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Moms @ Work Seminar

 Moms @ Work Seminar
The invites/flyers to the said event.
Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan on her 8th month of pregnancy on her 5th baby.
My Mom and I had been privileged enough to attend another parenting seminar by parenting advocate/columnist/book author/celebrity mom Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, held recently at One Rockwell in Makati City.  It was a half-day seminar with special guests like advertising guru Ms. Emily Abrera and TV host/endorser/celebrity mom Ms. Donita Rose Cavett-Villarama.
Ms. Donita Rose talked about personal issues and being a mom.
What I had totally loved about this seminar was the use of Meridian Audience Response by Business Works. Using this state-of-the-art technology of polling, it was so easy to answer all the questions posted during each topic because you won’t have to reveal your identity so you could honestly answer each question and just be yourself.  There was even a question when five percent of the moms who attended said that their husbands annoyed them the most.
I was able to learn that ninety-five percent of the nannies do not get to eat on time because they would always put the kids first—all the time, sometimes to a fault that they’d even forgotten to eat. According to Mommy Maricel, as parents we should divide our time into three areas: work, family and self. It is very important to put a special rank to self. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that you forget your family, so there’s nothing to be guilty about it.  
Each family, just as in a regular company, must have their own mission vision statement, i.e. “To know God and enjoy His presents, that together as one family, you embrace everyday values in whatever circumstances you face.” It is completely normal for most mothers to feel guilty each time they’d go to a store to buy something they like for themselves, say some signature clothes or a trip to the spa or salon to have their hair fix. What most mommies would do is to turn away and directly go to the children’s section and purchase something for their kids again, totally forgetting of their own desire because they often thought that giving in to it felt like not being a good mom.  But mommies are humans. They also deserve to rest (like going to a spa for a massage), relax (at a salon for a beauty fix) or get their desired shoes or bag or clothing to make them feel and look good.  Guilt is nothing but a useless emotion. Make sure that your family gets the best of you and not what’s left of you. If you’re an office mom, your company should get what it pays for when you go to work.  There’s a so-called triple bottom line: My work, my family and personal life.  Be sure to function in these areas and maximize your impact.  Some ten years ago, only two out of ten kids look up to their parents as role models. Failure of parents to be there for their children made this situation worse. Jose Rizal once quote that the future belongs to the children, and parents are in the best position to equipped them for the future.
Success isn’t all about fame and fortune. We should also teach our children to be compassionate. If we help improve the lives of others, that in itself is called success.  We need more well-rounded kids in this world. What do we mean by well-rounded?
Kids nowadays are more connected with the rest of the world by using technology-based gadgets such as television, PDA phones, laptop and using the Internet. But even if we’re all together as family how sure are we that we are connected with our children’s hearts? We must be sensitive to their needs. We need to have certain structure to master our children as these gadgets often take away something truly valuable. We need to administer strict guidelines in using the benefits of these technology gadgets. We are stewards of our children. Teach them to love and share with others.
Never bring the office into our homes. Learn to manage time. Have a quiet time all to yourself. No one ever said that YOU CANNOT. You aim for it and you must be convinced. It all lies in the mindset of heart and soul. The universe is infinite and so is the goodness of God.

Speakers Ms. Emily Abrera and Ms. Donita Rose Cavett-Villarama.

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