Monday, May 9, 2011

CPK Art Attack Workshop:Learning Arts, Crafts and Camaraderie

Kyle with Luis Labii showing off their masterpieces. 

I have made a blog post plugging California Pizza Kitchen's Free Art Workshop a couple of weeks ago. And last Saturday, May 7, 2011, Kyle and I were able to finally attend one of the said art workshops at the Rockwell branch of CPK. The materials were actually provided by the facilitators.  The kids had truly enjoyed the workshop--they learned how to color properly, do cut-outs of different shapes and sizes and most of all, they learned the value of camaraderie.

Kyle with fellow participants of the said workshop.
"I was able to gain friends. And I had fun doing art with Luis. He's such an amazing friend," said Kyle when I asked him how did he find the workshop. Kyle said he was thankful to have Luis because they were the only thorns among the roses. "I wish more boys could attend next time," he adds.

Kyle created this mask for Art workshop.
Kyle said he made his mask in red because Hyenas are fierce and are good in hunting. "I made my self-portrait with baby Francine (who in reality is his aunt) because I see myself someday taking care of her and becoming protective of her as her "Kuya".

Kyle had made his self-portrait with his baby aunt Francine Yllen.
I like having Kyle attend workshops such as these. Even Lourdes Labii, Luis' mom says the same thing. "I let my kids enjoy whatever it is that they want. For as long as it benefits them, I'm willing to support them," Mommy Lourdes said. With Kyle, I've seen his interest on the arts early on and i'd say his drawings have greatly improved through the years. So whenever there's a chance to hone his talent and potential, especially when it's for free such as these, I let him join. I know more than discovering his talents, unleashing potentials, he will gain more by exposing him to these productive activities. He's able to express himself and interact with kids his age. 

Mommies, there's two more remaining Saturdays to get your kids into this free art workshop from CPK. All you need to do is register (because there will only be 20 slots per branch) via email or call the branch you'd want to attend in. 

Let your kids enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation...

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