Thursday, December 17, 2020

Hope Fills the Christmas Season at The Shang


Shangri-La Plaza welcomes guests with entrances filled with butterflies among lighted gold and silver twigs.

Christmas amid the Covid pandemic can still be merry. 2020 is such a memorable year for everyone. From the Taal volcanic eruption to the Covid-19 pandemic and to Typhoon Ulysses--we have faced so many challenges. As the year comes to a close, we are also challenged at how we're going to celebrate the season even on quarantine and social distancing. But Christmas is all about HOPE. Shangri-La Plaza celebrates our most beloved holiday with the warmth of home filled with hope for a brighter year ahead. 

"After everything we've gone through, many of us may not be in as high spirits as before. But Christmas always brings joy and healing, and Shangri_la Plaza wants to put that at the center of our celebrations," says Joy R. Polloso, EVP of Shang Properties, Inc. "It's a choice to see beyond the current circumstances that we're facing to something much better. That's hope, and that's what Christmas is all about."

                        Shangri-La Plaza's 50 ft Christmas tree is located at the mall's Grand Atrium.

The mall is adorned with butterflies--symbolic creatures of transformation that reflect Filipinos' capacity to become resilient and to push forward, coming through plenty of calamities and other difficulties. Cebu-based fashion designer Axel Que's magnificent gown that stunned at the Ms. Universe-Philippines pageant is also one of Shang's decor centerpieces. 

Que has collaborated with The Shang and allowed his masterpiece for public viewing to showcase his work for a special purpose this holiday season. "Shangri-La is a very prestigious and reputable brand. Its level of excellence is something I always strive to achieve in both my professional and personal life," said Que. 

Que’s design inspired by the Monarch butterfly infused with traditional Mascota costume elements aligns perfectly with Shang’s thematic d├ęcor, spotlighting the complexity and detail of nature’s angels. 

Through the mall's holiday designs they aim to uplift the spirit of our countrymen. They hope to ignite the spark in their hearts. 

Shangri-La Plaza welcomes its community with a truly meaningful and wonderful flight of the butterflies that lead to a brighter, better future. Que shares, “I hope my design, as well as the decorations, symbolize the hope for a better tomorrow. The kind of hope that helps us all move forward, unequivocally united, and moving towards a common goal of progress.”

With more stories of hope and resilience at the Shangri-La Plaza's social media platforms, they hope to inspire its community and fans to celebrate the season. There will also be Christmas events and performances as well as bazaars and fairs. And with the mall's longer hours, The Shang seeks to provide a haven of happiness this Yuletide season.

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