Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Plus Size Girl’s Guide to Finding the Best Waist Trainer and Body Shaper to Flatten Your Tummy

Plus-sized chubby women oftentimes had difficulty finding the right waist trainer and body shaper to achieve a sexier look

Everywhere you turn, there are rules for dressing. And when you’re a plus size girl like me, finding the right clothes particularly dresses that will make you look good may be difficult.  To be honest, it’s quite a struggle. Why is that so? Simply because chubby plus-sized girls like me usually have big tummies. The best thing to do is to hide them while wearing a good quality waist trainer for women. The downside is that one needs to find a perfectly comfortable waist trainer and doing so can be a bit difficult if you don’t know where to find the best ones.

When it comes to waist trainers, structure and support is very important for me. I’m very picky about the kind of clothes I wear so it’s either I’d buy from a really expensive branded store or I’d buy maternity trainers and I’m not even pregnant nor do I have any kids! That’s a bit embarrassing for me. Structure wise, I like stretchy material that doesn’t hug my back and sides and thus not making any “lumps” especially when I wear fitted clothes. has comfortable waist trainers even for plus-sized women: Shapellx 2in1 Ultra Sweat Waist & Thigh Trimmer booty sculptor

Everyone wants to look sexy (obviously) but also to feel comfortable and confident, and that can seem totally at odds with the fact that we’re talking about tiny pieces of fabric. There’s a question of practicality too for plus-sized women who need more support than a flimsy waist trainer can give. 

Good thing, an online website, understood the problem by creating a line of sexy underpinnings offered exclusively with plus-sized women in mind in various cup sizes. When you look closely into their website, they’re kind of expert on how plus-sized women should be shopping for lingerie. Sometimes it seems like the only people comfortable in lingerie are the models. But shapellx have pieces or silhouettes that are typically made for plus-sized women.

Shapellx have pieces particularly for plus-sized women in mind

So how do we choose the right waist and thigh trainer for plus size? First, you need a garment that fits well. Nothing can make you feel less comfortable than if what you’re wearing is binding or sitting awkwardly. For me, comfort is my number one consideration. Trendy and chic follows next. And then find what makes you feel beautiful, the one that flatters your body and your skin. You have to see that it’s going to be a color you love against your skin or a print that reminds you how beautiful you are. It’s important to find little things that’ll make you feel good about yourself and that inner confidence will shine on the outside. As plus-sized, we have to learn to embrace and love our curves. 

One of the elegant shape trainer by Shapellx for the plus-sized: Shapellx plus size ultra conceal compression bodysuit shapewear

Garter belts may help hide parts of our body that we’d like to cover. But using a Shapellx waist trainer actually does more to highlight your favorite body parts while subtly covering areas you feel less confident about. Browsing through their website, they have one that sits on the natural waist to emphasize an hourglass silhouette, while the side panels frame the hips and cover the area between garter belt and brief. It’s softly covering the tummy, an area plus-sized women might not like to draw attention to, but isn’t usually successful in doing so. 

Contrary to what most of us believe, a waist trainer can do so much more than just flatten our tummies and make us look sexier. They help give us better posture, reduces our body size, creates a slimmer silhouette of our body as well as lifts our booty. The good thing about the Shapellx waist trainer is it’s easier to take on and off because of its side-zipper. It makes it easy for us to pee as well because of its crotch opening. Made from breathable Lycra microfiber material, it’s made of sturdy material with fully adjustable straps for comfortable wear. 

Shapellx’s pieces always look so seductive in their catalog but the good news is they’re also comfortable to wear, unlike others that might be intimidating. They create an illusion of a slimmer sexier body for chubby women like me. Unlike other brands I’ve tried which more often than not creates an unflattering roll in the middle, Shapellx works better and I also love that they have some sheerness in their design. They keep things light and avoid creating a mass of one color and texture, which looks like a solid block. They also create an illusion of narrowness of the waist and fullness of the hips and visually lengthens the torso as well. 

To avoid drawing attention to a particular area on your body, the best thing to do is to find somewhere else to highlight instead. If you’re not comfortable with your thighs but love the curve of your butt, look for lingerie that are real showstoppers, with intricacy and detailing on the back. The key is to make the most of your favorite body parts and work from there to find pieces that coordinate and complement.

If it’s sculpting and shaping you’re after, strong, technical fabrics are best suited. Shapellx has amazing technology when it comes to breathability, shaping capabilities, and spacer fabrics to create smooth lines under tight-fitting tops. Their bra cups allow the necessary support for a fuller bust size and have wider straps and support slings to protect the natural women’s figure. 

As a plus-sized woman, we should start loving our curves and learn to highlight our assets. Just like you, it has been a constant struggle for me to find that “perfect” fit for my body type—especially locally where the sizes are quite limited—so I am so happy that there is finally a high quality and reasonably priced brand that can cater to plus-sized women like me and actually provide boobs, thigh, and waist the support it needs. Thank you to Shapellx for helping big girls get the support we deserve.

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