Monday, March 2, 2015

Cosmetic Acupuncture for Instant Facelifts Now in the Philippines

Cosmetic Acupuncture in Manila at Teceruma Spa and Salon is believed to promote youthful skin.

Want to look younger but you're afraid to go under the knife? There's still HOPE. To give the face an instant lift, try the wonders of cosmetic acupuncture done the Cocona way by no less than Japan's number one Cosmetic Acupuncturist Cocoro Nakahara exclusively for at Teceruma Spa and Salon. Known as an ancient traditional Chinese medicine that involves pricking the skin, nerves and muscles with needles to alleviate pain and cure a host of ailments, cosmetic acupuncture addresses muscle aging. 

Combined with a more conventional and non invasive fast and easy procedure like Magic Lift, acupuncture is said to instantly tighten sagging muscles and improve blood circulation for a more glowing complexion. "Unlike other clinics, the acupuncture services we offer isn't only limited to the face. With no less than expert Japanese acupuncture Sensei Cocoro Nakahara himself in the house and our resident medical acupuncturist, our knowledge of acupuncture treats other body parts as well; since acupuncture is known and accepted even in the West to help treat various conditions," enthuses, Ms. Maria Teresa Docabo Herbs, President and CEO of Teceruma Spa and Salon. 

Japan's popular cosmetic acupuncturist with growing clientele, Cocoro Nakahara.

Acupuncture is able to address a person's sagging facial muscles without having to undergo surgery. People in their 40's, 50's and even those in their 60's will surely benefit from this cosmetic acupuncture procedure. 

Mr. John Herbst, Teceruma Chairman welcomes guests during the launch.

Acupuncture is great because it stimulates the skin to contract and in the process increases collagen production. They don't just address sagging facial muscles and poor blood circulation. As a person ages, her facial blood vessels also shrink, resulting in dark, uneven skin tone. “The face is the only part of the body where skin and muscles are stuck together. When a person is young, the muscles of the face are rounder, shorter and more contracted. Thus, you can see the contours of a young person’s face.”

Mr. Herbst with Mr. International 2015 Neil Perez
Cocoro Nakahara answers the Q and A from the press.

Contrary to some beliefs, it isn't only fat that gives the face its volume. It turns out that muscles also does its work to make the face look rounder, younger and more relaxed. As a person ages, these facial muscles become longer and looser as it loses its natural skin elasticity. 

You can do all sorts of noninvasive laser and radio-frequency procedures aimed at tightening the skin, but the effects are limited because the sagging muscles underneath remain untouched. Between skin and muscles, the muscles prevail in the end because they’re thicker and heavier than skin. That's why with the launching of Teceruma Spa and Salon's latest treatment---Cosmetic Acupuncture, all of the above mentioned dilemma will have a solution. With a thousand year old practice, it's the only noninvasive procedure that causes facial muscles to contract is acupuncture. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture by Cocoro Nakahara is available at Teceruma Spa and Salon by appointment basis only. But is is really great news as Filipinos need not fly to Japan to undergo such a treatment. It saves them from time, visa, travel and money. 

Rates are as follows:

COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE by Cocoro Nakahara--Php5,980
COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE by a licensed local medical doctor--Php4,800
HAIR LOSS TREATMENT and Prevention via acupuncture: Php1,500

Pain Management:

Upper Body Acupuncture: Php2,000
Lower Body Acupuncture: Php2,000

Cosmetic Acupuncture Packages are available upon request with big discounts! 

Cocoro Nakahara Cosmetic Acupunture is exclusively available at Tecerru a Spa and Salon
BSA Twin Towers, 6th Floor, Unit 618 , Bank-Drive Ortigas Center (Back of SM Megamall A)
Mandaluyong City

Call 654-3099/ 0906-3884813/0908-5601061 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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