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My Brief Encounter with Fisher Price Ambassador Ms. Carrie Lupoli

Ms. Lupoli with Mattel Brand manager for Southeast Asia Ms. Lai Kwan Wong

 Fisher Price, the popular educational toy we all love recently brought in Chief Mum and most sought-after parenting speaker and Fisher Price Ambassador Ms. Carrie Lupoli to a one-day parenting talk held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. Moms flocked to the said event to learn more from our parenting expert.
 We all know that being a mom doesn’t come with a manual. Bearing and rearing kids are two different things. And once you’ve become a mother, you can’t ask for a day’s leave. You have to be a mom 24/7. And for most moms, whether a working mom or a stay-at-home-mom, balancing your time with a lot of stuff that you need to do can be a difficult task. When I became an instant mom back in 2002, I remember groping in the dark on what to do and how to become the best mother I could possibly be. I devoured on parenting books, made my research online and asked friends to be able to get by.
 As moms, we’re blessed to be given this great opportunity to mold a child into a useful citizen one day. I really thank God for parenting experts such as Ms. Carrie. I had been privileged to meet her before she flies back to Singapore courtesy of Richprime Global Inc the distributor of Fisher Price toy. She was such an awesome mom! It was such a brief encounter but it I’d have to say it was well worth our time because she was able to share so many helpful tips on how to properly raise our kids well. Ms. Lupoli had been so generous in sharing her own personal experience as a mother.

Ms. Lupoli believes that it is very important for mothers to have their own “me-time” in order to ‘recharge’ and ‘de-stress’ from all the stuff that they do every single day. Whether it is as simple as a coffee break or a luxurious pampering spa treatment, mothers deserve such break. “There are also key components to my parenting style. Love is always at the core of it. But I believe that if you truly love a child, you have to set or make a firm relationship with them, like a mentor. Eventually, I’d like my children to know that I am also their friend while setting limits for manners and discipline, for those areas the fun way. They can’t get away with everything but they are not afraid to come to me and tell me their problems,” shares Lupoli.

The author with Ms. Lupoli

Before the end of the said brief encounter, Lupoli says that we should all leave our kids with a big box containing everything that we wanted our kids to have when they grow old or when they eventually walk away as adults. Of course, we had to make sure that we fill this box with only positive traits and attitude. “We leave our kids these boxes so that one day they’ll be independent adults or when they go off on their own. Our goal as parents is to raise independent adults. And our job as parents is to fill in that box with good things while they are still with us. What do you fill your box? Let me tell you, I had some things in my box that I wanted to remove, like yelling. My family yells a lot, like anger. And that is something within my box that I do not want to have and trying to remove and not put on my kids’ boxes. What things do want to leave your children with? Love, empathy, respect, faith, hardwork, academic skills…hopefully, all the good things. So that one day when our kids move out, they’ll have these box filled with great things that they can unpacked if they needed. We have what we need to have a great box.  A lot of people think that they should just leave it to the teachers or to someone with a degree in child development, but what it takes to be a really good mom to your children is simply to be there for our kids. It’s about the quality of time that we spend with them, making them our priority. Love them unconditionally. We are raising children—a human being, it takes awesome of responsibility. They are a different kid when they were 0-5 year old and they’d be another kid when they’re around 10 year old.  Let’s remember to use play based, joyful, child initiating, encouraging and responsible learning.” 

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