Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting to Know Bioessence's Endorser: America's Next Top ModelAllisonHarvard

Bioessence recently celebrated its 20th year in the beauty industry. We were one of the lucky ones  who received an invite to meet and greet their newest brand ambassador, none other than America's Next Top Model Allison Harvard. I had to admit I don't know much about her except for the fact that I used to see her big bright eyes and blonde hair on her EDSA Bioessence billboard. So to be perfectly honest, I'm not really what you could call a fan. But I was surprised to find out that Allison Harvard's really charming and down-to-earth in person. 

While waiting for Allison Harvard to arrive at the venue, Bioessence provided free back and head massages which were both helpful as it had somehow helped to lessen my stress that week. When Allison Harvard finally arrived at the said event, she was like a ray of sunshine. I no longer wonder why Bioessence--a leading brand in the wellness and beauty industry signed her up as its endorser. Harvard isn't just a pretty face, that's for sure. She's a model, an artist, actress and social media personality and a total celebrity in her own right. A most sought after endorser here and abroad, Harvard's happy to be welcomed in the Bioessence family. 

   America's Next Top Model and Bioessence's brand ambassador Allison Harvard

I love being with Bioessence because I've seen how much they extend their warmth to me and to their loyal clients. Everyone is treated with genuine care and respect that they really try to connect with their patrons. I have personally seen and experienced such through all my visits at any Bioessence's branch. Bioessence is like a haven for relieving stress and getting your beauty fix without the hassle," says Allison Harvard during the bloggers' meet and greet. 

Among all the Bioessence's treatments and services, Allison enjoys their Oxygen Botanical facial the most. "I love the Oxygen facial--it keeps my face smooth and my skin supple just like a baby's. It removes all my skin's impurities and it's perfect for my lifestyle. When you're in the modeling world, you're exposed to a lot of makeup and lights which may damage your skin. But with Bioessence's Oxygen facial, it protects my skin from all the free radicals," explained Harvard. "It gives one that natural glow which is just right for me." 

When asked if she has tried Filipino foods, Harvard says, "I'm crazy over Halo-halo and ube. I so love that sweet purple yam! I can eat it forever!" 

Allison Harvard with Purple Plum Fairy

Allison's strong presence, bubbliness and natural charm makes her perfect to represent Bioessence. "As a clinic and company, we are founded on passion and commitment to making our customers happy. We like to pamper them, help them to feel relaxed from the time they enter our clinic. We also assure them of quality service and treatment procedures through continuous training and world-class treatments and amenities,"said Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero, Bioessence's President and CEO. 

Some of the bloggers who came with Anj Alip of Bioessence

I feel right at home in the Philippines because I thank my Bioessence family for making me feel welcome. Feel free to visit any Bioessence's branch anytime to experience the kind of pampering like you have never had before. Bioessence is my top choice for one stop shop for pampering and rejuvenation. For everything that you need--skin, slimming and spa needs--there can only be one--Bioessence will always be my top choice! 

For more information, visit Bioessence at 67 West Avenue, Quezon City
Call of text 0918-8-BEAUTY/ 376-7106

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