Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easing School Transitions

“The only thing constant in this life is change.” That old adage can be difficult for some adults to swallow. Just imagine how hard it will be for your child when he gets his first taste at it! This school year, your child may start his first school day at school, move to a new one, or progress from preschool to big school. Whatever the change, it may bring about high levels of anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty. Here are some ways to ease the school transition for your child:
Join an orientation seminar. Visit the school with your child before regular classes begin. Get acquainted with his new teachers, take a look at his new classroom, and show him where he’ll be dropped off and picked up.
Discuss a typical day. Talk about what your child will do on a typical day at school. Highlight the exciting parts. But, discuss potential trouble spots and tell him what he should do in case a problem occurs.
Be there. On the first weeks of school, prioritize your child. Try to take a leave from work on the very first day. Be extra attentive to his concerns (no matter how little they may seem) and show empathy to his issues and feelings.
Stay positive. Help your child focus on good events of the day like making new friends or joining a sports team. Remind him that, in time, he will overcome his worries and enjoy school again. 

Happy Mother's day!

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