Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ten Things I Am Thankful for this 2014: On Bidding 2014 Goodbye

Before we welcome and usher the year 2015, I'd like to look back a bit (still on the process of trying to move on from this year's traumatic experience which my family and I had encountered) to thank God and all the other people who had shown their love, care and support to me and my family in one of the most crucial years of our lives that has happened in 2014. I will forever be grateful to you all for helping me in one way or another during those times when I felt the world would crumble before me. Words may not be enough to thank you for the effort you guys had shown me and my family, but I pray each and every night to give you more blessings from up above.

In this life, there are actually a lot of things I should be thankful for but I chose to just write about the top ten. And like I have said, before this year ends, I'd like to put up a list of things to be thankful for. In non-chronological order, here are the ten things I am thankful for this 2014: 

My Mom and I during our trip to Baguio two years ago.

1.  I am very happy and so grateful that my Mom and I are still together. We almost lost each other during that ATV accident we've had at an extreme adventure park in Porac exit, Pampanga last April 5 before its was even made open to the public. It was the darkest moment of our lives. I swear, I had to held on to my faith. Otherwise, I would've gone totally ballistic as I was on the brink of losing my emotional sanity. Seeing my mom in such a vegetative state after she had fractured her femur (the longest bone we people have) from the accident made me depressed. My Mom used to lead a very active lifestyle--she would even dance zumba, play a mean badminton game, do taebo or run. But all these things began to change after the said accident. She could no longer do such and will be using a cane for the rest of her life to help support her walking. In fact, because of this accident, she became a PWD (person with disability). Mom also had her own share of fears and tears, but I told her that we're in this together--that come what may, I will never let go of her hand until she asks me to. As of this writing, we're still trying to move on and get back on the right track. I kept reminding her that although it's really very difficult to do so, we should look at things in a positive way.  What matters is that she can now walk although in the vernacular we refer it as "pilay". I am thankful that her brain though a bit damaged (she had suffered a mild stroke during the accident) did not affected her much. I am also thankful that I am fine--despite being literally thrown under the ATV--it had spared my spine. I could've broken my spinal cord but I am so thankful I did not. Aside from bruises, cuts, hematoma and temporary discomfort on my back, arms and lumbar--I'd like to think I'm spared from any serious infliction. 

2. That same accident last summer also made me see life in the bigger picture. I became more responsible for every action and decisions that I make. I used to think what I knew was enough, but all the things that has happened had taught me to face more complex and complicated problems which in the process had given me maturity in life's all aspects. During those trying times, I was surprised at myself on seeing how composed I was. Maybe it had something to do with circumstances, after all, I practically had nobody else to rely on. I had to do what I had to do, I didn't want to let my mom down. At the time, I was her only source of strength. Of course, there were actually times where I was at a point of breakdown, but I was able to muster all the courage I had. My only consolation was knowing I had been tough. All my life my mom was my anchor, little did I know na kaya ko rin naman pala maging tough on my own. Let each moment count. Tell your loved ones how much you love them and show it to each of them while they're still there to appreciate that love. Life is too short, make good and lasting memories with them while you can. 

3. This blog article isn't all about the accident though, but I just wouldn't want to end this year without thanking all the people who had helped us to gain our lives back. I feel am so blessed to have the most generous, kind, and caring twins in the world: my best friend Abby and her equally smart twin Aileen Baino, the entire Mayuga-Baino family who treats me as if I'm a relative: Tita Titen, Tito Tom, Tita Yna, Erwin + Kuya Efren (their family driver) and Ate Vilma (their household help). I wish to thank the lovely and petite Ms. Leony Garcia who had never left my side during such ordeal. She's like my second mother. Thank you for everything you've shared with me and for just being there all the time. Thank you to the huge blogging community who had shown their support and concern: Ms. Janette Toral, one of the pioneers in blogging, Jonel Uy and his wife Marjorie Pineda-Uy for being the first ones who really took time to visit my Mom at the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital, fellow mommy bloggers Corrine Emata, Erica Yu-Bonifacio and Lariza Garcia, lifestyle bloggers Rey Esteves (thank you for making me laugh at the time I needed it the most), Alice Mate, Richard Mamuyac, Daryll Villena, Ia Adam Lim, Jenny Roxas, my high school best buddy Melanie Matundan-Malapad who did not think twice about visiting my Mom and even brought huge tetra packs of calcium fortified milk for Mommy, my college classmate Tita Galicinao, my former blog representative Norma Galera, Christian Melanie Lee who constantly checks on my Mom's condition at the time + to all the other bloggers who helped even by simply spreading the news about us in order to reach the ones who are responsible for it and those who prayed for my mom's safety during the operation. I wish I could mention you all on this article, but since I couldn't, God knows who you are. I pray that you will be blessed more. 

 I also wish to thank the PR mavens with pure HEARTS: my good friends Sirikit Gavino and Nana Nadal, Havas PR Agatep's Ice Antonio, Penser Q's Ms. Ana Liza Reyes-Bautista and StratWorks' gem Ms. Ginny Guanco. You guys are just few of the most genuine pr I've known. Sana lahat na lang ng pr katulad ninyo, hindi gaya ng iba diyan na saksakan ng plastic at puro kaperahan lang ang alam. 

I also wish to thank my Mom's classmates and batchmates at J. P. Laurel High batch '74, particularly Tito Billy Temblor (who was the first one to respond when I was asking for blood donations), Tita Lourdes Montalvo-Martin and Tita Grace who really thought about the things that they should bring when they've visited Mom at World Citi Hospital. I was amazed you knew exactly what Mom needed at the time. Thanks to Tita Chona Osero for making my Mom laugh with all your 10 shots, you brought the gloomy hospital room some fun time. To Tita Yette and her twin, to Tito Jaime, Tita Agnes Diuco-Caluya, Tita Poknet De Castro, To Ms. Cecile Icabales and company, thank you for all the prayers and the visit. Thank you to our neighbors: Ms. Alice Faraon, my Mom's elementary teacher, Mrs. Fernandez and her daughter Baby Balog for the visit. To my mom's physical therapist whose efforts on his work may qualify him to build a monument of his own, Sir Marvin Tolentino. Thank you for making my mom walk again. To her doctors: World Citi Hospital orthopedic/surgeon Dr. Ronnie Filart, general surgeon Dr. Petrocino Pascual, cardiologist Dr. Rey Alvarez and mom's rehab doctor Dr. Josephine Bondoc. 

Thank you to Ayala Land (Alviera/Sandbox) for helping us financially. Sana wala nang aksidente ulit na mangyari sa adventure theme park nyo gaya ng sinapit namin. Thank you to Ms. Joy Sansiangco and most especially to Ms. Emma Edrada--dahil sayo naramdaman ko na kahit paano may isang taga-Ayala Land na naging tunay na concerned sa amin. Salamat at hindi mo kami pinabayaan. 

4. I thank God for the gift of friendship. The year 2014 made me realized who my real friends were. I was able to gain a couple of new friends (I only have a few but those are the kind I am certain I'll be having for keeps) too. I've met Melanie Medrano, Cheryl Luis and Dems Angeles. They are sort of 'angels' to me, in one way or another. There are actually a lot more people I've met this year who I am thankful for--like Ms. Teng Tobillo --and a whole lot more! 

5. I thank God that Kyle was able to finish with grade school. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park, but at least he was able to breeze through it. I am also glad that he was able to learn how to play the guitar and I had to thank Sheryl Reyes for that. If it hadn't been for her sponsored acoustic guitar, Kyle won't be able to learn well. I'm proud to say that  he can now play Eraserheads' Ang Huling El Bimbo, Goo Goo Dolls' Iris and a whole lot more. Kyle took his lessons to heart and he had enjoyed playing the guitar so well. I just hope he feels the same way to his academic studies. Oh, well, but then again, that's another totally different story.

6. I am thankful that I was able to close an ex-deal. Some of my friends know about what I am talking about. I won't give the details anymore but the actual cost of that ex-deal is roughly Php25-27k! And because it was through an ex-deal, I may not have gained a single cent out of it, but surely it was worth it. 

7. We are thankful for the comfort of a new bed. Of course, I am thankful for having a shelter above my head, electricity, wifi connectivity and cable TV at home. But I am so grateful for our bed. It takes away all the stress and makes me sleep comfortably as I get ready for a new day.

8. I am thankful for the simple reason that for every door that closes in my life, another one opens. Life is indeed like a present waiting to be opened. It's packed with much surprises each day. I believe that whatever good or bad things that may have happened and might be happening in the future, it's meant for a deeper reason or purpose. 

9. I thank the good Lord that despite of all the natural calamities our dear country had faced, Filipinos have remained resilient. I do pray that we will be spared from future disasters.

10. I thank God to be alive and writing this blog entry now. I have never been super stressed in my life until the year 2014 came. I've been lucky to have surpassed a lot--I've also had a series of consecutive sickness: depression, hypertension, hyperacidity, gastroenteritis, rashes, dehydration and vasculitis which I never even knew I had. From the bottom of my heart (or is it hypothalamus?), allow me to thank you friends, dear readers, Facebook fan page likers, contest joiners etc.--A Big Thank You! 

How about you, what are you thankful for? 


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