Monday, May 9, 2011

Alaska Family Run: Families had a blast!

Families run at the gun start.

It was early in the morning, around 4AM, but I felt a sense of adrenaline rush as we head over to SM Mall of Asia even before the sun rises.  It was quite unfortunate that the MRT hasn’t even started their operations at such an early Saturday morning.  We had no choice but to commute via riding a bus. Since it was a weekend, there was no traffic and the road to SM MOA had been a breeze.

Its’ May 7, 2011—the day we had been waiting for—The Alaska Family Run and the Alaska Ironkids Philippines was both held on that day, in the very same venue along Sunset Boulevard in SM Mall of Asia.  It’s Mommy Rica and Kyle’s first marathon and we all had been excited about it. For others, 3 kilometers are easy, but for beginners like them who never had any experience in running that far—it’s quite a feat, especially for Mommy’s age (Yeah, I won’t divulge your age here though…unless I want to get killed later on.) and Kyle’s condition too (He just came from an accident, remember?). But since both of them had insisted that I let them join, so I had given them my permission.

Kyle posting on the 3K map before the race.
When we got there, Kyle and Mommy Rica immediately proceeded to the secretariat for a few questions and briefing.  I went there to give them my support and also as a spectator. It was also my first time to watch such a marathon where kids and adults alike bonded as families. I even saw Mommies with toddlers on strollers joining the race. I liked the fact that fathers with sons and daughters would give each other hugs and high-fives after finishing the race. I watched on and played as photographer for the day.  While waiting for them on the finish line, I was surprised to see fellow mommy bloggers and their families who joined the race like Joy Mendiola of among others. But they were in the 5K race. Even sportscaster Anthony Suntay and his son joined in the race too.

The Grandma and Grandson tandem after reaching the finish line. 
The finishers shirt given to all racers who made it to the finish line. 
It was too bad that the grandma and grandson tandem of Kyle and Mommy Rica did not know how they fared during the race. “We did not bother to look at the clock,” said Kyle. “We were just so happy to finish the race together,’ added Mommy Rica.
They had so much fun that day. They went home with Alaska Finishers Shirts and loot bags.  In the end, Kyle begs, “Can I join in some more races? I’d like to join the Ironkids one day. They have finishers medal.” Hmmm…I’ll think about that first. He’s only eight. Coach Jojo Macalintal told my aunt that if he had his way, he discourages kids below eighteen to run in marathons because it might prevent them from growing tall or they’ll have stunted growth. I don’t know if there were scientific basis about that, but it’s best to listen to the pro. I just said yes to Alaska Family Run because I wanted Kyle and Mommy to bond together in a sure fun way.
As for my Mommy Rica, well, she totally had a blast that she’d been thinking of running some more. In fact, she’ll be running in another event this Sunday from Trinoma Mall to Quezon City Memorial Circle. I had no idea how many kilometers that is though. But I’m wishing her luck. There seems to be no stopping her from getting into running. What can I say? She better make use of the expensive purple running shoes I had given her.

Purple Plum Fairy thanks the people behind Alaska Family Run and Mr. Alfredo Vedarozaga of 

To all running enthusiasts, keep it up and break a leg!


  1. I'm happy that we (I and Alaska) were able to give joy and fun to you on this event. Sayang hindi ako nakapunta, wala kasi ako mahiram na bata who could also run with me, lol!

    Anyway, congratulations to Kyle and Mommy Rica, I hope to see you again soon in more running events.

    Break A Leg,



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