Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aqua Mineral From The Dead Sea Product Review: Defy Aging + Giveaway!

At the age of 30, we start to lose collagen and skin elasticity. With the numerous factors to consider such as stress, cigarettes, pollution and other harmful free radicals, the skin gets more and more saggy each time we're exposed to these (sadly, it's almost everyday that we are exposed to these things). Don't fret though, hope is still within reach. We can still defy early signs of aging but only if we use the right skin care products. Have you heard of Aqua Minerals? I'm sure you've probably seen them at the malls  (just as I did) or must have heard about their amazing products because they've been around here in the Philippines for 6 years and had been enjoying the Asian market too in places like HongKong, Japan and Vietnam. Aqua Minerals products are made from the minerals found at the Dead Sea--the same one you read from the Holy Bible, located between Israel and Jordan. 

CosmetiGroup International Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Aqua Mineral Beauty Line products. Aqua Mineral beauty line combines both health and beauty benefits with its innovative, patented technology. So even upon instant application, you can feel and see the difference. It rejuvenates the skin and penetrates deeper, not just topical because the seaweed that exists in the dead sea is high in betacarotene. 

The Professional Nail Kit--Among all the other Aqua Mineral products, this is the first I've had encountered while shopping at the mall with a friend. We were ushered to their booth to try and sample their products, the lady buffed my nail for a few seconds and voila! It was like magic, my nails looked as if I came to a nail salon! It looked like it was given a natural polish when it was only treated with the Aqua Mineral Nail Kit. So the nail kit actually saves you both time and money because you no longer had to seek professional nail care when you can do it on your own at home with the help of Aqua Mineral Nail Kit. The best thing is, the "magical" board has a lifetime warranty. You can have them replaced anytime, free of charge. 

Aqua Minerals also had other lines such as facial care, body care, anti-aging among many others that suits different needs. Amongst the above mentioned products, I was able to try their body care line, particularly the Aqua Mineral Body Scrub and Body Butter. I've had the pleasure of using Aqua Mineral Body Scrub in Forest Dreams and Body Butter in Springtime. Forgive me if I sound like hard-sell here, but using Aqua Mineral body scrub is one of those luxurious baths I've ever had. My skin felt so smooth and supple after using the said body scrub. In fact, I no longer need to use my body lotion after my bath because the oil on the scrub seemed to have locked in the moisture. So it actually saves time and money because it hits two birds with one stone. 

The scrub salts from the Dead Sea have been proven to enhance beauty and regenerate the skin cells + help repair them which benefits those with psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin related problems. Using Aqua Mineral products from the Dead Sea aims to revive dull and rough skin back to normal and in the process defies early signs of aging.

Using Renovage--a breakthrough in cosmetic science which clinical experts have developed in a unique active ingredient that is proven to work through human DNA to prolong the lifespan of skin and grow skin mole ules. Clinical trials had been made with reports showing 40 percent improvement in finel lines, 30 percent wrinkles improved and 42 percent reduction in skin pigmentation as well as 34 percent in hydration. 

I personally love the body butter as well. I've tried the Spingtime scent and it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and has a long lasting scent. It's perfect after using the body scrub which exfoliates the skin in its lavish scent. 

Interested to try these luxurious pampering beauty products from Aqua Mineral From the Dead Sea? They have te complete list of products and price list at http://ph.aquamineralspa.com/products. They can also be found in the following malls around the metro: 

Here are two good news you wouldn't want to miss! You can get freebies and perks by printing out the coupons below because they are gift vouchers giving you freebies and discounts when you purchase any Aqua Mineral products. Just print your desired voucher, present them in any of the above mentioned Aqua Mineral booths and instantly get freebies and-or discounts! 

Lastly, join my giveaway! Since it's Christmas, you can start your new year with a new skin! I'm giving out a tub of Aqua Mineral Body Scrub gift certificate and an Aqua Mineral Body Butter courtesy of Aqua Mineral From the Dead Sea. Yup, there will be two winners for each tub! 

Here's the contest mechanics: 

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*Failure to follow the instructions given above shall be disqualified. We will verify all entries.

That EASY! And we will randomly pick the winner via random.org. Winners MUST be willing to claim the prize this January 24 at Trinoma Mall. Contest ends on January 17, 2015. Winners will be announced on January 18, 2015. 

*Failure to claim the prizes on the above given date, prize will be forfeited. 


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