Friday, December 5, 2014

Bianca Gonzalez Launches Her First Book: Paano Ba' To? How to SurviveGrowing Up

The first time I saw multi-hyphenated TV host/Model/editor/columnist Bianca Gonzalez was in a Pantene Shampoo advertisement more than a decade ago. We actually had three things in common: we were both part of ABS-CBN's Concept Development Group as brainstormers where we conceptualized programs and work on scripts to be pitch in for future TV shows. And just like Bianca Gonzalez, I used to write for glossy magazine publications. I also dream of writing my own book. So it was nice to hear that Bianca Gonzalez dream has finally been realized. She had just recently launched her first book entitled "Paano Ba' to? How to Survive Growing up" where Bianca Gonzalez shares her sound advices, thoughts on fashion, love, life--basically one practical guide for youngsters. 

My blogger friend Melanie Medrano came to represent Purple Plum Fairy to Bianca Gonzalez' Paano Ba' to? Book How to Survive Growing Up Signing activity held at the National Book Store in Trinoma Mall. "I'm so excited and honored to share with everyone my one-year-in-the-making-dream-project-book!," Bianca enthused. "Paano Ba' To? how to Survive Growing Up" is dedicated to every girl in their teens, 20's or even 30's with questions about how to handle issues on family, friendship, love, career, fashion, beauty, career, fashion, self-image and more.

During the said book signing, Bianca shared a part of herself to her fans, "I'm lucky to have had amazing people guide me with all my struggles growing up. So now I'd like to share my thoughts through my book with other young girls who may need the same advice I needed." "In my book, "Paano Ba' To?" I give advice to real questions asked by young girls, list up my personal and biggest life lessons and I also got a few celebrity friends like Tim Yap, Toni Gonzaga, Atom Araullo and Iza Calzado to share their best life advice as well," said Bianca.

"I conducted several FGDs with groups of friends, people and followers to find out ano ang issues nila and the questions they asked. And based on that the thickest section is on love, and self-confidence. Love is always a big issue, and finding yourself, your confidence – everyone can relate to that,” she said.

"I used to think only Palanca writers are capable to write a good book. But when my good friend and stylist Liz Uy came out with her own book last year. I said it's about time I make my own and make my long-time dream come true." 

"I knew I wanted to release the book this year, before getting married, because the statement was I am entering a new chapter in my life and this is what I want to share about when I was single. "

Bianca Gonzalez had truly been blessed as she had just married her fiancĂ© basketball player JC Intal and she came out with her dream book. Now officially Mrs. Bianca Gonzakez-Intal, the only thing on her bucket list that she's like to pursue someday would be to study film. 

Check out Bianca Gonzalez' book "Paano Ba' To? How to Survive Growing Up" available at National Book Store branches. Follow Bianca Gonzalez, now Mrs. Intal on her Instagram account @iamsuperbianca.

Special thanks to Mel Medrano, photo credits to blogger Pier Angeli Ang Sen and taken from Bianca Gonzalez personal Instagram account and to the lovely Sky Gavin for the book signing invite.

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