Thursday, October 18, 2018

How an Accident Made Me Change the Way I look at Insurance

This is how our ATV went turtle on the rough roads of Sandbox in Pampanga

My mom and I almost died when we met a vehicular accident in an adventure theme park in Porac, Pampanga back in 2014. That’s the ordeal I had to go through in order for me to learn the value of being insured. I wouldn’t want anyone to experience such in order for you to learn the value of having an insurance that’s why I’m sharing this story. I realized insurance was something I should’ve done long before I needed it. 

There is no way to really describe accidents accurately. I don’t remember anything at all; I don’t remember the ATV taking a sharp turn to the right either.  I just remember the sound of crashing ATV against my back, and then silence. My lumbar was hit by the ATV itself, I was frozen for only a moment, screamed at the top of my lungs asking nearby people for help, as I thought about my mom who was later found a few meters from where I was, unconscious with a fractured femur. 

Mom and me before the accident

Those who rescued us asked if I was okay and I got up after the ATV was removed off my back, my lumbar felt some tremendous pain but I ignored it. “I’m fine, is my Mom okay?”

My arm was filled with scars, burns and bruises right after the accident.

My mom was badly hurt. “At least she was alive. That is what’s important,” I said to myself.

My mom suffered a fractured femur and had to undergo operation/surgery for partial hip prosthesis

I woke up in pain tossing and turning only to readjust my shoulder. But, I woke up the next day crying and I talked to my best friend who came to support us and completely fell apart. I wish it were all just a dream, but it was real. Mom had to undergo surgery for partial hip prosthesis and she had to be rehabilitated to be able to walk again. 

My Mom right after the accident

While many of us would like to stay safe all the time, it is also best to be prepared for the worst. In this way, you will know exactly what to do without panicking and also lessen the trauma in the event you encounter any accident. Common sense and alertness prove vital in times of emergencies.

A Facebook status I wrote back in April of 2014

It was a little too late when I realized I should’ve gotten us insured. What’s even more terrifying are when problems arise, legal conversations are needed, and bills accumulate. When a person is insured, these problems become much smaller and much easier to solve. However, if a person is uninsured, things can get out of hand. And that’s exactly what has happened to us. I didn’t have much money then. We had no insurance too. I had to ask the help and support of my best friend as well as those from the blogging community who were able to extend a helping hand.

Even if a drunk driver comes up from behind and smashes into your vehicle, leaving you paralyzed, you cannot get paid for your suffering if you do not have insurance. Basically, without insurance, you are on your own. You will need to pay for your own medical expenses even if the accident was not your fault. Because your life can be ruined in an instant without it, an insurance is always worth the money. Accidents in itself is truly devastating, but without any insurance, it gets even worse. 

There are some real dangers of living without insurance. Your life can be ruined in an instant if you are unlucky enough to get into an accident without insurance. Fortunately, you can find a financial advisor and with the amount of resources available, they can help you find affordable insurance from a trusted insurance company. There is really no reason why anybody these days should need to live without it. It is a necessity. Use the internet to compare quotes in order to find the cheapest rates for you. After all, anything is better than suffering through the headache of an accident without insurance.

But, reflecting on it, it’s these moments that forever impact us. The things in life that cause the greatest trauma end up shaping you if you find the lesson it is trying to teach you.

I consider myself so lucky to still be alive and have my dear mom at my side. What I learned more in and after that moment is the responsibility that comes with adulting. Being insured early is a lot better than feeling sorry later on. Our life isn’t something you can mess around with; it is something to which you need to give your complete attention.

As someone who is in constant motion, it taught me to slow down a little. It taught me to be aware of my surroundings. But, then, I realized how one single moment can change your life. The possibility of accidents happening became more real to me than ever before on that fatal Saturday morning. Life is short. You can lose your life in a nanosecond.

If you are someone who is naïve the way I was, don’t be. Learn from me and learn from my experience. I don’t want someone learning by having to experience an accident. Your life is too valuable to even risk it. When you are on the road, focus on the road only because every time you get into that car, there is a chance you may not make it to your destination.

There have been way too many accidents lately. No one deserves to be just another statistic. No parent deserves to lose a child, and no child deserves to lose a parent.

Don’t be as naïve as I was.

My dearest Mom and I four years after the accident

It was a louder wake-up call than anything else. It is completely and totally within our control to value the life given to us. Get yourselves insured, NOW!


  1. Such a powerful and inspiring post, I’m at loss for words . Thank you for sharing

  2. Such a powerful and inspiring post, im at loss for words. Thank you for sharing .

  3. This is so true, if you’re planning to own a vehicle or already own one, insurance is very important. Accidents happen, and you’ll never know when. Better be prepared and have confidence in riding your vehicle. Safe travels! 💖

  4. Wow! Such a great post. Insurance is very important and helps gives assurance when driving in vehicles.

  5. things happen for a reason and we don't have control over them even though I personally wish we did. there are people I wish I could've saved but I couldn't. I love the post! thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow, I'm so sorry that you and your mom went through this! Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

  7. Accidents are so scary! i am so happy it passed it is ok and normal now. Most of people worry when their family flies, I am more aware or cars and such

  8. Very inspiring post! Thank you for sharing your story!

  9. Yes it is so important to have insurance! I’m so glad that you and your mother are ok after such a scary accident. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  10. thanks for reminding us. it's true both true and sad, "No parent deserves to lose a child, and no child deserves to lose a parent." so, we better be ready, always.

  11. Yes, this is all true everyone of us should get a life insurance that will help us not only during the time of accident but also in term health issues.

  12. I totally agree with you. No matter how good a driver you are, there are some on the road that aren't. Better to get insured and have peace of mind that things will be taken care of if and when the need arises.

  13. Life insurance is very important when it comes of this situation.I'm sorry to know about your moms situation.driving is very risky.

  14. Thank you for sharing your story.

  15. That is right, you never know what lays ahead of you so it is better to always stay prepared

  16. This was really a thought provoking post. I am glad that both of you came out of this alive. I am really going to take steps towards insurance now. Thanks for sharing.


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