Monday, June 6, 2011

QPlus Releases New Products

QPlus Releases New Products

I had never heard of QPlus until bloggers were invited to one of their Super Saturday gatherings held at  the Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood City.  For those totally clueless what QPlus is all about, QPlus is an international network marketing leader which offers business opportunities, outstanding health and wellness products. On that day we were invited to their event, they unveiled its latest products and services designed to improve health and promote wellness.  These were the revolutionary Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis, the Ole Leaf Extract nutritional supplement and the Amezcua Lifestyle set.

Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis is a new wellness concept available from Amezcua Vital Life center. The state-of-the-art procedure, developed over decades is non-invasive procedure that examines trace elements in the hair, enabling trained health professionals to determine one’s overall health and nutritional state by examining the cells in one’s hair. Once the levels of toxins, pathogens, food sensitivities and nutritional requirements have been examined, an Amezcua staff can then recommend a specifically-tailored regimen to assist the patient on the road to wellness, correcting existing health problems while preventing future ones. This Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis is exclusively available at the Amezcua Vital Life Center.

Ole Olive Leaf Extract is a nutritional supplement that claims to have five times the antioxidant potential of Vitamin C. Developed from years of study that began with the isolation of a class of chemical compound called phenols, it has been consistently proven that olive leaf extract contains wealth of nutrients and vitamins beneficial to the human immune system. An excellent antioxidant, Ole not only slows oxidative damage, but is also powerful combatant against free radicals when combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise. 

I had been using Ole Olive Leaf extract for four consecutive weeks now.  The first time I had it, I was a bit hesitant to try it.  I never liked taking medicines and supplements. I was also thinking if it tasted good. Supplement from a leaf extract? “Eeew!” was my initial reaction. I thought it must’ve tasted like leaves. But since I figured that the best way to blog about this is for me to try the product for myself.  So I had given it a try—I realized it didn’t tasted that bad.  It’s like taking molasses or a cough medicine. It had that peppermint taste that wasn’t too sweet nor too bitter. I even shared a bottle with my 8-year-old nephew Kyle. He likes taking Ole by putting it on his juice drink.
Mr. Ferdie Tolentino and Ms. Donna Imson of QPlus
Ms. Donna Imson related her previous work experience and recommends networking to stay-at-home moms.

Mr. Ferdie Tolentino, QPlus Diamond Independent representative.
 And I’d have to say that I had it tested the first few times I tried it. You see, I am the type who easily catches coughs and cold when I go out at night or when I am without an umbrella during a rain. I’ve noticed that when I started taking Ole as supplement, for the record, I even bathed in the rain on a day I had totally forgotten to bring an umbrella, but I never had a cold or cough. This is NOT a paid blog post. I am really speaking based on my own experience with taking Ole Olive Leaf Extract.
So if you want to try Qplus Ole Olive Leaf Extract as well as their other health products, you may call them up at (632) 626-2200 or better yet, visit their office at 7th Flr. Tower One, Rockwell Business Center, Block 4 Meralco Compound, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.  Check out their website

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