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TMA Homeschool’s 2015 Parents Conference – Set Them Up For Success +Ticket Giveaway

I am hats-off to those parents who choose to teach their children at home rather than enrolling them and making their kids study in a formal settings of public or private schools. With homeschooling, the parents full responsibility of their children's education. It is intense parenting at its best, because parents spend more time with their children, doing all the hard work and having such extreme patience to educate their kids in the best possible way. Advances in digital learning and availability of resources over the internet also make homeschooling easier and more effective than ever. If you're like me who's seriously considering homeschooling for your children or you're simply curious how it works and would like to know more about it, TMA Homeschool in coordination with Manila Workshops and The Learning Basket will be holding Parents Conference for 2015, entitled Set Them Up For Success. It will be held at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center from 8AM for registration (program starts at 9:00) to 5:00PM.

“Set Them Up for Success”, is set to enlighten and inspire you  to raise your children to become happy, responsible, productive  adults and leaders “wherever they are planted”.  It will run for a whole day and will consist of keynote topics like “Set Them Up for Success” and “Catching your Child’s God-given Bents for Success”. Keynote speakers are Edric Mendoza and Jayson Lo. 

Mr. Mendoza is a homeschooling father of five, the president of the Homeschoolers Association of the Philippine Islands and lead anchor of ANC’s On the Money. Mr. Jayson Lo is a known inspirational speaker in the country and is the author of Younique:Understanding Others by Understanding You, a book about how personality styles help identify one's strengths and weaknesses.

Aside from keynote talks, the conference will also feature workshops on character education, multi-level homeschooling, homeschooling through high school, adjusting teaching strategies for effecting learning, and celebrating dads who homeschool. Participants may also opt to attend a Q&A forum where TMA Homeschool will answer questions about homeschooling in the Philippines. Speakers for these sessions are seasoned homeschoolers Donna Simpao, Millona Barraca, Bles de Guzman, Joy Mendoza, and Dennis Sy. Participants may choose one track for each talk happening simultaneously. Expect a day filled with doses of homeschool inspiration and information about parenting and homeschooling.

Why homeschool?

Parents cite these reasons on why they homeschool their children:

Can give child better education at home
Religious reasons – allow to teach faith in depth
Poor learning environment at school
Family reasons
To develop character/morality
Object to what school teaches
School does not challenge child
Other problems with available schools
Student behavior problems at school
Child has special needs/disability
Child not old enough to enter school
Child could not get into desired school
Enable family to travel
Child works for Television/Movies

Homeschooling can reap rich rewards and can deliver many benefits in making kids smart. The following are some of the benefits of home schooling:

Homeschooling is one-on-one tutoring – Some studies have shown that in schools, the smaller the students-teacher ratio, the better the students learn.  Among other benefits, the students are helped individually, and teachers ensure that all students master a basic skill or concept before going to a more advanced one.  It ensures that genuine learning is taking place.  Homeschooling is, in effect, one-to-one ratio of teaching.

Homeschooling tailors learning to specific children’s educational needs – Parents are able to assess their kids’ strength, weaknesses, leaning styles and interests.   Homeschooling allows parents to customize their children's education to maximize learning, strengthen weaknesses and allow focus on special areas of interest or giftedness.  This makes kids highly motivated to learn, and thus results in kids developing a love for learning.

Homeschooled kids tend to think more independently - They are also unlikely to follow the ideas of a group without first making up their own minds. College students who were homeschooled express that they feel more mature than their dorm mates, because they know how to think for themselves and aren’t influenced as readily by peer pressure.

Homeschooling eradicates boredom – Since learning is specifically tailored to individuals, it make them put consistent effort into learning.  Also, kids do not have to waste time on what they already mastered while other kids are catching up.

Homeschooling makes kids work for the knowledge, instead of grades.

Homeschooling provides a safe learning environment – Children who are homeschooled are not exposed to teasing, bullying, negative peer pressure, bad influences, and in some cases, bad or even misbehaving teachers.

Homeschooling gives a sense of security in kids with “attachment parenting” - This is an increasingly popular approach that involves round-the-clock physical contact with children and immediate responses to all their cues.  

Homeschooling strengthens closeness of the family, and parents’ relationships to children are made deeper – Parents are able to watch their children grow.  Families are able to travel, practice their religion and observe holy days.

Homeschooling accommodates special needs.

Homeschooling prevents children who are hyperactive or not behaving according to the norm, but otherwise have good intellect,  from being unfairly labeled as needing special education.

If you are a parent wondering what the best kind of education for your child is and where he will learn and be successful someday, then don’t miss the upcoming Parents Conference of TMA Homeschool at the Bayanihan Center, Unilab on March 12.

Here's a piece of good news! TMA Homeschool Parent Conference: Set Them Up for Success with Manila Workshops and The Learning Basket are giving away One Ticket to 1 Lucky Reader of Purple Plum Fairy! All you need to do is simply follow the Rafflecopter and comment your name and email address on this blog post below. Winner will be contacted on March 10! 

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