Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus Food Review

Bang Bang Bangus Original (photo taken from their Instagram account)

The Philippines is home to a thousand species of fish; but of all these, no other fish has captured the attention of Filipinos quite like the bangus. In fact, it's so popular that it was even named as the country's national fish. Bangus, or milkfish, is abundant in many provinces making it a quintessential player in regional cuisines. Bangus is a good source of protein, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Selenium and Omega-3, as well as Niacin, Protein and Vitamin B12. It is prized for it’s firm, milky-white flesh and can be cooked in a number of ways.

Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus outlet is located in Project 7 , Quezon City

I recently discovered Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus which sells amazingly crispy boneless bangus in three awesome flavors: original, cheese, and salted egg. What makes them different from other establishments that sell bangus? For one, their bangus is indeed crispy from the fish head down to its tail. And it's huge in size too--so that alone gives one value for their money. And because it's huge in size, it is good for sharing too. 

I had my own salted egg bangus from Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus delivered last Sunday

I was able to try their salted egg variant and although I'm not really a fan of salted egg, I was surprised to like it. The salted egg flavors on top of the crispy bangus aren't too overpowering. It tastes just right to give the fish some more umami flavors. They've got crunch in every mouthful. Regardless if you use their cucumber vinegar dipping sauce or on its own, you'd better be ready to ask for another helping of rice. 

My crispy salted egg bangus from Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus

Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus had this heavenly taste between bites that feels like melt-in-your-mouth. And take note, it has no fishy after taste. It's the kind of food you'd keep coming back to again and again. And since it's good enough for sharing, this is the kind of food that you won't be ashamed to bring to potlucks or family reunions. If you're too lazy to cook, have them delivered to your doorstep for an instant awesome lunch or dinner. 

Cheesy Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus

So who says the classic Filipino bangus can't be given a new twist? Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus have been innovative to introduce new flavors to our old favorite bangus. 

Salted Egg Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus

If you’re worried about those pesky, thorn-like bones, Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus eliminates the guesswork for you! Their bangus dishes are boneless, making use of the most prized parts— like the skin and belly, so you can truly enjoy the distinct flavor of the fish. 

And as they are true to their words when they claim, "Crispy Boneless Bangus na hindi ka mabibitin sa laki at sa sarap!" Don't take my word for it, you should try and order them yourself to believe! Since we're all now in quarantine, you can call to order and have your special crispy bangus be delivered in the comfort of your home!

Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus is located at 140 Dangay Street, corner Bansalangin Street, Veterans Village, Project 7, Quezon City. 

Deliveries can be done via Grab/LalaMove or other delivery apps. You can send them a DM for orders on their Bang Bang Bangus Instagram account

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are totally my own. 

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