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Big Ben’s Kitchen: Serving Authentic Heirloom Recipes and Comfort Food in Imus Cavite

Big Ben's Kitchen in Imus serves heirloom recipes at its finest

Only a handful of establishments maintain the stamp of food mecca in the city—you know, the kind where the food is so good that people are willing to brave Manila traffic, and sacrifice long waits for it. With the traffic continuing to worsen, this particular stamp becomes all the more prestigious. One of the simple pleasures of travel is discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants or hunting down eateries frequented by locals. 

Purple Plum Fairy is happy to stumble upon Big Ben’s Kitchen through the invitation of my good friend, history enthusiast, tour guide and fellow foodie, Rence Chan

The signage says it all: You've come to the right place, indeed!

Big Ben's Kitchen genuinely chipped walls and hard wood furniture take you back in time while the aroma of its food, laid out temptingly on their platters, will get your stomach rumbling.

The graffiti writings on the wall

Well-lit, with black and white classic yet elegant theme along with its graffiti walls where customers can freely scribble or doodle and make their own marks on, Big Ben Kitchen’s brings to life to a time and place more subversive than its actual location in Medicion, Imus, Cavite.

Big Ben's Kitchen heirloom restaurant isn’t just a façade, though. They actually serve authentic Filipino heirloom recipes with the help of rock star chef Gene Guttierez, who is the grandson of Teresita Sayoc, an Imus native who was responsible for bringing the now famous garlicky Imus longanisa. 

Big Ben' Kitchen Imus Longanisa re sold at SM Hypermarket, Josephine's, Echo Store and at Resorts World Manila among many others.

So what makes Big Ben's Kitchen Imus Longanisa different?

Notice the difference

Unlike other foodie joints that seemed to have sprouted like mushrooms offering outrageous meals along with other gimmicks to get customer attention, Big Ben Kitchen sticks to the basics. Aside from their standard selection of heirloom recipes which were handed down from generation to generation, they also serve comfort foods given with a different twist. If the classics don’t appeal to you, I am pretty sure there will be something that will surely catch your fancy. 

Foodies enjoying the sumptuous lunch at Big Ben's Kitchen

We came around lunch time which was a really good decision. We've had some of their specialties: Pancit Langlang (which was believed to be our national hero, Jose Rizal's favorite along with Tinola and Pancit Canton in Antigua Toho, Binondo), Menudo, Sinigang na Hipon, Halaan Soup, Kare-kare using pig's face a.k.a. "maskara", Sinampalukang Manok, Chicken Adobo, Pork Hamonado, Pancit Macau, and of course, their best-selling original Imus longanisa. You simply can't go wrong with that, and they are generous in size! Yes, they are good for sharing. 

Pancit Macau

Menudo cooked in a very traditional way

Melt in your mouth pork mask Kare-kare rich in peanuty sauce paired with classic bagoong

Everyone's favorite: Chicken Pork Adobo

Fork tender Pork Hamonado cooked and simmered in pineapple sauce

Sour comfort broth of Sinigang na Manok

Ginger-based Halaan Soup

Comforting soup of Sinigang na Hipon

Pancit Langlang is said to Be Rizal's favorite dish

The food is AMAZING....  full of flavor and great portions.... the staff is attentive and knowledgeable....  and the atmosphere is refined and classic...  this is the sort of place you will want to enjoy regularly, I know I will! i wish I live nearby so that I can frequent the place. Unfortunately, I can only afford to visit whenever I find myself in Cavite. 

Big Ben's Kitchen Imus Longanisa Meal with egg

Hands down, Big Ben's Kitchen is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. Not lying when I say this place is BEYOND amazing!! 

Conveniently located on Medicion, which is about 5 to 10 minutes away from the heart of Imus town plaza where the church and municipality is. 

Big Ben's Kitchen menu is decently priced for an authentic heirloom restaurant, which is expected and the variety is very decent which I like. This is the kind of restaurant where you'd be happy to take your balikbayan relative or a foreigner friend so that they can be introduced to authentic Filipino comfort foods with some dash of history and culture. 

Also worth mentioning is the refreshing and thirst-quenching signature drink called Cucumber Honey Calamansi they had served us. It was so refreshingly good and perfect for the humid weather. You must order it and I assure you, you won't get disappointed. You can enjoy it for dine in or take out as it is also available in easy to carry bottle. 

Cucumber Honey Calamansi is a signature drink at Big Ben's Kitchen

If you're on-the-go, it is also available in plastic bottle

I'm not being biased, but I really can't say anything bad about this restraint. The ambiance is very relaxing which would make for a great family dinner, or a date night! I saw this restaurant during daylight and I had the opportunity to also see it at night, and I'd have to say, the restaurant naturally had a romantic vibe during the night time. 

It's worth a try and I'm sure you will not be disappointed! They really have very good deal considering how much food you'll get and also how delicious it is. Very affordable, great value. Two thumbs-up, indeed!

Bottled goodies are also being sold which you can bring even abroad!

Big Ben's Kitchen's version of Silvanas is thicker and bigger than Dumaguete's favorite delicacy

Purple Plum Fairy enjoys a bite of their Silvanas even if I'm diabetic.
Organic Oyster Mushroom Chicharon for Php200
Take home a taste of Imus, by shopping on their 'D Original authentic Imus longanisa favored by many locals that sells by the dozen or by kilo. If you do have a sweet tooth, you can also bring home their homemade Silvanas made from cookies and cream bits and layered with buttercream sandwiched. 

A must-try is their Leche flan with macapuno

Big Ben's Kitchen Sukang Sasa goes perfectly well with their Imus Longanisa

If Silvanas aren't your thing, try their Leche Flan  made from organically grown egg yolks with macapuno shavings and are sold in authentic llanera molds (oval shaped tin molders). For something savory, you can bring home a box of their chili empanada (with longanisa filling). It sells at Php300 for a box with 12 pieces. If you're craving for something crunchy, try their organic mushroom chicharon. For Php200 per pack, for sure, your tummy will be thanking you for it. Perfect for pasalubong, indeed!

BIG BEN’S KITCHEN (Chef Gene Gutierrez)385 Medicion 1st-D Imus, Cavite, Philippines
Email: / +63 46 435 1967
Mobile: +63 915 137 1888 / +63 918 505 5886
Facebook: D’Famous Imus Longganisa

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. Special thanks to Mr. rence Chan and Chef Gene Guttierez and his mom for accommodating us during our visit. 

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