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Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa Timog Review: Luxurious Five Star Pampering Treatment at its Finest

The relaxing yet elegant immaculate white Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa

I've had a number of bad experiences with nail salons in the city - short massages, unexperienced therapists, poor service, cheap polish jobs, etc. The good news is that there's none of that here at Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa in Timog, Quezon City. The newest establishment along that bustling Timog area, it promises to give one not only a luxurious pampering five star treatment but an entirely different experience as well. I'll tell you guys more about it later as you read my blog. The owner, Mr. John Cava runs his shop like a true businessman - always putting his guests first and from what I can tell - treating his staff like professionals (even family) instead of shop workers.

It was Thursday morning when I decided to check out this latest talk-of-the-town innovative nail spa.  Nail Axis is located at the second floor of South Insula building. Aside from making sure that the guests get pampered, they could also enjoy their privacy. They have a very posh yet cozy ambiance that really relaxes each client. In fact, unlike in other popular nail spa where your eyes will grow tired from the bright colors of their walls, here at Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa--everything looks serene + spic and span from its immaculate white walls, its minimalist interiors down to its ├╝ber comfy chairs. I've noticed that their bathroom's design is also beautifully done. Men (particularly those who are metrosexuals) will not even think twice to spend their own "me-time" here at Nail Axis because it does not scream femininity. And since this business is amazingly being run by a straight guy, Nail Axis understands men as well, specially the metrosexuals. 

Now, let's get down to the services. Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa offers a wide variety of high end nail polish brands. I ended up choosing two colors--an Elizabeth Arden glittery orange and baby pink pastel one from Orly. 

They honor their appointments.  They don't have the practice I've seen at other salons, where your appointment time is more of a goal than a commitment.  (That being said, they tend to not be able to accommodate walk-ins, so plan ahead!)  They have two technicians working on you simultaneously if you get both a manicure and a pedicure.

It was cool that they served complimentary beverages and sweets, even wine! I was given chilled orange juice while I was seated to an innovative jet spa chair where the chair gives off a relaxing back massage, kneading away all my weariness while my tired feet was placed on the calming bubble jet. They use cool scrubs and lots of warm lotion and hot towels that make your skin feel like "butter" afterwards. The ladies who worked on us did a meticulous and fine job on our toes and fingers, and the massages with calming lotion felt great. The whole appointment took about 50 minutes, and the main highlight of the pedicure was the awesome foot massage using a special scented lotion. The massage was done in slow, firm and deep strokes that almost put me to sleep. It was indeed a very good massage. The quality is excellent. They never try to upsell you for a longer massage or other special treatments.  Their manicures and pedicures take about an hour, as they are very thorough and meticulous.

You spend almost an hour being primped and cared for and you get a massage that's worth writing home about. After the scented lotion massage they wrap your arms and legs in steamy hot towels to finally then get polished. True perfection! Then while you sit at the drying station they have an assortment of magazines as well as candy to nibble on.

At Nail Axis, the girls are totally sweet... The technicians are kind, detail oriented and skillful.  AND THEY GIVE FANTASTIC MASSAGES! None of them chatting like another place. Professional and your nail look good and clean!!! Part of the reason I get mani/pedi's is for the wonderful, relaxing massage. You'll think that since Nail Axis looks so high end they may seem a bit pricey on the surface, but when you break it down, it's worth every penny. Customers will be getting what they've paid for. They are totally relaxing and they're definitely one of the most organized nail spas I've ever been to. 

I was blown away by the level of service and the nail job received here. I was even given free lunch by the owner and his staff since it's almost lunch when I had my treatment and they knew I needed to rush for a meeting somewhere else. In fact, the owner said, they could even do a 'personal butler service' for their clients, free of charge! Like they can order your meal and have them delivered for you, except that you have to pay for what you have ordered. But they will serve your meals properly and even plate it for you (Just a little trivia: Nail Axis' owner is a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate who used to work in five star hotels before he has acquired Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa.)

You may notice that I review a lot of nail salons ... Not sure why it's taken me so long to write this review because Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa is an obvious favorite that stands heads above the rest. This place would be my top nail place by far. None have come close in comparison. 

Nail Axis owner/proprietor/manager Mr. John Cava

I Loved that: 
- they have a lot of nail polish to choose from
- the manicurist asked whether she should put a fourth coat of polish to get it to the shade I wanted
-they have comfy, jet spa chairs that gives off vibrating back massage
- one of the staff wanted to make doubly certain that my manicure wouldn't be ruined so asked me to stay a few minutes if I had the time, and put my fingers in a drying machine. 
- there were so many free snacks to choose from - chocolate chip cookies, candies, a few sweet pastries and more. 

- make reservations ahead of time to get the spot you want
- try to ask for a jet spa chair for a more relaxing vibrating back massage for a minimal fee.

A bit pricey for a mani-pedi, but you'll be so happy with the end-product, service, and experience.

Nail Axis is also a great place for groups like bachelorette parties. They are simply the best. Comfortable seating, incredible service, and a genuinely caring energy makes me want to return as often as possible. Ladies, if you're looking for a place to bring your man, Nail Axis Hand and Foot Spa is it. Men should be pampered too, and Nail Axis is the best place for that to happen. They always make me feel welcome, smile and remember my name. Thank you Nail Axis! 

  1. Nail Axis is located at Unit 202, 2nd Floor, South Insula Building, #61 Timog Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  2. Call them at (02) 962 2744
  3. Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
    Like them on Facebook at

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