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Dr. Ron Samaniego of ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic: A Game Changer in Health and Wellness

Meet the #gamechanger and rockstar doctor himself Dr. Ron Samaniego

I hardly ever write reviews especially health related ones because I know I’m no expert in that field. But I felt the service received by fellow Filipinos from one of the most sought after (and probably the first Doctor of Physical Therapy in the country) good-looking doctor named Dr. Ron Samaniego were so exemplary, it deserved one.

 If you’re into social media and you’ve been using Facebook, then I’m pretty sure you must’ve seen Dr. Ron’s sponsored video ads of his ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic on your news feeds. I had no idea I will be given the chance to meet the #gamechanger on health and physical wellness one day. But I did and I’m here to share with you what I have learned from him.

Purple Plum Fairy listens intently to what Dr.  Roni has been sharing us all.

Dr. Ron is the owner, operator and like I said earlier, he’s probably the first and only Filipino doctor of Physical Therapy in the country today. He came to Chicago, USA after tucking a degree and went on to become the doctor that he is now. The best thing about him is that although his work is more lucrative in Chicago, he had chosen to share his knowledge and expertise among his fellow Filipinos.  
Up close and personal, he could be John Lloyd Cruz' older brother

A dead ringer for actor John Lloyd Cruz, Dr. Ron Samaniego's name may not ring a bell yet for many, but for those people whose lives he was able to improve and had the chance to become his patients, they believe that his name will soon become a household word for everyone. 

Dr. Ron Samaniego patiently discussed his passion with his profession.

When he first came home to the country last year, Dr. Ron received a lot of flak because nobody wanted to collaborate with him. He also learned that we don’t have a clinic for physical therapy in the Philippines. Instead we rely on rehabilitation doctors who work hand-in-hand with local PTs who still follows the old school way of treating patients. And because Dr. Ron felt the need to help and become of service to his fellow Pinoys, he opened his very first clinic in Mandaluyong City in October of 2015. 

Bloggers who were lucky to have met the man of the hour: Dr. Ron Samaniego

Dr. Ron simply wanted to introduce the innovative and proper way of treating patients, things that he has learned during his practice as a physical therapy doctor in Chicago. He decided to turn into social media and used Facebook as his venue to share his videos as he treats his patients which later turned viral. And he wasn’t expecting such a huge turn out with a massive inquiries of patients after patients.

Pretty soon, Dr. Ron was able to branch out in other parts of the metro. His clinic caters to musculoskeletal problems. “I want people to get better. I wouldn’t come all the way from Chicago to Manila if I’m not passionate about treating people. I’m serious about changing the way people are treated here so I’d like to make use of what I’ve learned and share them with my staff so that more people will benefit from them,” enthuses Dr. Ron.

“We’re also planning to put up more clinics so that they can be made available nationwide. So far we have one provincial clinic (in Sta. Rosa Laguna) and another one in Pampanga. We'll soon be found in Bulacan, Eastwood and Abad Santos. We’d also like to put up clinics in Cebu and Davao by next year.”

Although I haven’t really had the chance to try ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic, I heard from friends that it truly had top notch service, facilities and care. I am impressed how Dr. Ron integrates other beneficial therapies into his practice. A friend of mine who had been his patient said that he has never experienced such a thorough approach to health, wellness and recovery until he has met and became a patient of Dr. Ron’s ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic. According to my friend, he has referred several people and everyone who gives it a try is happy with their results.

Dr. Ron was also very kind and had patience as my blogger friends asked a million questions about pain resolution and options. Thank you for your professionalism and educated efforts for us to learn more about physical therapy.

“We’re no magicians though. If we try to help you feel better about your health conditions and by the end of the first session, we will be able to assess if we can do something to help improve your condition better. If we think you need surgery, we will honestly recommend you to do such.”

With Dr. Ron’s comprehensive knowledge on physical therapy medicine + his good looks and rockstar ‘cool’ attitude that puts his patients at ease, optimal health and relief will be experienced.  Now if THAT doesn’t say how great his clinics are, I don’t know what it does.

Purple Plum Fairy herself had a photo opp with Dr. Ron Samaniego

He has been incredible at fixing issues in the short term and more importantly long term. I would recommend ActiveLife Chicago  Physical Therapy clinic without any reservation. Dr. Ron is knowledgeable (backed with 17 years of experience and practice) and up to date on all the latest techniques and modalities. As a result he is able to modify and adjust each treatment as necessary.

So again, what makes Dr. Ron Samaniego's ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic special? From Dr. Ron's website, here's what they say:

  • We are not your typical physical therapists. We employ the power of laser therapy, manual therapy and other revolutionary tools to make your healing go faster! Chances are, you're no longer an athlete, and we believe that exercises might not be for everyone. Therefore, hot packs and electrical stimulation is not really our style.
  • Toning tables are ideal for geriatric or injured populations due to the relaxation of over-used muscles and tightening of under-used muscles; this is done through the equal stimulation of deeply positioned postural control muscles. They are also reported to tone and tighten stomach and shoulder muscles to re-position the rib cage, pelvis and shoulders. They also attempt to stimulate increased blood, lymph and general body fluid circulation, which has been found to be problematic in people who find normal exercise and even walking difficult.
  • Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure, meaning that it does not require a surgical incision. This means that there is no prolonged recovery time. Laser therapy also does not involve taking any medications, and many patients prefer to avoid taking medications. Studies have so far found that cold laser therapy does not have serious side effects when used properly by a doctor. Most of all, it's FDA approved.

For now, allow me to schedule an appointment with our #gamechanger doctor. 

 SERVICES OFFERED: sports rehab, post surgery rehab, acute and chronic pain therapy, vestibular rehab, shockwave, hands free ultrasound and stim combo.

You can find Dr. Ron Samaniego in the following ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinics:

415 Cityland Shaw Tower Mandaluyong City. Phone: (02) 997-5704 or (0977) 292 2215
Mon to Fri 9am- 6pm (until 5pm for walk-in)
Saturdays 9am-4pm (until 3pm for walk-in)

1472-1476 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Unit 805
Near Crossings Mall/National Bookstore
(0977) 290 0650
Mon toSat
You can walk in between 10-4

303 Philippine Business Bank corporate center 1906 Finance drive Madrigal Center 1, Alabang, Muntinlupa (Same building as Ringside)
Pls call or text (0977) 292 1917 or (02) 772 0719 to schedule an appointment or walk in.
Mon to Sat
You can walk in between 10-4

12 Concepcion Condo Unit 212 & 214
General Concepcion, Bagong Barrio Caloocan City. Behind BIR building along Edsa before Monumento Circle.
Free Consultation
Mon to Sat 10-4 for walk ins
0995-840-7772 Globe
0950-634-7925 Smart

Gymboree Building Brain Train center Unit 108
Sta. Rosa Business Park, Greenfield,
Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Behind Medical City Santa Rosa
Now open Mon to Sat
Walk-ins between 10-3
Free consultation
(0995) 8441166 (Globe)
(0950) 6347938 (Talk N Text)

Room 708 BPI Condominium Bldg
150 Plaza Cervantes Street
Binondo, Manila
Free consultation
Mon to Saturday
10-3 for walk ins
(02) 2435398

Marian Medical Arts Building Unit 213
Dahlia, Fairview
Behind FEU
(02) 461 3322 or 0915-497-9469
Main office: (02) 997-5704
Mon to Sat
12-6:30 pm for walk ins

302 Travelers Inn Condotel Makati Avenue Makati City (near A Venue and City Gaden Hotel)front of Savory Resto...AUB bank on the ground flr..Maroon bldg
Mon-Sat 10-4
Makati Office (02) 772 81 54
Globe (0915) 002 8465

Room 205, #214 Felipe Crisostomo Bldg. Sumulong Highway, Mayamot Antipolo
Very Close to SM Masinag
(02) 897-9588 or 0927-852-8027
Antipolo Active Life Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic Schedule:
Free Consultation
Monday and Wednesday 11am-5pm
Friday 10am-4pm

Unit 702 IPI Buendia Tower, Sen Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City
From Buendia LRT Station, walk or drive towards Ayala.
It's across Imarflex and the u-turn for jeepneys and along KFC and Wendys.
(0995) 9441967 (Globe)
(0908) 4257405 (Smart)
Free Consultation
Mon-Wed-Friday-Sat 10am- 5pm
Suundays 10am-3pm

Unit 11-E Palm Spring Condo, 30th st. Corner 1st ave BGC Taguig
Near BIR
09959441937 (globe)
09204169849 (smart)
Free consult
Mon-Tue-Th-Sat 10 am to 4 pm.

Aria place. Unit 201B Jose Abad Santos Avenue San Fernando, Pampanga
09216560845 (Smart)
09052260914 (Globe) 
Free consultation

You may follow Dr. Ron's ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic on their social media platforms:


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