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Smart Steps: Pocket-friendly and Safe for Baby Products

The first time I heard about Smart Steps, I got really excited. Why am I so psyched up in testing this new product? Well, it’s great to know that Smart Steps was created out of a mother’s love for her baby. A mother looked for detergent products that are safe for babies. She did not found what she wanted in the market so she had formulated a product that would suit her baby’s needs. Hence, EVEolution Inc. (the company behind popular brands such as Cycles, Cradle and its newest product Smart Steps) was born. It soon became a company that specializes in baby and mommy products that are proven to be the mildest and safest in its category.
I had been privileged and was given samples of Smart Steps products. Smart Steps Laundry Detergent, Baby Fabric Softener and Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser (also good for washing fruits and vegetables) are initials offerings from the brand. All mommies will be glad to know that Smart Steps is a product of mommy researches, experimentations and scrutiny, with the guidance of top laboratory experts. Staying true to its commitment, EVEolution Inc. tapped credible inspection, verification and certification companies to validate its products’ hypoallergenicity and baby-safe product features. With such assurance, as parents, we can all have peace of mind if we use Smart Steps on our babies’ clothes.
I liked the product because it is made from plant-derived surfactants making sure it is safe also for the environment. It had a mild fragrance that won’t harsh babies’ sensitive skin. As we all know that regular detergents can leave residue and strip babies’ clothes off their softness. Smart Steps has powerful stainlifters that fight tough dirt and stains while preventing skin dryness and irritations. 
To further help EVEolution disseminate its cause, they chose Tintin Bersola-Babao to be the Smart Steps brand ambassador. Award-winning television host Tintin Bersola-Babao is a doting mom to her kids Antonia and Nio. Despite her busy schedule, Tintin makes sure that she gives quality time to her kids. “As a mother, my main concerns are Antonia and Nio. They are my pride and joy. Julius and I work very hard because of them. We want to give all the best for our kids,” Tintin enthuses.
Tintin is known as a devoted mom who five children’s books (and another one in the works) – one of them are “The Story of Christine,” “Bakit Siya Meron? Bakit Ako, Wala,” and “Si Kontra, Si Bida, Big Boy Buwaya” – all have received citations from the Catholic Mass Media Awards. She is also a six-time Anak Awardee. Tintin is the prime mover, Executive Creative Director and host of the trailblazing concept – The First Online Parenting Show in the Philippines -  She is also a volunteer and advocate of many causes and charities. Further, she passionately supports literacy projects and environmental concerns. She is a prominent personality in most mommy-baby events and is highly regarded as an epitome of a good wife and mom.

That is why she is the perfect endorser for Smart Steps.  As a meticulous mom, Tintin admits that when it comes to her kids, she only wants what is best for them.  That is why the products she uses for them are chosen with strict consideration.  “I am picky in that sense.  I only use the products that are safe for them and products that would answer to their specific needs. I am not a fan of expensive things. I totally believe that taking good care of your little ones should not come with an expensive price tag. Para sa akin, hindi dapat gumastos ng malaki para magbigay ng tamang pag-aalaga sa aking mga anak.  That is why I am a fan of Smart Steps.  Kasi hindi lahat ng regular products sa market ay safe para sa ating mga anak.  That is why when Smart Steps was introduced to me, I was totally thrilled.  And became elated and really excited when they asked me to endorse the brand,” Tintin admits. 

Moreover, as an active parent advocate, helping mommies out in properly raising their kids is one of her objectives.  Hence, Tintin makes sure she only endorses products she truly believes in.  “I am completely convinced that I made a smart step by accepting the offer of being their endorser.  I believe in the brand and company’s vision of continuously providing safer alternatives to modern child rearing.  For me, EVEolution and Smart Steps truly help me in taking good care of my children. What is nice about Smart Steps also is that pasok ito sa budget nating mga mommies.  As mentioned earlier, giving the proper care for your little ones should not come with an expensive price tag,” Tintin elaborates.  As she would say it, with Smart Steps, “alagang mabuting ina sa tamang halaga.”

Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent and Baby Fabric Softener are safer and milder for use on your baby or little one’s clothes.  They are both hypoallergenic and do not contain harmful chemicals that are normally found in regular detergents and regular fabric softeners.  “Ordinary detergents and fabric softeners can be harmful on your little one’s sensitive skin. Normally naman diba hinihiwalay talaga natin ang paglaba ng damit ng ating mga babies sa paglaba ng damit natin? Dahil bilang isang ina, alam natin na mas sensitive ang skin ni baby at madali magka-rashes,” Tintin adds.  That is why you should not use regular detergents and fabric softeners when washing your baby’s clothes.  “You should use a detergent and fabric softener that is specially formulated to be mild and safe for your baby’s delicate skin…yung walang harmful chemicals na makaka-iritate sa skin ng ating mga anak.  Katulong natin ang Smart Steps sa pagpapanatiling malinis at malambot ang kanilang mga damit at free from rashes ang skin ng ating mga little ones,” Tintin admits.  Since Smart Steps is hypoallergenic, moms are assured that her family members, especially those who have sensitive skin, are protected from harmful and irritating chemicals found in regular detergents and regular fabric softeners in the market.

Tintin also educates us on baby bottle cleansers.  “Some bottle cleansers contain harmful chemicals na maaring makalason.  To be assured of my baby’s safety, I use Smart Steps Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser.  It is made from natural and edible ingredients.  Thus, clinically proven non-toxic and safe for our babies,” she explains.  It is perfect for cleaning feeding bottles, nipples, teats, utensils and even toys.  “In cleaning anything that comes in contact with your baby’s mouth, Smart Steps is a safer alternative.  Also, since it is proven non-toxic and edible, it can also be used to clean and rinse our fruits and veggies,” Tintin willingly shares. With Smart Steps products, tamang pag-aalaga at tamang pagmamahal kay baby, sa presyong pasok sa budget ni mommy.”
Tintin is truly an inspiration to a lot of mommies. Not only is she an epitome of a good wife, she also is a model parent for most.  Like Tintin, we hope that our mommies out there will also make the “smarter step” in taking good care of their little ones. 

Smart Steps products are now available in selected supermarkets, groceries, department stores and baby-specialty stores. Smart Steps baby laundry detergent is available in liquid and powder variants (1.5L liquid bottle, 900ml liquid refill, 900g powder, 450g powder, 35ml liquid sachet and 50g powder sachet) while its baby Fabric Softener comes in 1.5L bottle, 900ml refill and 35ml liquid sachet. Smart Steps baby bottle cleanser is available in 400ml pump dispenser, 250ml refill, and 35ml liquid sachet. 
Visit Smart Steps at Find them on Facebook and Twitter @MommySmartSteps 

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this blog post. My opinions are 100% my own. 


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