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Where to Bring Your Date this Valentine's Day?

It doesn't matter what kind of woman you're taking out or how serious you are--a good date is a good date. Luckily, the ultimate shopping and dining destination, Shangri-La Plaza made it easier for us to find the perfect place to enjoy your Valentine's date sans any hassle of planning ahead. Read on to find out where you should take her (or your family, or whoever special someone that would be.)

Wobbly Pan (Level 1, Main Wing)

Wobbly Pan is a Spanish Bistro located on the 1st level of Shangri-la Plaza's Main Wing

You don't need to travel to Spain to sample the best of modern Spanish cuisine. Just head over to Wobbly Pan to sample their awesome tapas and drinks. They've got Callos, Iberian Chicken, Paella Negra, Paella Valenciana, Pulpo la Gallega (sizzling octopus with potatoes and cheese), Salpicao and Gambas. Pair those with your choice of cocktails like their Blueberry Mojito or their popular Salted Caramel Shake that's infused with tequila and vodka. Wines are also made available for you and your date to further enjoy your meal.  

Wobbly Pan's Signature iced tea

Wobbly Pan's Crostini breads with butter for starters
Intimate, unpretentious setting. Warm attentive service. Among the dishes that stand out are the paella negra, paella valenciana, gambas and Queso Fundido. Paella was just like old times like how my folks liked it. 

Paella Negra

Paella Valenciana

Queso Fundido with tortilla chips in hot melted cheese and chorizo bits

Gambas with gralic shrimps in chili

La Creperie (2nd level Main Wing)

La Creperie serves some of the best tasting French cuisine you will find in the metro

Sure, French cuisine is full of calorific cheese, pastries and wine but who’s counting when you’ve got a date who loves to shower you with sweet treats like your date?  Fall in love with French cuisine in a place that has homey and quaint vibe--perfect for an intimate talk with someone you've just been dating for a while. If your date has a sweet tooth, she will definitely love La Creperie for its various crepes and galettes. You can also order something savory if you like. Hearty pasta dishes as well as classic French fare are also available. Coq au Vin (chicken in red wine sauce) is one of the many dishes you shouldn't miss. We've tried their French Onion Soup as well as other deliciously sinful crepes and we were surprised to see ourselves full by the end of the meal. Truly, dining at La Creperie will be further made memorable by their wonderful menu. 

La Creperie dining seats
Don't forget to order their best selling Salted Butter Caramel Mille Crepe Cake
Double Brownie Fudge Brownie Crepe (Php265)

Oh, and don't forget to order their best-selling Salted Butter Caramel Mille Crepe Cake. The taste isn't too sweet, but just right to satisfy the sweet tooth in you. 

A Slice of La Creperie Salted Caramel Crepe Mille Cake (Php185)

La Creperie's Crepe Brulee with Strawberry and Banana (Php235)

You must try La Creperie's French Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese (Php295)

Even if you aren't exactly a fan of onions, you will love La Creperie's French Onion soup with gruyere cheese. The warm soup was such a comfort food that if you've had a really bad day, this soup will probably make you feel better with just a spoonful of it. That's how good I personally think it is. 

So comforting was the French Onion Soup that I have to stop myself as I wanted to have another helping. 

Oppa! Chicken (Level 6, Main Wing)

Oppa! Chicken offers more than your fave Korean styled chicken

Yangneyom chicken (μ–‘λ…μΉ˜ν‚¨) is deep-fried chicken smothered in a sticky, spicy red sauce. It literally translates to seasoned chicken, and along with dakgangjeong, it’s one of many variations of chicken dishes that are made popular by fast food chains in Korea. Its popularity also seems to grow fast outside Korea because it has sprouted like mushrooms even in the Philippines. So what sets Oppa! Chicken from the other Korean-styled fried chicken restaurants in the metro? 

Oppa! Chicken's 4-in-1 platter (Php700)

If you like deep-fried chicken, you should really give this recipe a try, especially if you haven’t tried “the other KFC”. The thin crust is extra crispy from double frying, and the sauce is simply amazing!

Toppoki (Php240)
Oppa! Chicken brings the casual comforts of South Korea with authentic dishes that taste closer to the ones you can find in Korea. Friendly service and quick turnaround, this is a place you’ll come back to for Korean food again and again.

Choose from soy garlic, sweet and spicy, or the Atomic Bomb (very spicy) among many chicken flavors available. Wash them down with a cold glass of beer and voila! You get such a wonderful meal! 

Try the Chicken Fondue (Php950)
If you're a cheese lover, you might want to give Oppa Chicken's Chicken Fondue a try. Glazed chicken fingers (yangnyum and ganjang), BBQ spareribs and cheesy fries with creamy cheese sauce as dip. This one is perfect for group night outs or barkada and family bonding during Valentine's day. 

The Chicken Fondue

As they say in the vernacular, "Hindi masamang maging cheesy minsan, lalo na pag Valentine's Day. "(at least you have an excuse to be a little cheesy, right?) Be creative and with the right words, your date or special someone might just realize you can be romantic in your own simple ways.

I can't stop eating this cheesy ribs!

Sweet Inspirations (Level 5 Main Wing)

A new addition to Shangri-La Plaza's dining destination is Sweet Inspirations

Satiate your hunger with classic dishes from Sweet Inspirations. Serving home-cooked Filipino meals as well as deliciously good cakes and pastries, this restaurant which I've stumbled upon a long time ago in Katipunan, Quezon City can now be enjoyed by Shangri-La Plaza's mall goers. Popular for their Mongolian Buffet, you can never go wrong if you bring your date to Sweet Inspirations. Good food, excellent service and romantic ambiance will make your day memorable! 

Romantic ambiance might just give you a goodnight kiss from your date.

Spicy Spareribs with rice and vegetable medley

Roast beef with corn on a cob, vegetable medley and rice

Sweet Inspirations' Korean Beef Stew

Paper Moon Cafe (3rd Level Main Wing)

Paper Moon Cafe's Baked Blueberry tarts

Paper Moon Cafe is known for their signature original Mille Crepe popularly known as "crepe cake" that foodies have been raving about. They specialized on Mille Crepe cake, but they also serve sandwiches, salads, and quiche. Paper Moon’s Mille Crepe has layers 20 handmade, paper-thin crepes stacked together with cream and finished with a caramelized crust.

Paper Moon Mille Crepe Cake

I personally love its fluffy lightness and delicate sweetness of the Mille Crepe. Each scrumptious bite promises a well-proportioned combination of the delightful crepe and fresh cream.

Paper Moon's Blueberry Crepe Cake

Although they are priced a little higher than other local creperies because their ingredients are imported to match the standards of the ones sold in Hong Kong (since this is an international brand). 

Paper Moon Cafe's Ube Crepe Cake

Paper Moon Cafe's Apple and Cheese Chiffon Cake

Paper Moon Cafe's Blueberry Tarts

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 26th Bistro (Level 1, Main Wing)

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's 26th Bistro at the Shang

Revel in the goodness of tea and coffee along with healthy salads and sumptuous main courses at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's 26th Bistro at the Main Wing of Shangrila-Plaza. 

Here are some of the things you and your date could try at CBTL's 26th Bistro:

CBTL 26th Bistro's Mac & Cheese

Feast your eyes and your palate with Herbed Crusted Salmon with Lemon Risotto (Php545)

Try their salads and greens such as their California Cobb Salad made up of romaine lettuce tossed in ranch dressing topped with grilled chicken breast,m eggs, corn, tomatoes, mozzarella and avocado or mango slices. 

California Cobb Salad

You could also try their best selling Shrimp and Pomelo salad. Romaine lettuce, cilantro and mint leaves in coconut lime dressing. Topped with poached shrimp, pomelo, roasted peanuts and desicated coconut. Sold at Php395 each. 

Shrimp and Pomelo salad
Of course, drinks won't be left behind. Order your fave latte, coffee, ice blended or tea to cap off your meal!

My all-time fave: African Sunrise drink with ice

And since they said that Valentine's Day won't be complete without chocolates, why don't you try ordering a glass of CBTL's latest offering Dark Chocolate Chip Iced Blended? 

Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Blended

You don't really need to have lots of money to be able to take her out on a date. You know the grub will be lit and it can be fun to split the bill if you're out of cash during the V-day. The most important thing is to spend time with your bae on that special heart's day. Just spending time to be with her/him is enough to make someone feel special. 

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