Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific's First blog advertising community. It holds four offices in different countries such as the Philippines, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Their clients are really big name brands such as Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Nokia and Nestle to name a few. They are first class because aside from advertising, they also help out bloggers like me and supports us in every step of the way. They held out workshops/seminars, invites bloggers in other gatherings such as movie screenings, family day, parties and other events for camaraderie and socialization. They also give out contests with amazing prizes to boot! All these and many more are the reasons why Nuffnang is first class.

What makes Hapee toothpaste first class? I have often been a toothpaste addict. Ever since I had my braces way back in junior high school, I had been very particular with cleaning my teeth, to the point of going OC (obsessive compulsive). I'd like to think that the very reason why I got so addicted on cleaning my teeth was because of the fact that my Mom, in particular, spent a good fortune on my braces and maintenance that I must do everything I can to clean them. You might find me weird for saying these things, but believe me, after my braces were off, I felt like crying because I thought I'd have to part ways with something I had grown up with.

I'd make sure I would have with me my toothbrush along with my kikay kit everywhere I go.(Yes, it's been my constant companion). I need my reliable toothpaste all the time. It is a MUST for all my travels. I can do away with makeup and other kikay stuff on my bag, but not anything hygienic such as toothpaste and toothbrush. And I do not mean just any brand---I want something that makes my teeth clean, white and will give me fresh breath for hours, something that helps to prevent carries and cavities.  My first brand as a kid wasn't really that good because it's like putting too much money on toothpaste alone. It wasn't really practical, and I wanted to have the same quality or perhaps even better quality but more friendly on my budget. So I had to find another brand that fits well in my pocket. My orthodontist then, introduced the brand Hapee to me. I'm so glad I made the switch. I immediately ditched my old brand and made Hapee toothpaste my kind of brand, and I've never been this hapee-er since then.

I liked the fact that it's Filipino-made, the first ever actually. It's also been recommended by the Philippine Dental Association, and made by Filipino trusted company--Lamoiyan Corporation. It's not heavy on the pocket, it is world-class on its own. For me, they are not just first, but truly world class. I also admire that Lamoiyan Corporation even employs hearing impaired Filipinos and provides college scholarships for them as well. Now, that's really admirable, you can't see that in any ordinary company, right?

I am so in love with Hapee Toothpaste's Night Mint because it's got all I ever wanted in a toothpaste--it's got whitening and chamomile extract.  It's the toothpaste that works overnight. It soothes my senses with a relaxing blend of chamomile calmness, and peaceful peppermint. It's the toothpaste that works overnight even while you sleep and the next day, it's so great to wake up knowing your bad morning breaths have all gone!

My favorite Hapee toothpaste variant.

Hapee Toothpaste and Nuffnang goes well together because both are really well known as first class companies in Asia. Hapee produces excellent products, while Nuffnang delivers excellent services. Both companies aren't just first class for me, but world-class on their respective fields.

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