Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make your dining table pretty with Melawares

Using plastics on our dining table had become the more practical alternative than using really heavy plates we're all used to. It prevents 'accidentally breaking plates or cups' and makes eating easier for kids. At home or at fast food chains, plastic tableware is used every day, but how can you be very sure that it’s safe to use? It is recommended, however, that the use of plastic tableware should not be just any brand. It has to be a trusted one—Melawares—for the sake of the family’s health and safety.

 Melawares, one of the most trusted brands of tableware from CDC Manufacturing Corporation, knows the possible dangers of getting harmful chemicals in your food when using inferior-quality brands so CDC Manufacturing Corporation made sure that their melamine tableware are of premium quality and safe for the family. With over 30 years in the tableware business, Melawares has more than enough knowledge to develop quality melamine products the market needs. So what makes Melawares apart from other plastic brands? Melawares only uses imported and 100% “melamine” in making their tableware. Other plastic products may only be using “urea” as their raw material. The difference between the two materials is that when melamine sets, it doesn’t migrate or “contaminate” the food we eat, while urea mixes with food and may cause health hazards, particularly in the digestive and respiratory systems.

Melamine is also durable, stain resistant and heat resistant. Urea, on the other hand, is a material of substandard quality and is vulnerable to stains, less durable and less heat resistant. For hot food, it will be a disadvantage and may cause substandard plastic tableware to chip or melt and become deformed.

 people would opt for the most affordable products to use at home, but getting plastic tableware with no assurance of quality may pose risks for the family. Urea-based tableware is known to be cheaper than melamine-based products, but would you rather choose to go cheap just to save a few pesos if it would put your family’s health at risk? You’d probably end up spending more for hospital bills or medicine in the process.

 Melawares made it a point to keep their products affordable without sacrificing quality. It is a rare feat nowadays to find household products manufactured in the Philippines accepted by consumers so CDC Manufacturing Corporation makes it a point to continue to innovate. The company will soon launch new and eco-friendly products, a testament to its innovative and visionary business and product development philosophy.

“We understand the discerning requirements of Filipinos when it comes to their tableware needs, which is why we continue to develop and design our products exclusively for them,” Ms. Chriselda Chua, Marketing Manager for CDC Manufacturing Corporation, said.

At present, CDC Manufacturing Corporation has four brands aside from Melawares, the classic brand that carries high-quality melamine tableware products. There is Bestware, Urban Kitchen, and Perfect Dining, and is also the leading manufacturer of customized dinnerware for Quick Service Restaurants serving some of the biggest names in the food industry.

Make your tableware melamine. Make it Melawares. For more information about Melawares, go to

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