Saturday, October 20, 2018

Finally: Life Insurance for Senior Citizens and the Elderly

I once read somewhere: “If the weather forecast says there is a 50 percent chance of rain, would you bring an umbrella? What if I told you there is a 100 percent chance you will die; how much life insurance would you get?

For most Filipinos, they think getting an insurance sucks because they feel like it’s a bummer to their planned budget travels or because it sounds oh-so repetitively advertised by almost everyone, that even their distant weird relative tries to get in touch with you after a long time. Insurance may feel like a scam that agents out there seem out to rob you of your money. Insurance sucks because it sounds so morbid and it doesn’t even add up to your bucket list of skydiving or seeing the northern lights. Insurance sucks because we all hate 
being sold to and you don’t want to give your hard-earned money to those annoying people who keep telling you to save. 

For the millennials, insurance sucks because you are forced to become an adult when you’re still quite unsure if you’re way past your puberty. Insurance sucks because suddenly you need to think about others when you just want to think about yourself. Insurance sucks because despite that you hate it, you know you need it. Insurance sucks because if ever you don’t start today and something does really happen, you wish you’ve started earlier. So look no further, find that annoying financial adviser who can guide you in insurance. Trust me, it’s a necessary pain in the ass. But we all need them. 

Senior citizens had something to be happy about! Finally, a health and insurance coverage for seniors (age 50 and up) with SUN SENIOR CARE!

Senior citizens had something to be happy about

It covers 17 Advanced-Age Critical Illness coverage. With life insurance coverage up to age 100. You can opt to pay for 3,5 or 10 years only. Its premium payment does not increase. It has cash/savings value as well as cash dividend earnings and anyone can apply until age 70!

This particular plan is meant to protect your hard-earned savings even if a serious illness (God forbid!) strikes anytime, as it is specifically designed for senior and elderly people to address their evolving life and health protection needs so that they can enjoy a well-deserved retirement. 

Admittedly, life insurance is important at any age, but it’s top-of-mind for senior citizens. You may have heard that life insurance premiums, options, and available policies can change as you get older, and that’s true. But you can find life insurance to meet your needs at any age, so that you and your family will have peace of mind, knowing you’ve planned for the future.

Life insurance is not one-size-fits-all. You deserve a life insurance policy tailored to you and your family’s needs.. Depending on your specific situation, an agent or advisor may recommend one or two different life insurance policies from the dozens that they offer, so you can attain the best policies and premiums for you.

When they recommend a life insurance policy for a senior citizen, they will consider much more than age; they will take into consideration your lifestyle, health and pre-existing conditions, and overall needs. Only after they gather ample information can they make the best life insurance recommendation for a senior citizen, and we they find the best-suited policy for you. 

It’s true that senior citizens tend to pay higher life insurance premiums if they’re purchasing life insurance for the first time when compared to younger people who purchase life insurance. However, we’re confident that a trusted insurance company such as Sun Life can help people from all ages, experiences, and walks of life find life insurance coverage that works for them. There are plenty of options available, and we can work with financial advisors and financial agents to learn the many different life insurance policies so that we can choose the best life insurance policy for our elderly at an affordable price.

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