in three delicious flavors: original, pizza and my all-time favorite, white cheddar. Who says healthy foods aren't delicious? Well, Soyami is definitely yummy!

I was recently invited to attend an event organized by Soyami Soya Chips where US certified and Biggest Loser Philippine Edition nutritionist Ms. Nadine Tengco had a sample cooking demonstration using Soyami Soya Chips on their healthy recipes and shared healthy tips on how to effectively lose unwanted pounds.  

 Biggest Loser Philippine edition resident Nutritionist Ms. Nadine Tengco, US certified nutritionist

Ms. Tengco shared three healthy recipes great for our children's baon to school such as Tuna Nuggets, Cheesy Soyami Pizza Macaroni and Banana-Nut Smoothie. Ms. Apple Morales of Soyami Soya Chips assisted Ms. Tengco. She's a huge fan of soya that she thought of coming up with soya-based chips made available to the market, hence, Soyami Soya Chips was born. Soy-enhanced food can add variety and nutritive value to children's diet without sacrificing taste. Soy foods are readily accepted and enjoyed by children and adolescents as tasty alternatives to meat and  dairy. 
Ms. Tengco shared amazing recipes & tips on how to lose weight with the help of Soyami's Ms. Apple Morales.

According to Ms. Tengco, incorporating soy into meals help decrease fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories, while it increases fiber and still providing children the key vitamins and minerals that they need. Soy in itself contains many essential nutrients important for growth and development, and works well as a primary source of protein without contributing to excess calories. 

Ms. Tengco, blogger/mom Joy Mendiola of with Soyami's Ms. Apple Morales.
During the said event, fellow mommy blogger, Joy Mendiola of volunteered to help prepare the tuna nuggets. She even made a heart-shaped nugget, made with love, for her kids. Having tried the tuna nuggets myself, I'd say I liked it best among all the three recipes prepared that day. Sure, it had a different taste than your usual chicken nuggets, but it had a unique taste all its own. It didn't had the "fishy" taste too since the tuna had been enveloped in potato and carrot puree. It made the nuggets taste a bit sweeter and tastier. Not to mention, Soyami original chips were used instead of bread crumbs or any special breading powder. I'd like to think that's what made it more different. And the crushed Soyami chips served as a good extender too.

Three days later, I had tried the tuna nuggets recipe at home. To my surprise, my 9-year-old Kyle as well as my teenage cousins loved it. This is a great way to sneak in veggies for those kids who aren't really into eating vegetables. They didn't even noticed the potatoes and carrots inside each nuggets because they were in puree form, while still retaining their nutritional value. If you want a copy of this recipe, please visit my food blog Security Blanket

So mommies, the next time you snack on, make sure that you choose the healthier alternatives that are available such as snacking on delicious Soyami Soya Chips and Styx and while you're at it, you could also try to experiment a bit by incorporating them into yummy healthy recipes. 

For more healthy Soyami recipes, visit their website at Like them on Facebook at and while you're at it, please also like the Purple Plum Fairy page, Thank you so much!

Trying my best to munch on healthier foods from now on,

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. My opinions are 100% my own.  

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