Friday, March 27, 2015

Lemon Kiss Kids’ Apparel: My Birthday Surprise Dress for Icy

Icy looks like a real princess in her Lemon Kiss dress.

April is the month when my beloved Ireeze Charlz whom everyone in the household calls Icy turns another year older. Each year, I make sure to surprise her with something special because it’s very rare that we get to see each other since she lives with her grandma in Taguig. This had been our family set-up because she had been enrolled in a school there and it was her grandma’s request that she takes care of Icy. For this year 2015, I’ve decided to gift her with one of the lovely dresses she had been jonesing for—I got her a Lemon Kiss dress. 

Lemon Kiss is an apparel for kids, made specifically for very young girls, toddler to about 10 years old. They’re clothing designs vary from classic ones to stylish trendy ones. They’ve got everything too from blouses, pants, sleeveless, shorts, to cute and bright dresses—all for our little young miss.

I’ve just gifted Icy with a flowing white and black dress with red ribbons. I’ve asked her to cover her eyes first because I said I’ve got some surprise for her. I told her to be honest and not to peek through the handkerchief covering her eyes. And when I said she could remove the hanky and open her eyes, I saw such awe in her bright brown eyes. She couldn’t contain her joy upon seeing the Lemon Kiss dress.

“This is quite similar to the one I had in my dreams,” said Icy. “Thank you so much, this is the best birthday ever! Can I wear it now?”
She was so excited to wear the Lemon Kiss dress because she said it will make her feel like a princess. She said she will be pairing it with the white sandals her aunt had gifted her. “Thank you again for making me so happy on my birthday,” Icy added as she hugged me and kissed  my cheeks.

Do check out Lemon Kiss clothing at all SM Department stores nationwide. They will surely be appreciated by your little young miss. They’re adorably cute, stylish, fashionable yet trendy.

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