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Lancris Residences Condominium in Paranaque: Perfect Home for Every Filipino Family

Lancris Residences

Most Filipinos dream of having their own home. Unfortunately, not everyone perseveres in order for that dream to turn into reality. Thus, many of us would often resort to renting out their homes. But wouldn’t it be nice to pay your monthly dues with the thought that eventually your home would eventually become your property? Lancris Residences helps every Filipino family to make your dream come true. A modern mid-rise condominium built in the suburbs of Paranaque, it is a condominium within a subdivision.

Gated community condominium of Lancris Residences

Purple Plum Fairy was given the chance to tour the impressive Lancris Residences along with other mommy bloggers. It’s a new residential enclave in Better Living, Paranaque which is near commercial establishments yet still nestled in a quiet and gated community.  Lancris is developed with the primary goal to serve as the new abode of those who are starting a family. They had Filipino families in mind when they’ve built the condominium units, with the mission to provide the best possible future for the children at attainable and realistic price. So what makes Lancris Residences a very good investment and what makes it different from any other condominiums? Let me count the ways:

the well lighted corridors

First and foremost, we have to consider our family’s safety. The increasing number of unsolved horrendous tales of home burglaries has made condominium living attractive. A condominium complex such as Lancris provides twenty-four hours a day security service. The guard house at the main entrance with uniformed personnel doing shift work provides an aura of safety. Residents know that any visitor especially strangers have to identify themselves, produce identification and convey information about unit or people they are visiting. Visitor and vehicle screening is very comforting. Patrols are undertaken around the complex to ensure a fair amount of defense. Lancris also has CCTV surveillance cameras on all exit and entry points—all for your peace of mind.

Secondly, there are certain facilities which are provided at the condominium. At Lancris Residences, there’s a swimming pool, a fitness gym, basketball court, indoor badminton court, table tennis hall, billiard hall, jogging trails, an outdoor park and playground, sky garden, landscaped open spaces and commercial arcade. I personally fell in love at the skygarden because it’s really unlike any other penthouse I’ve ever been to. With environment friendly furnitures and its unique concept to create a serene and intimate atmosphere. It perfectly blends modernity and nobility through design. It will surely appeal to anyone regardless of age and gender. Skygarden is located at the 7th floor and it is al fresco. It has a picturesque 360-degree view of the southern skyline. I wished I had enough time to lounge around and cuddle up reading a good book in hand. At night, you can even count the stars and see constellations from the skygarden.
Bloggers hanging out at the Skygarden

The Penthouse Skygarden

The smoke detector and alarm

Enclosed bathroom and shower

Built in kitchen exhaust

Induction cookeware

Electrical main switch

The maintenance of all exterior premises and facilities and the fa├žade of the building is under the condominium management. They ensure that the parking bays, the gardens, the common corridors, the lifts, the facilities (eg. the swimming pool, games courts) and the exterior walls are properly maintained.

Thirdly, the management advocates a uniformity in certain aspects of condominium living. It does take away the tedium of doing all the tedious humdrum tasks and thus make life less of a chore. With Lancris, you can leave your windows open which ensures a peaceful environment within a highly secured gated community. They have also allotted one laundry cage for each unit owner, this way you won’t be having a hard time in letting your laundry to dry.
Finally, condominium living particularly at Lancris has more plus factors. Security exists which does not exist in non-gated communities. Facilities are provided at a fee with certain perks thrown in without having to pay an astronomical entrance fee to certain "royal" clubs. Maintenance is a "stress-free" affair with the condo management getting all the headaches. Experience  low density condo living with any of Lancris’ unique location and four-rise gems namely: Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald and Garnet—all four ensures a greater breathing space for all its residences.
The best part? Turn over units already have the following: imported vinyl tiles unit flooring, elegant ceramic tiles for the bathroom, granite countertop for the kitchen, modular kitchen cabinet, premium three-coat paint finish, and hi-speed FIBR Optic Cable for utilities. They also have free automatic lighting during emergency brownouts on each unit +  emergency lights at each corridors and smoke detection alarm. There are available two, three and four-bedroom units that will surely fit every family. Unit prices range from Php1.3 million up to Php 7 million.
In conclusion, once I’ve saved enough money, I would certainly love to get my own unit here at Lancris Residences where I can sleep in peace and be awakened from sleep with an awesome view from my bedroom window. Oh, but then it’ll have to wait as I’m still in the process of saving up.

For inquiries regarding Lancris Residences, email them at or visit Lancris Residences at Japan Street corner Dominic Savio, Don Bosco, Paranaque City to see for yourself why this is one awesome place to live in!
You can also check out their website at, follow them on Facebook at and Twitter


  1. Thanks for attending our fun Tea Party!

  2. It is true that it is everyone's dream to own a house or condo, iba pa rin ang sarili kaysa sa rent.

  3. There is a stiff competition with this industry. But there is a special one that is meant for someone. It's just the matter of location and budget.

  4. The Sky Garden looks nice. I think its "cool" to hangout there- literally. The condo looks nice, too. :)

  5. Hmmm, I'm not sure I'm that confident to leave my windows open even in a gated community. But the place does look great. :)

  6. To be quite honest, I am looking at this particular property. Gusto ko magkacondo, and this is a nice place talaga for me.

  7. Condo living seems like a better option these days rather than renting no? Especially since we have lots of pretty places na affordable din.

  8. I love the Sky Garden! Perfect for parties!

  9. This isn't too far from our place and we get to pass by it a lot. Hope I'll be able to view the units soon too.

  10. We're already paying for a house-and-lot, but I admit I'm also looking into investing in a condo unit. Ganda kasi ng amenities and tight ang security.

  11. Ganda! It's nice to know that this property is built with families in mind, marami kasi ngayon ang targeted for young professionals lang. I love the view and very interesting yung skygarden. It looks so serene.

  12. Condos are sprouting everywhere these days. It's good to know that there are still quality ones like Lancris to consider. :)

  13. I don't think I'd actually want to live in a condo for long but that penthouse garden is really enticing.

  14. I'd love to have a condo in the future, not for me to live in, but to have it rented and earn passive income :)

  15. Lancris Residences has stretched its limit promoting perfect condo living for the Filipino family. Definitely owing a unit here is a good investment.-Macy

  16. ... and it's in Paranaque :(( I've always been a QC girl and living outside QC makes me uncomfortable already. Hehehe. But this is worth looking :) Thanks for giving us a tour :)

  17. Nice investment. Will recommend it to my friends!

  18. Ang ganda ng Lancris Residences! I think this is perfect for those who are starting a family.

  19. Ganda :)
    Though I still prefer yung typical na bahay, than condos. hihi!


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