Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jolly University Culinary Challenge at National University

Fly Ace's Jolly University Culinary Challenge last leg was held yesterday, February 27, 2015 at the National University. Jolly University Culinary Challenge is a holistic program for culinary students to learn from a whole lot of different fields which may become useful for them in the future: business side, culinary side, entrepreneurial side, product presentation, marketing etc. from the partner companies and resource speakers through the initiative of Fly Aces Corporation, makers of Jolly Mushrooms, Jolly Corn Kernels, Jolly Green Peas, Jolly Lychee and Jolly Cream of Mushrooms, among many others. 

Now on its second year, Jolly University Culinary Challenge aims to give future entrepreneurs the chance to learn and explore the culinary world this early on by giving exposure to deserving culinary students. The culminating event will be held on March 7, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at the Midtown Atrium of Robinson's Place Manila. It's going to be a cooking showdown among the twelve participating colleges and universities in Manila. At the. Grand Culinary Challenge, amidst live audience, the students will be applying the skills they have acquired from the series of lessons they've had during the Jolly Culinary. Bootcamp (as part of the prize they've had during the quarterfinals). Each team must come up with the best dish where they should incorporate JOLLY PRODUCTS that can be an actual food business start-up.  

During the campus visit and cook-off qualifying round, Fly Ace also shared a few talks which will enrich the students' knowledge about wines, food preparation and marketing. 

Fly Aces Corporation's Senior Product Manager, Ms. Jasmine Capule also gave a talk on Wine Appreciation and Wine 101. 

Meanwhile, Fly Ace Corporation's Digital Marketing Manager, Ms. MJ Cordova also shared her knowledge about Social Media and Marketing.

Appetite Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Ms. Nina Puyat-Daza also shared her expertise when it comes to food preparation and styling. 

At stake are awesome cash prizes such as Php 5,000 for the 2nd place winner, Php 10,000 for the 1st place winner, and Php 15,000 for the Grand Prize winner. Apart from this, winners and the participating schools will receive special prizes from other brand partners. The Grand Prize winner will also participate in several projects with the JOLLY brand including recipe development among others.

JOLLY Food Line Sr. Product Manager Marilou Acuna shares, “Jolly University aims to develop future industry champions who are jolly, passion-driven and values-oriented. With the variety of JOLLY products, we encourage culinary students to ignite their creativity in developing new dishes that will cater to the palate of distinctive consumers and be a key player in our thriving food industry.”

Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco is confident that Jolly University will go a long way. “We want Jolly University to be a launch pad for distinctive students who want to make it big in their careers. We envision Jolly University to be bigger every year, touching the lives of more and more students nationwide.”

Jolly carries a wide range of canned fruits and vegetables which are staples in every pantry. Jolly Mushrooms is the No. 1 mushroom brand in the country with its consistent quality and variety of cuts – Whole Mushrooms, Piece and Stems, Premium Sliced Mushrooms, and Shiitake Mushrooms. Jolly Cream of Mushroom Soup can be used as pasta sauce or as hearty soup.

There is also Jolly Whole Corn, Jolly Cream Corn, and Jolly Young Corn which locks in the sweetness of high quality corn that Filipinos love.

Opening each Jolly can reveals the choicest vegetables including Jolly Asparagus, Jolly Garbanzos, Jolly Green Peas, Jolly Red Pimiento, Jolly Black Beans, Jolly Straw Mushrooms, Jolly Tomato Paste, and Jolly Water Chestnuts. Favorite fruits are available all year round with Jolly Lychees, Jolly Mandarin Oranges, Jolly Peach Halves, Jolly Grass Jelly, Jolly Maraschino Cherries, Jolly Pineapple, and Jolly Fruit Cocktail.

Armed with the skills to succeed, a winning recipe, and the opportunity to collaborate with one of the biggest fast moving consumer brands in the country, the Jolly University Grand Champion is sure to make it big!

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