Thursday, December 14, 2017

Great Coffee comes in Great Taste Muscovado Brown Coffee Mix

Great Taste Muscovado Brown Coffee Mix

I'm such an avid coffee drinker so each time there's a new variant from my favorite coffee brand, I really get excited to try them. I love to drink my cup of coffee first thing in the morning because it perks me up and allows me to stay awake and energized as I do all my tasks for the day. Great Taste Coffee gives coffee aficionados like me a reason to be happy about as they introduce a new coffee variant called Great Taste Muscovado. It's a richer and creamier coffee experience which I believe any coffee drinker would be able to enjoy. 

Rich and creamy coffee experience is achieved in Great Taste Muscovado Coffee

So what is it about the new Great Taste Muscovado Coffee that makes it more exciting? Lemme' count the reason why. (Just from my personal opinion)

One thing I liked about Great Taste Muscovado is that it has a different "hagod" because it's got the perfect taste of both sweetness and bold rich taste for coffee. 

For only Php7.00 per sachet, it is indeed friendly on our pockets. As they say in the vernacular, 'pasok sa budget.' Any regular Pinoy would be able to afford a cup of Great Taste Muscovado every day. 

Since it has Muscovado sugar, it is considered healthier than those that use the white sugar. Muscovado sugar is often touted as a natural, unrefined alternative to brown sugar. It owes its strong flavor, high moisture and ultra-dark color to molasses, the "impurity" that's stripped out of more refined sugars. 

Enjoy a cup of Great Taste Muscovado that's sure to capture every Filipino's penchant for coffee. It is now being sold in groceries and supermarkets nationwide. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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