Saturday, December 16, 2017

Edmark International launches ED2E Cashless Mobile App

Edmark International launches ED2E mobile app

Edmark International has been a pioneer multi-level marketing and a well-loved brand in the industry in their 25 years of existence. They have provided opportunities for Filipinos as well as further improve the health conditions of Pinoys. With a vision to alleviate existing health conditions aside from providing business opportunities in the MLM industry, Edmark recently held an Expo as they launched the ED2E mobile app at the World Trade Center last December 11, 2017. 

One of the many advocacies of Edmark is to help alleviate obesity

Edmark helps in the fight against obesity
With all the Edmark executive present during the media briefing, the ED2E Mobile app is meant to be convenient for cashless transactions among members of the Edmark family. 

Edmark International executives during the press conference

There are between 300,000 to 350,000 distributors of the products in the country. Chief Executive Officer , Mr. Yap Wai Yen said, ” ED2E allows us to unite our existing network of distributor and merchant. This is the key to endless possibilities.”

There were 11 branches all over the country and With world class manufacturing facilities bearing an ISO 22000:2005 certification, Edmark has consistently maintain and improve the quality and distribution of its products worldwide through its 1.2 million distributor.
Purple Plum Fairy had the opportunity and privilege to personally interview the man who started it all--the brain executive behind Edmark, Mr. Sam Low. Mr. Low shared with us how Edmark started from really humble beginnings and how it came about to realize his dreams. He also shared how he trusted the first Filipino he's met, Mr. Joey Urquia, and the rest, as they say is now history. Check out my previous interview with Mr. Sam Low.

The ED2E Cashless Mobile App

Actor Gerald Anderson also made a special appearance during the grand launch
Corporate Social Responsibility – Based on Edmark’s 4 Pillars of Success- Gratitude, Abundance, Love and Compassion, the foundation was formed with the aim of helping communities through health and business education while raising the awareness of entrepreneurship.
For more information , Please visit or email them at hotline numbers (02) 350-6089

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