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Foodamn Philippines' Bawang Labuyo Chili Garlic Oil Product Review


Do you like getting some punch or kick of spice in your foods like I do? If yes, then you must be constantly reaching for chili flakes, chili powder, chili sauce, chili paste, gochujang paste, Tabasco sauce, or any condiment with spicy flavors. Born to a family who loves anything spicy (we are not Bicolano though), chili garlic oil is a staple condiment in our kitchen. We like having a little bit of heat in our food. It's a family trait I had inherited from my family. One holy grail in our spicy condiment list is a locally produced brand called Bawang Labuyo made by Foodamn Philippines' and sold by DSP Manila on Shopee PH.

Bawang Labuyo by Foodamn Philippines

I have many friends selling chili garlic oil, but each recipe I came across has its own uniqueness. Some are spicier, some have more garlic, others are different altogether. But Foodamn Philippines' Bawang Labuyo is a premium chili garlic that stands out on its own uniqueness. 

Bawang Labuyo by Foodamn Philippines is a potent chili garlic oil made with fresh chili, garlic, salt, pepper, secret spices, and vegetable oil. Be prepared to anticipate the garlicky flavors each drop has because you can get a whiff of the strong chili oil a few inches away from the bottle's opening. 

Bawang Labuyo is properly packed and secured even when purchased thru Shopee PH

Right before I was given the privilege to taste Bawang Labuyo, I was briefed that it contains special secret spices that give it a unique flavor. I was thrilled as I always loved chili garlic, but somehow, based on the word of mouth I had been hearing, something's telling me that I can love it even more. 

Bawang Labuyo can be used in just about anything from pasta, soup, meat, rice, and definitely with your sawsawan. I tried it with siomai, soy sauce, and calamansi (Philippine lemon) and we could feel a mild burn with just a few drops. Of course, you can always add more to adjust the heat depending on how far your tolerance can take it. The spiciness and the flavor of garlic are brought together to a higher level, but the garlicky goodness makes for a different but pleasing texture and amped up its taste. I highly recommend this combination for those who have a higher tolerance for spicy food. 

In Asian cooking, chili garlic oil is often made with garlic, scallions, anise, Sichuan peppercorns, and other ingredients. When added with other elements--spices, herbs, citrus peels--you can create a deeply aromatic, wonderfully flavorful sauce. 

My first spoonful of Bawang Labuyo gave me a sweet surprise. I topped my pasta with butter, mint leaves, and Bawang Labuyo, and some nutty sesame and took a bite. My palate was immediately greeted with a playful texture. Mmm...Lip-tingling Sichuan peppercorns and toasted garlic soaked in chili oil give a chewy texture, revitalizing the dish with an extra layer of bite. Also, I immediately took notice of how the Bawang Labuyo's chili, garlic, and all other spices filled the bottle to its brim. This means one thing there's way more chili and garlic more than the oil, and that suits my preference. For appetizers, you can also toss it with cucumbers. You're going to thank me later, trust me, you'd want this every time. I also put a dollop of gochujang paste on it. If you find it too spicy, mix some sugar into the cucumber, you're going to have a good banchan (Korean appetizer). This is perfectly paired with fried dishes.

Overall, I'd say Bawang Labuyo makes any uninteresting food appetizing. Just top it off with the chili garlic oil, and voila, it magically magnifies the flavors and perks up any dish. 

Should you be interested to purchase Bawang Labuyo and try it for yourself, you may do so by sending a private message to DSPManila , Deiville or message Foodamn Philippines. They are also available on Shopee PH via DSP Manila

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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