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My One Bakeshop’s Biscocho: A must-try pasalubong from San Miguel Bulacan

Golden yellow biscocho from My Bakeshop in San Miguel Bulacan is such a great food discovery

Filipinos are natural foodies. Whenever there’s a group gathering—be it with family or friends, chances are, food will always be a part of it. And when we travel, we have this pasalubong custom where we make sure that we bring something home from the places we visit—most often than not, that pasalubong will be food. Perhaps all of these things strengthen our bond with the people we love and value the most.

Different regions in the country have various delicacies and specialties of their own. We were fortunate enough to taste them and witnessed how they were made. But of course, there will always be products that naturally standout and are good enough for world-class export quality. I have been fortunate to visit some of the different places in the Philippines and each town always have something new to offer. The last town I've visited was San Miguel Bulacan where some of the sweet treats and delicacies originated from. 

Mamon Tostado from My One Bakeshop in San Miguel Bulacan
And I was surprised to find out that although the bread Biscocho is more popular in the Western Visayas island, you can find world-class export quality Biscocho in this small quaint town of San Miguel. My good friend, Ervin who hails from San Miguel and also owns Arki's Grill recently told me about how proud of him of this particular Biscocho brand made in his hometown. "Hindi ako mapapahiya," he said in full confidence. He was referring to the Biscocho made by My Bakeshop, a bakery that began its operation in 2013. 

Biscocho in various flavors are available at My One Bakeshop and perfect pair for choco or coffee drink

"We're basically a relatively small scale family-run bakery in San Miguel. My wife is a culinary graduate of Center for Culinary Arts [CCA] so we decided to open a bakeshop to put her knowledge into good use," explains Paul Cruz, the owner of My Bakeshop.

My Bakeshop sells a variety of traditional baked goodies and pastries with modern twists. Their best sellers include biscotti [biscocho], lengua de gato, mamon tostado, meringue, breads, pastries, muffins, cakes, etc. 

I am partial to a cup of coffee paired with biscocho
Biscocho refers to the various types of Filipino twice-baked breads. It is usually coated with butter and sugar, or garlic in some cases. Biscocho is the Pinoy version of the Italian's Biscotti. It is most strongly associated with the versions from the Jaro town in the province of Iloilo although it actually exists nationwide in various forms. 

And yes, I had to agree with Ervin, San Miguel Bulacan's My Bakeshop is one of the best places where you can find an affordable yet export class high-quality special Biscocho. 

Biscocho is perfectly paired with a cup of warm coffee or chocolate drink in the morning or as an afternoon merienda/snack. If you're not a coffee drinker, you can also pair this with a side of soup to tickle your palate or try having pasta and instead of having a garlic bread, you may opt to have Biscocho by its side. 

Biscocho by My One Bakeshop
Eating Biscocho has been a staple merienda favorite from one generation to another. Most Filipinos have fond memories of growing up eating this crunchy bread with their loved ones. It is also a favorite pasalubong and My Bakeshop in San Miguel had spent years perfecting the Biscocho recipe. They even came up with various flavors now namely: cinnamon, coffee, and chocolate with almonds apart from the original. 

My One Bakeshop from San Miguel Bulacan also sells Toasted Mamon
What do I love about San Miguel Bulacan's My Bakeshop Biscocho? 

Fresh out of the oven, each loaf slice has a shell of blistered mahogany and an interior so chewy despite being crunchy and preternaturally moist that it shimmers in the light. The slices of toasted yellow bread with one side made from a milky butter mixture was baked to perfection that created a certain level of perfect crunchiness. It is good to know that they don't spoil easily. So if you're a balikbayan or someone who's based abroad and would like to bring some of these goodies home with you, you can order these by bulk. You can also resell these because they are presentable, affordable and lasts long, too. 

The signature boxes of My One Bakeshop
The pride of San Miguel Bulacan, My One Bakeshop's Biscocho is the preferred snacks of the locals. My family loves them too. They like to dunk the Biscocho in piping hot coffee. When you soak the Biscocho into coffee, it makes the biscocho's flavor all the more heavenly. 

Some parents would buy biscocho to give them as school baon to their kids. Biscocho comes in different packs. They also have toasted mamon which is another must-try aside from their milky Lengua de Gato. 

My Bakeshop's Lengua de gato
My Bakeshop's Toaste mamon is light, the kind of sticks that's not too hard to the bite, it can even accompany any dish and any time. I also like them so much that I'm sure one of these days, i might even include them on top of salads as a good alternative to expensive croutons. 

Lengua de gato is such a nice treat for merienda

As for the Lengua de Gato, as the name implies, these are long thin cookies that resemble the shape of a cat's tongue. They usually come in plastic jars similar to the commercial packaging of Peanut Brittle. Whenever I receive one, all I need to do is to open the jar, make myself some tea or coffee, and voila! It feels like magic, all the contents of the jar are all gone. 

You can finish off these Heavenly lengua de gato from My Bakeshop in one sitting

I once tried making my own lengua de gato back when I was still active in baking. Mixing, piping, and baking are the three requirements you have to do in order to create these particular cookies. If you were to ask me, I'd choose to make a purchase rather than make them on my own because it is painstaking not to mention, time-consuming to do them on your own. My Bakeshop's version is very similar to those you can purchase in Baguio, but way more affordable. You don't need to travel that far, just head towards the town of San Miguel in Bulacan to get yourself tubs of these sweet treats. 

Overall, I'd say that My Bakeshop's Biscocho, Mamon Tostado and Lengua de gato are simply some of the most delicious and lip-smacking pasalubong finds you can find from the sweet town of San Miguel Bulacan. They will all send your taste buds on a sweet wild crunchy ride!

My Bakeshop only serves the freshest and best tasting pasalubong treats. So if you're on a vacation and would want to share some love, bring home the sweet goodness of their Biscocho, Lengua de gato, and Mamon Tostado. My Bakeshop is the ultimate pasalubong place for you. 

For inquiries on My Bakeshop and orders, please get in touch with Paul Cruz at or message Jim at 0927-9128778.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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