Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pilipinas Teleserve: For Your Fast and Efficient NSO Helpline + DFAPassport Needs

I remember those times when getting birth certificates, passports and other vital documents were so difficult. Imagine having to get up early, prepare and travel back and forth to the office where you'd have to take these necessary papers and having to endure really long queues. Thank God for good companies such as Pilipinas Teleserve

Backed by 14 years of dedicated service, Pilipinas Teleserv  has been providing Filipinos with cutting-edge customer management solutions and innovative business process outsourcing services.  With an integrated customer service solution, Pilipinas Teleserve has changed the way people transact with the following government agencies:

National Statistics Office
Department of Foreign Affairs 
Civil Service Commission
Government Service Insurance System
Securities and Exchange Commission and

I recently availed their service and I was so surprised that my requested documents came right delivered to my doorstep just two days after I called them up. Yes, that was FAST! And they were a bit strict about it, making sure that the ones who will receive the documents are related to the owner of the said document. So as the receiver, you had to present valid IDs and stuff. Pilipinas Teleserve does make thigs easier for Filipinos to get important documents in time without the hassle that goes with traditional way of acquiring such. 

Why line up and waste your precious time and money, when there is a faster and more hassle free way of getting your NSO document certificates?

Through, you may secure copies of your civil registry documents fast and easy.  You can request for your documents online ( or by phone (02) 737-1111. This would take you only 15 minutes of your time. 

You can pay for your document requests using VISA or MasterCard. And in just 2-3 days, your NSO certificate will be delivered right at your door step, anywhere in the Philippines.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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