Friday, December 18, 2020

Dei Drei Essentials: Affordable Perfumes with Scent that Lasts


A person’s fragrance is a good indication of their personality, as one’s reasons for being attracted to certain scents can reflect a number of important character traits. The perfume was first used as a way to mask body odor, but now that we have deodorant to solve that particular problem the idea of spritzing yourself with a fabulous nice fragrance has become a luxury of self-expression. Men and women everywhere now purposefully select their fragrances according to personal preference and may even feel naked without a spritz of scent in place. In fact, people are best remembered by the perfume they wear. Some people make their presence felt by means of the perfume they wear. Speaking of such, I came across a really good perfume that I'd like to share with you. 

Deidrei Essentials in bubble wrap

I was browsing through Shopee looking for a decent gift for the holiday season. Then I came across this store called Dei Drei Essentials. The store sells not only affordable perfumes but also other household essentials such as hand soap, room and linen spray etc. The exciting thing about buying from Dei Drei Essentials is that they bring concepts of the abstract to olfaction--and crafts them into amazing fragrances. The results are fascinating scents at an affordable price. I bought two variants from Dei Drei Essentials' perfume line namely: Aurora Number 9 and Blodwyn Number 12. Both are rich, complex, and challenging compositions that everyone will surely love.  

Deidrei Essentials also sells room and linen spray as well as anti-microbial hand soap.

Aurora scent brings you an olfactory odyssey of glamour and grit, evoking "audacious freedom" through the smooth velvet of this Tommy Girl imitation. I was lucky enough to have ordered Aurora scent. Dei Drei Essentials' take on Tommy Girl is a refreshing and energetic floral fragrance with some sensuous low notes of warm sandalwood, cedar and leather. I would highly recommend it for daytime use because it instantly reminds one of the hints of rose, honeysuckle, and jasmine. Aurora scent has a fun and youthful scent. 

Meanwhile, Blodwyn No. 12 would remind one of Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege. The first hints that you could easily acknowledge would be the lilac and Sicilian lemon leaves which easily remind you of spring. Summer's near, the flowers are in full bloom, the scent is a bit more intense. It had wisteria and peach blossoms and peony.

They say men are more attracted to floral scents while women often find 'woody' aromas more appealing. For P120 each perfume, Dei Drei Essentials's perfumes are being sold in easy-to-carry and pocket-friendly roll-on vial bottles for 50ml with 20% EDP. They are also available in a larger spray bottle, but I find these bottles more convenient. 

I tried applying them in the morning and spritz them on specific points where perfume lasts and alas, the scent lasts longer than I had expected them to be. And since they're small, I can bring it anywhere with me and retouch rolling on these scents soi can be assured to smell good all day long. 

Another factor that I liked from Dei Drei Essentials is that they had carefully wrapped my orders in such a way that it was properly handled by the courier. My order came in a bubble wrap and it even had writing that says it should be fragile and where the top was. This way, the courier should know how to properly hold the item. By doing this, the consumer is assured that his or her order will be arriving safely and in good condition. 

Dei Drei Eseentials make sure your items are well taken cared of before you receive them.

Dei Drei Essentials even wrote the word "top" so courier services will know which part should it stand.

Should you be interested to purchase any of the awesome items/products from Deidrei Essentials, you may get in touch with them via their Instagram account or through Shopee account, just search for Dei Drei Essentials. You can also find their products at this website


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