Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lemon Kiss Apparel for Little Young Miss

When I had Ireeze Charlz whom we fondly call Icy, everyone in the household were delighted. After all, our first born Kyle is a boy. A baby girl is more fun to dress up because there are a lot of choices when it comes to apparel and accessories. Icy who's now seven loves to dress up. I was surprised that she has her own fashion statement. Unlike other kids her age whom you could just let them wear whatever apparel it is that you want them to. Icy is a budding fashionista who would always want to have it her way when it comes to clothes she wears. She likes playful clothes that doesn't make her too grown up but still exudes fab, glam and fashion just like the kiddie clothing brand called Lemon Kiss

Lemon Kiss was launched in 2013. The first time Icy had her very own Lemon Kiss clothing was when she saw its rack in SM Department stores. She was so excited trying out all the awesome collection of clothing for girls. She had that awe in her eyes as she saw herself in the fitting room and she felt like she was ready to sashay down the runway when in truth she was just fitting and making her choice from the entire cute and adorable collections. 

Stylish, hip and colorful--Lemon Kiss is the perfect clothing brand for our kids. They're still young yet no longer babies and they're still not ready for adult-looking clothes either. Instead, Lemon Kiss clothes spell comfy, trendy, fun and playful. They've got everything our kids will ever need: blouses, pants, skirts, shorts, overalls, jackets--they're especially made for girls ages 4-12 years old.

Check out some of their collections below:

Lemon Kiss Collections are available at SM Department stores nationwide. To be updated to their promos and new designs, please like their Facebook page at

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