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Kodanda Archery Range Makati: A Good Way to Develop Focus + Relieve Your Stress!

I'm not really an athletic type of person but I'm a big fan of sports. I've always been fascinated with archery ever since I saw Legolas' character (played by actor Orlando Bloom) on J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings movie adaptation. So when I was given the chance to try it, I decided to grab the chance. Unfortunately, I've also been experiencing muscle spasm on my left arm during the time of my visit so it was my beloved Kyle who tried a hand at it. It was his first time and he was really very excited. Whether you have a bow already or you’re interested in trying archery for the first time, Kodanda Archery Range is the best place to start. “Archery range” refers to a space designed for shooting bows and arrows. 

Even his Royal Highness, Prince William tried his archery skills.

Located at the basement of Makati Cinema Square along Chino Roces (formerly Pasong Tamo), Kodanda Archery Range is a seven-lane, fully air-conditioned range which prides itself as the first and only indoor and open to the public (does not require membership) archery range in Makati. The name Kodanda stemmed from the Sanskrit word for he who has a bow”, a companion of Rama as he overcomes evil in Ramayana epic. If you'd like to try a hand in archery but don't want to spend much, Kodanda Archery Range is your best bet because this range has onsite free basic instructions from award-winning coaches aside from complete set of rental bows and arrows even quiver and finger tab, if you still don't have one + a wide range of archery equipment for sale. 

If you're like Kyle and it’s your first time shooting, the onsite instructor will spend a few minutes with you to brief you some do's and don'ts (although it's printed on a poster on the wall.) He'll also show you how to assemble and safely string your bow. Whether you have a compound or recurve bow, they’ll work with you to ensure the bow fits you properly. Kodanda Archery Range will require you a "mini lesson" or beginner archery basic lesson to learn safety basics and correct shooting technique. While shooting, you’ll be required to use an arm guard and a finger tab. These protect the inside of the arm that holds the bow, and the fingers that hook the bowstring.

Kyle happily tries on his bow and arrow.

I used to have an athlete friend who had to give up her love for a certain sport because of her age. But with archery, whatever your age, gender or background, you’ll find your place in archery. As long as you've got the patience to practice your shoots, you'll be fine. 

One thing I've noticed with Kodanda, it may probably be a small archery range but it's being staffed by people who truly had the passion and the love for the sport. Ms. Ronna May Alvarez, for example, patiently answered all my queries about archery. I was syrprised to find out that she was a former member of the Philippine developmental team while her sister, Ronalyn who's also an instructor at Kodanda was a former Palarong Pambansa archery player. In fact, the Kodanda Archery Range head coach is none other than Syd Nerickzon Fraginal, also a former Southeast Asian Games record holder (a member of the Philippine National Team). According to Ms. Ronna May, former olympian Jasmine Figueroa will also be part of the soon to be opened Kodanda branch in Alabang. You see, with Kodanda Archery Range, you're assured to be in good hands with the instructors' expertise and experience in both local and international competitions. 

Focused and determination to hit that yellow spot on the center.

Why try archery? 

It helps people to focus. With enough mind into the game, players can easily hit bulls eye. It is also a pretty good stress-reliever. If others want to have an outlet for stress and frustration, I think archery is a good way to let off some steam.

What to wear? Once you know that you’re going, choose clothes and shoes that are comfortable, since because you’ll be standing while you're shooting. Many archers wear jeans for practice, or athletic clothes; sports shoes, rubber shoes or sneakers for practice footwear.

In his excellent form, Kyle truly enjoyed his first archery experience.

Hourly rate is Php 550/person inclusive of the usage of international-standard equipment and safety gear, as well as basic archery coaching by expert teachers.

Php 200 range rental per person for those who already have their own gear.

Additional Php 30 if archers want to take home the target paper for souvenir.

Kids as young as seven years old can take beginner’s lessons. I was proud of Kyle because according to Ms. Ronna May, she saw a potential in Kyle since he's got a good stance, excellent focus and he's strong enough for his age (he's only 12 years old). If Kyle could take further lessons in archery, he could improve some more. Kyle has tried both his left and right hand in archery but he's predominantly left handed. 

            Kyle tried it using a right handed bow here. 

Try archery for a change and you'd be happy that you did! 

Kyle proudly shows off his lone bulls-eye. Not bad for a left-handed first-timer right? 

Overall, it was a fun and exciting experience for Kyle. Once I'm fully well with my muscle spasm, I vow to come back and try them myself. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the Legolas and Katniss Everdeen (of Mockingjay fame) within you by trying out archery. 

For reservation and further inquiry, you may reach Kodanda Archery Range through:

Contact numbers: 02) 621.9109 and (0932) 843.6614 – look for May
Operating hours: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM, Mondays to Sundays
Facebook page: Kodanda Archery Range

Special thanks to Mommy Maricel Tanguanco and Ms. Isay Roque. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. I 've always wanted to try archery. Thank you so much for sharing this!


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